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January 25, 2011


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Andrea B.

I have twin girls so I am loving the canvas dress form pieces. Along with the metallic mists. I can do a lot with these.


Your products are so innovative and different from other companies. I like the smaller bottles of mists, so I can have more colors.


I love the Half Circle Banner Album!


love the canvas!!! cannot wait to get me some of that goodness...


It's great to see you've included the word ginger on the new mists - from a redhead!

fran heupel

Wow loving the new products and the maya mists look really cool. I will have to try them for the first time.

fran heupel

Already a Maya fan on facebook.
Loving all the sneek peeks!!


I love it all. The heart coaster album is sooo cute. But The banners are very cool to. mmmm

Lynda H

Yeah More colors of Maya Mist...

The little canvas banner pieces are cute also.

Sandra Y.

I like the canvas dress form the best!

Summer Braxton

Those metallic mists!!! Yum

Kerrie Gurney

i am so loving the mini mini canvas ... all the new mists ...mmmm what is not to love about it all ... can't wait to get my hands on this stuff

Ally White

I'm in awe of all the projects you've been showing. Those mini canvas banners and the half circle chipboard banner are calling out my name!! Loving everything!

Elaine Allen

My favorite product from today's peak is most definitely the Dress Form! LOVING IT!!

Elaine Allen

Chichi Labamba

The canvas dress forms are amazing! I can't wait to alter one!


I have enjoyed seeing all the goodies to come.


Opened up a facebook account. I wrote on your wall so I'll have to see if that means I signed up as a friend.


Oh no more yummies!!!Ok off to make some $$$$$.

Kate Nolan-Denham

oh, lots more goodies today! lovin' the mini canvas banners.


I love the new sized mists!! Great new products - so excited !


I love the mini canvas pieces! Cute, cute, cute!

Julie, momto7

Love the new half circle banner album, and the mists looks lovely!

Emilie Jones

LOVE the mini canvas banners!!! Gotta get those and mists!!! Soooo EXCITED!!

Catherine O.

LOVE those mini canvas banners and the canvas dress form. Way to go!

Catherine O.

I shared teh post on my Facebook wall - and I'm already your friend.


Love those canvas banners!

Sandy L

OH My Goodness!! I can't believe how much you are debuting! I'm in LOVE (or is it lust)?

Sandy L

I forgot to tell you my favorite - it's the Metallic Mists! My first purchase will be Orange Spice Metallic, so I can use it on my chipboard... love the way it looks!

Sandy L

Just posted this on my Facebook page!


I am loving the new mists!!!

Andrea MacDonald

Loving all of the new products but a super big "YAY" for the new mists!!!!! I love your mists soooooooo much!

Kriss Cramer

I posted on Facebook again today!

Andrea MacDonald

I am a friend on facebook!!!

Kriss Cramer

I gladly posted on my blog today at art-interrupted.blogspot.com. I love sharing my favorites and there was plenty to share again today.

jen shears

everything is AWESOME!!! I'm super excited about the mists...! :D


I love love the teeny tiny canvas banners...wayy too cute..but that dress form stitched up rocks!

Theresa Martinez

Wow is all I can say. I again love what I saw. My favorites were the canvas dress form and the owl project. I love owls for some reason and will be doing this project. Thanks for the finished projects you show as I like to have those ideas to exoand on andmake it my own. I also like when you post directions to new ideas in case my brain is out to lunch that day. Posting on facebook wall and to friends.

Alisa Brandstetter

Love the small canvas banners and can't wait to see the white mist.


I'm a fan on facebook.


LOVE the canvas dressforms!

Valerie Bishop

I'm so glad to see the new colors of the Maya Mists!! I love them !! And all the canvas is just gorgeous! Can't wait to get my hands on some!

Erica Hettwer

I love the new mist colors!

Deb L

Love the new colors of mists! And the new size too!

