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January 25, 2011


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I love the mists!!! What an amazing idea!!! I can't wait to get my hands on some and get creative! What an awesome giveaway :)


Already a fan on FB and happily share this sneak peek :)


Love the new Metallic Mist colours!


My favorites are the dressforms. I can't get enough of them!!


Shared on FB!


Shared at Scrappy Jo's at http://scrappyjoscrapbooksupplies.ning.com/profiles/blogs/awesome-new-products-from-maya?commentId=3880251%3AComment%3A5892&xg_source=msg_com_blogpost

Jean Nielsen

The teeny tiny banners!!!

Cindy Fahrbach

My favorite thing is those cute dress forms. The canvas one esp. SOooooo cute!


yeah i saw that yesterday the Half Circle Banner Album! I think that is so nice to make! I also like the mayamist!


i post it on my facebook!


Oh my goodness! LOVE the dress form canvas! It is amazingly adorable! :)

Cindy Fahrbach

Posted it at my blog:
http://aquestforbalance.blogspot.com (aka "MammaJamma Blabba")


oh my gosh! absolutely adore the canvas dress form...oh the possibilities :)))


Maya Road, you do not disappoint!!! Love all the new canvas products & I'm crazy about the new mists. I am totally on board with the color swatch on top of the mists - I have been making my own swatch & adhering it to the tops - now I don't have to - Thank You!!! Can't wait to play with all the new goodies!!!


Awesome canvas banners and I love the new colors of mists!

Cindy Fahrbach

Forgot to say I've posted this on my FB wall, too!


I posted a link on my FB as well! :)

Lowri McNabb

LOVE those little canvas banner pieces

Ebony van der Starre

I love the dress forms in canvas!!!
I am a friend on facebook already!!

Brenda Smith

I love the half circle banner album! Can't wait to work with it!

Brenda Smith

I also shared this on my FB wall :)

Becs Attwood

Great stuff - love the mini canvas banners & the new mist bottles are so practical.

Steph Mitchell

I love the Canvas Dress Form pieces! A great idea.


I love all of the canvas items. Can't wait to get some.

Lilla My

What great stuff ! My favourites are the mists.

Lilla My

I am a fan on Facebook and I posted this blog post to my wall.

crystal mcconnell

The new metallic mist colors are amazing. Love! Every day, I am more in awe.


The mini bunting has to be my fave from today, I cant wait to get some of them and get those new mist colours on them :)


Oh and I shared this post on my wall also :)

Ann Cicilie

I've shared on my facebook wall :)

Ann Cicilie

Love all that wonderful canvas stash, and your new mist colors are beautiful :) Great idea with 1 oz bottles!


Love the chipboard and the mists...gorgeous! Have you on Facebook too...

Malin Scheier

Love the mists...so beutiful colors

Malin Scheier

You find you on the sidebar to my blog:


I am in love with the Canvas Dress Form pieces.


LOVe the half circle album!! I have never tried the mists but would really like to~~ Fabulous stuff!!

Heather P.

I wish I'd been here on day one!!! I LOVE the canvas and your projects are insanely creative!!!

Heather P.

Just shared on my FB wall! :)


love it all & off to share on my Facebook now ! sending love from New Zealand, you always rocking it MR :) love you xoxoxo

Vitoria B

i'm a mist fan !!!!


I love the canvas albums you created!

Sarah Rice

wow!! those mists look amazing on cardstock. i sooo need sine

Dulce Silva

I love the news canvas album! And these mist colors is wonderful!


what FABOO new releases!!! LOVE 'em ALL@@


cannot wait for the new mists...love the new size!


I love all the mini canvas items!


I'm your friend on FB already and I've posted this on my wall! :)


The look and feel of the canvas is unbeatable!!


Maya Mist, Maya Mist, Maya Mist, Maya Mist, Maya Mist! :)


The Blue Agave Mist is the color I've been dreaming of! Sign me up for several of those babies! :)


I shared on facebook!


