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January 24, 2011


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Lora Oliver

The mini acrylic houses and the satin pleat ribbon are my faves, though I wouldn't kick any of it out of the scrap room!


posted on my facebook!

Nancy D.

Posted it Paper Secrets forum


Love all the ribbon flowers! Esp the satin pleat ones! That standing album is very cool too!

Kriss Cramer

Hands down I love the Ornate Botanical Blooms! That's not to say everything isn't great, because it is. But when I saw these beautiful flowers I knew they'd be my pick today.

Kriss Cramer

Glad to have posted day 4 of previews on Facebook!


I love the new satin pleated ribbon, resin flowers and the journal mini album. Great stuff. thanks for the chance to win!


I am your facebook friend and have posted your previews on my wall!

Erica Hettwer

Super cute! I love the new resin flowers!!!

robin h

The ornate botanical blooms are beautiful!!!


Love, Love, Love the country gingham posies and candy stripe blossoms. Thank you for this chance at winning such great stuff.

Heather Haggett

I am in love with it all!!!!!


Oooh how lovely! I especially love those sheer flowers!


My favorite item is the acrylic journal stand. Thank you for the chance to win.


I really love the Alterable Vintage Lace Flowers and Blooms.

I am already a fan on Facebook

Cassie T

I am in love with those vintage flowers! Thanks for the chance to win

Deb L

All the new flowers are pretty, but my fav are the lace ones! They are gorgeous!!

Cassie T

I posted on FB. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100001590804907


Awww - flowers - gotta have these flowers ....

Julie from California

Love the Botanical blooms with the jeweled centers! Fabulous examples too. Thank you!

Diane Kirtley

I love the acrylics so glad there are more!


Just one? OK, the journal stand ... no, the satin pleat ribbon ... or maybe the acrylic keys & houses ... or ... oh, no! I can't decide. ;-)

Kerri Norrod

I love all the new flowers. They are beautiful!


OH, my goodness. Those lacy flowers are gorgeous.

Robyn Schaub

I love the ornate botanical blooms...especially the red one!


Love the Ornate Botanical Blooms then theirs the Gigham flowers and then the candy stripes - how do you choose?

Love it all!!!!!

Marie Butler

ooooo....love the Alterable Vintage Lace Flowers and Blooms. So delicate and versatile. Lovely.

Renee VanEpps

I'm just starting out with my blog, but it's on there now! http://luvthisscrap.blogspot.com/2011/01/maya-road-sneek-peek-and-chance-to-win.html

Vicki H. in Canada

Love the flowers, the flower trim, acrylic keys, and the journal stand too! Beautiful yet versatile! Thanks for reminding me once again why Maya Road is one of my favorite scrapbooking companies!


I shared on Facebook!


Those candy stripe blossoms, country gingham flowers, and satin pleated ribbons are my favorites. Oh, and the resin flowers...and...the list goes on. :)

Ki Kruk

WOW! Such amazing peeks! For this one I'd have to say I can't wait to get my hands on some Ornate Botanical Blooms !!!

Jenny McGee

I love the vintage flowers and blooms. So pretty.

Jenny McGee

Posted on Facebook, here is the link.


those resin flowers are gorgeous!

Julie Gastelum

Oooh, I love all the flowers, especially the lacey and blingy ones....

Sandy Ang

They are all wonderful but if I have to pick one it'll be the alterable Vintage Lace Flowers and Blooms.

Julie Gastelum

I posted about the sneak peek and the gorgeous flowers on my blog...

Mel H

ADORE those acrylic keys...bad!


Those flowers are so pretty! So many different ones to choose from! Great stuff!


Love the resin flowers!!


I think the alterable vintage lace flowers are beautiful and will match the pages so well, especially paired with a mist. I saw that they were a steal today on craftysteals.

Fran Rapley

I like the "PLAY" album and the tatted flowers!

Michelle M.

OMG! I love love love all the ribbons/trims.

Michelle M.

I am already a FB friend!