Ashley Nguyen Newell

Everything is FABULOUS! I love the dress!

ruth tacoma

I'm loving that I can get twice as many mists with the 1 oz bottles!!!


Oh, the canvas shapes look soooooo cool. I'd love to play with some of those.

Ann Louise

Mists available is smaller bottles is just so awesome!! Easier to expand a collection and feed the misting addiction!!

Wanda H

Today I like the canvas hearts best!!!

Ann Louise

Shared todays sneak on my facebook page too (already a fan)

Jeanne Kelly

Love the mists - I just want to spray everything...!

Ann Louise

Just spread some Maya love on my blog too!! I can;t wait to get these new releases here in the UK!

Cassie T

I love canvas dress forms!

mary t

hurray for 1 oz. bottles!!
mary t


Love the new mist colors!!!
and the new size is a great idea!


the mini canvas banners are faboo!!!


I love the new canvas pieces!

Kim M

I love those mists and I so glad that you made smaller bottles, my scrap space is limited and those sizes are just perfect!

suzanne scott

love the mini canvas banners. can't wait to get my hands on them.

Sheri Hale

I love, love, love the half circle banner album!!

rebecca keppel

OH MY!! Mini pennants!! I LOOOOVE THEM!!

rebecca keppel

I posted the giveaway on FB!

rebecca keppel

I posted on 3 Scrappy boys forum:


There is too much to love! But, those mini canvas banners are awesome!!!

Raechelle Bellus

the mini canvas banners are adorable! Gotta get some of those along with the gorgeous mists! Fabulous projects!


love those maya mist colors. I need to get me some mist. Since our lss went out of business I have been able to purchase anything except what Michaels or Hobby Lobby has.

Jen Barkdull

I love the mists!!

Vicki H. in Canada

Love the new mist colors! (I adore metallics!) Now if I could only find some Canadian stores that carry them... Thanks for sharing, and have a great CHA! :)


omg, you guys are killing me, but in a really good way ;) I have no favorite, i MUST HAVE them ALL!!!!!

Isabel Shaw

Love the canvas dress form and the mists!!


I love the stuffed dress form. I can't wait to mist it and paint it and make my own!

Melinda Wilson

Wow! I love them all and can't wait until it arrives in my LSS!

Bev Montague

Wonderful new products and amazing projects. I can't wait to see the full catalog.

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

Love the new colors and the banners. I love how they look on the chipboard. Just fabulous.

Jan Metcalf

The canvas pieces are my favorites today!

Jennifer Hansen

Love the banners!

Lisa White

Yeah, more mist colours, I LOVE mists. I also really like the mini canvas banners.

Lisa White

I've shared this on Facebook.


Love the canvas coaster albums!! Super cute! The mist colors are nice too!

Lisa White

I've posted about your sneak peeks on my blog. lisaspapercreations.blogspot.com

Mary Stowers

I love misting my projects.
I am very interested in your product and like the fact that they come in smaller containers. Thanks for the chance to will some.
I never thought to use it on canvas----love these projects.

Lynn darda

Love those mist colors, dreamy! will have to stock up!


\i want to congratulate the maya team for selecting excellent designers as their projects really show off the quality of maya's product....beautiful

Beck C

LOVE the canvas dress form!!! Way cool!


Love the dress form and the Maya Mists are to die for. How wonderful to put them in smaller sizes...now we can have all the colors.


I LOVE the metallic mists and the mini canvas banners... sooooo cute :)

Audrey Yeager

I love the fact you put the color swatch on top of the maya mists!!! So brilliant!! Love all the canvas, too!

Phyllis H

Love the shimmer of the mist!

Karen Rice



Love the heart canvas coaster album--thanks so much for the chance to win!


Awesome things - love the sneak peeks and ideas with them.

Debbie O'Neal

Love all the new canvas items ..Yipeeee! Have a great show...can't wait for these items to hit the stores soon.


I need a "buy it all" option for your new release. And then a storage solution. :O)

Thanks for the chance to win!

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