OMG! I love the mini canvas!


I love the banners...LOVE LOVE LOVE them, to I mention that I LOVE them!


I shared on FB :)


Everything is just fabulous. Love all the inspiring projects. I would have to say the dress form and the mist. Love the new size and the color on top. thanks for a chance.


I'm a FB fan! Thanks for another chance.

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy

WOW! LOVE IT ALL! I love the mini canvas banners and dress form the best today! I am so happy you all did these sneak peeks thank you for the yummy eye candy!

Faith B.

I love all the new metallic mist. Cant wait to get my hands on those. Thanks for the chance to win.


Beautiful sneaks... love the new mists!

Diana B

The mist sprays look great on the chipboard! Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win!

Diana B

I'm already a facebook fan.

Diana B

I've shared your post on my facebook page.

Jill Blanchard

oh my goodness!!! beautiful items!


I MUST have the canvas banner!! And Jen's owl project is phenomenal!

Theresa G.

wow, I'm loving the dress form. so darn cute.

Theresa G.

already a FB friend and shared on my wall. =)


WOW! Too hard to pick just one - I love the mini canvas banners but am also thrilled about the new size of the mists!


LOVE IT ALL!!! no really! I guess my very fav would have to be the itty bitty canvas banners :) too cute

Theresa Grdina

I LOVE the canvas banners with the little eyelets!! How cute are they!!! AND if I could have a second pick, I really think the copper mist is beautiful!

Kriss Cramer

The mini canvas banners are my favorite today. As for projects, the 3D stuffed dressed form is the BEST! How wonderful!


Oh. Love the new Mists.


Posted on FB.


Posted a link on Scrapshare

Janie Boots

Wowowowow I am loving all of these products I want them all...

Jean Marmo

So hard to choose but LOVE those canvas banners! Just too cute!

heather i

Oh my! I'm in love w/ the canvas banners!! I've begged my LSS for Maya Road EVERYTHING from cha!

Jean Marmo

Shared on Facebook!!

Deb Long

OOOH!! Loving the canvas and the new Mists!!

Jean Marmo

Posted on my blog Pagesintime.blogspot.com



I thought it was going to be the mini canvas banner but then I saw the awesome colors of Mist... Oh the agony of picking just one :(


I'm a fan and I shared it on Facebook

Cari Cummings

I love the new MM colors. Not sure why you changed the size. Very cute samples!!!

martha g.

my favorite for today are the mini banners and flags!! a total must have.

martha g.

I am a Fan and I have shared this on FB. Thanks

Lisa P

Love the canvas banners and the beautiful mists.


i really like the canvas dress form and the banner album...but really anything Maya Road is fun to play with.

Lisa P

Friend on facebook and shared the link with my friends.


I love making ATCs so my favorite is the ATC coaster album. I haven't made a canvas one.....yet.


I've been a Facebook friend for a while now & shared the link.

Sandra Blank

I love the mists and new size bottle so you have more

Jasmine Ford

Loving the ATC coaster book and the new colors of Mists! beautiful!

Jasmine Ford

I shared the link with my friends on my FB page!

Robin H

More gorgeousness! I especially love the new colors... I'm a sucker for misting anything and everything on my layouts!

Jasmine Ford

Shared with the girls over in SweetTalk on www.cropchocolate.com

Cheryl S.

Love the misting on the flowers. Looking forward to this release

Jasmine Ford

I blogged about it too! I'm kinda sad this is the last day of sneak peeks, but I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff...it's all beautiful! Here's my blog: http://wildflowerford.blogspot.com/2011/01/last-day-over-at-maya-road-day-5.html

Kelly Massman

Love the mists!


I love all the canvas!!


Love the canvas banner and the manequin.

Anne Marie B

Oh that canvas is AWESOME and love the maya mist colors! So glad the bottles come in 1oz!

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