Love the new blooms & the resin flowers! Those trims are oh so delicious too!

mary t

lacy flowers how interesting is that??
i want them now!
mary t


OMG I would love one of each LOL

Kelly Massman

I love all of the flowers--especially the Alterable Vintage Lace Flowers and Blooms!


The lace flowers to mist are my favorites .... and to die for! I have to have those! Thank you for making such a beautiful thing!!!

Julie, momto7

I love the candy stripe flowers - so cute!


Definitely loving those resin flowers today!


You're killing me with all this new...cannot resist...product.


I've not purchased flowers in a while, but I guess I will be now :) Love all of them!


Those acrylic keys and houses are so cute. Would love adorable on my mini books :)

Debbie O'Neal

OMG ! Those Ornate Botanical Blooms are awesome and those resin flowers are tasty looking too!


I think I need to head to my local shop to see those resin flowers. They look so amazing

Debbie O'Neal

I posted on my blog about your sneak peaks.


Debbie O'Neal

I shared the sneak info with my friends on cricut.com


Cheers to my future sizzling credit card. Thanks a lot Maya Road LOL

Ally White

The resin flowers and the acrylic shapes are going to be mine :) I'm dying to see the full reveals of the projects your showing. They all love beyond fabulous!!


Resin flowers and pleated ribobon, I just can't get enough of either one! The flower center of the ogranza and silk blooms are just divine!

Kriss Cramer

I posted today's Maya Roads preview on my blog, http://art-interrupted.blogspot.com/, and shared a picture of my favorite product of the day.

Andrea MacDonald

I am really loving the large Vintage Lace Trim

Andrea MacDonald

I'm a fan on facebook!

Candy Spiegel

I love the shear flowers!

April W

Absolutely loving the lace trim!
- April W

Candy Spiegel

I added the link to my facebook page!

Jeanne Kelly

Botanical blooms ROCK!!


The acrylic houses and keys are my faves!

Gina J.

Love all the flowers especially the botanical blooms!


I love everything you showed today but I will probably buy a LOT of the flowers!!! Gorgeous


Love the new resin flowers, was just wishing earlier today that I had somethinhg like that!


LOVE the acrylic houses and keys...awesome!!!


love it all!

Stacey B.

I love the acrylic keys! They're so cute!

Stacey B.

I'm a Facebook fan and I've shared on my wall.


Love the resin flowers - so yummy!

Sandra Y.

The acrylic key is my favorite.

Cynthia B.

You've really outdone yourselves! Beautiful lace flowers, and of course the pleated ribbon is gorgeous!!

Raechelle Bellus

more gorgeous flowers! I love the variety and texture. Beautiful products and work from the DT.

Julie Mitchell

I totally getting the Vintage Lace Flowers. OMG they are absolutely stunning. Gimme some, please!


Can't wait for those vintage lace flowers! Scrumptious!

Victoria K

Totally in love with the organza flowers!! Cant wait to play with colours on them!!!!

Larissa  Heskett


gina irwin

Oh! to only pick one is not so easy! but it would have to be vintage lace flowers for sure!

D. Evans

Love those flowers!

Paula Gentry

The Ornate Botanical Blooms are gorgeous!

Patty Taylor

Absolutely in love with everything you do! I need to open my own store so I can order from you... it's on my bucket list~ :)


loving all the new flowers and trims! gorgeous! thanks for the chance! *hugs* steph :)

Allison Cope

Those vintage alterable flowers are to die for! Stunning goodies coming our way... Hooray!

Lisa White

I love the candy stripe blossoms and ribbon.

Lisa White

I'm a friend of yours on Facebook and have shared this link.

Lisa White

I have posted these giveaways on my blog. lisaspapercreations.blogspot.com


I'm lovin the journal stand!! It rocks!


It is really hard to choose, but if I must, I can think of so many projects to enhance with the lace flowers and blooms.


I just love the Vintage Lace Trim and the Vintage Lace Flowers and Blooms! I hope I can get my hands on them soon!

Keshet Shenkar

Love the candy stripes!

Sandra L>

Totally love the ornate blooms! They are gorgeous!

Jan Metcalf

The flowers! Flowers of all kinds!!

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