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January 25, 2011


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I love the dress form! Also, appreciate the smaller maya mist bottles.

Lara Carson

I love the new misters and that banner mini is adorable!


Love the hearts! the owl is wonderful!


WOW!!!! I am gonna be gettin in some trouble majorly with hubby when all of this comes available!! Love the mist colors!

Phyllis M.

Love the half circle banner album and also the new maya mist colors.


Shared at Club CK!!

Cim Allen

This is easy, the mini canvas banners .. those are totally adorable !! I love anything in canvas. Have a blast at CHA


I love the mists. they are so useful

Laura Cox

Love the new canvas....those mini banners are a must have!!


thanks 4 the chance


Everything is so neat but I really like the canvas dress forms!

Angela Prieto

I love the new canvas albums and the new sizes for the mists! Awesome!

Angela Prieto

I'm already a friend on facebook! :)


I love the canvas, and mists, so nice!


Only beautiful projects !


Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway too.

Barbara Staradumsky

I love the new colors and love the fabric on the tops of the lids!
Gotta, just gotta make that dress form! So totally cool!

Amber Scurlock

Love the canvas pieces! Especially the banners!! And the color swatches on top of the mists...ingenious!

Gail Connor

You folks are amazing! I love everything. My favs of this list are definitely the banner album and the metallic mists - gotta have them! You also crack me up on facebook when you ask if the US folks are up - that was 3AM!! We can't be up, we have to work during the day to buy some more Maya!


love the mini canvas banners - I can see these all covered in mists and hanging all over my craft room.


Love the new mists! So pretty1


Good morning Maya Road! Day 5 is wonderful! Love the little canvas banners and all of the new mist colors!

I've posted today's reveal on my blog and on my facebook page.



OMG, love the mini canvas banners, I want 2 packs of each!


love the mini banners!

Nancy B

Love the new Maya Mist colors and the half circle chipboard-beautiful!

christy a

My favorite is the blue slushie mist color!! SO pretty!

Ann Marie

I am extremely happy that the mists are changing to 1oz -- that way I can get them ALL!!!!

Jenny Alfonso



Totally loving the metallic mists! They're fabulous!

Cindy D

I love the half circle banner album! Two sisters is so cute!


Love Love Love everything!!! The canvas is great...and the mists are awesome. Thanks!

Gina J.

Love the new mist colors and the smaller sizes are great!

Charity Donaldson

Oh my, just LOVING the canvas items!! And the mist in the one oz bottle sounds perfect!


Wow, I'm loving the canvas albums! Fantastic!


that little banner book is darling!

Holly T.

I love the idea if the canvas dress form and the stuffed one too.

Lois Medeiros

Greatest Idea to have the mist in 1 oz bottles. At least you can have more colors for a lesser price.

Robyn C

Can't wait to try the new metallic mist colors! And that half-banner album is adorable!

Heather K

Love the Our Family project and the new colors.

Chris Pozzi

another stunning reveal!

Heather K

Shared your site with scrapbookers at Spark People.

Lorna E

Love the dress forms. I've been hording several versions of them for the perfect project...these will have to join the stash!

Michelle H.

Love the canvas banners and that the mists now have color swatches on top!

Amanda Albright

I love the mini canvas banner and the pink ginger metallic mist! Can't wait to play with both!

Michelle S.

MJ Day five is amazing . .. I fell asleep waiting again. So sharing and now I guess I am waiting. Sending great thoughts that those buyers gets lots of Maya Road for me to buy!


Oh, I love these canvas pieces!! And the new mist colors look so pretty!


I love anything textile, so the canvas pieces are my favourite!!


My favorite - the new Maya Mist! - the colors and the size. CanĀ“t wait to try some.



natasha G.P.

The canvas banners are soooo cute!

Sharon Gullikson

I like the semi-circle chipboard book.

B. Poteraj

I think that the canvas banners with grommets in them are the cutest. I can think of really cute ideas for them...

Cathy S

love the canvas dressform -- just perfect!


LOVE everything! Love your Mists and loving to see more fab colors! And so positively in love with all the canvas pieces! Gorgeous! =)

Mel H

LOVE the new mists and the canvas pieces..sorry, couldn't pick just one!


I love all the canvas pieces - cannot WAIT to play with the mini canvas banners!

Vanessa Wachlin

I'm so in love with the canvas banners and dress form!!! The chipboards and mists are so awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on these:) I <3 Maya Road!!!
~Vanessa W

Heather Robertson

love the half circle banner and the new mist colors

Heather Robertson

posted about day 5 sneak peeks on my blog Unleashed here


My first time to see the mists - - LOVE the idea! The chipboard letters with mist are awesome. I also like the half circle album.

Heather Robertson

I posted about day 5 Sneak Peeks at scrapgal.com

Heather Robertson

I'm a MR fan on FB and I posted about the sneak peeks on my wall

Lisa C.

Gorgeous!!! Love the canvas banner and the mists!!


I love the sisters board book and the mists also look awesome! Can't wait to try...


I love the idea that the mists will be in smaller sizes so we can collect more! Fun! The new colors are scrumptious!

Dana Benedict

Love it all....thanks Maya Road!

Stephanie S.

I love the fabric pennants. This will be fun to play with.

Monica B

Totally love the mini canvas banners! I've got to have some of those!

cindy long

I love the canvas dress form, and the new smaller mists!


The new mist colors really stand out to me! Thanks for the chance to win.

Isabel Wagner

Oh, so hard to chose. Love it all! But, if I have to chose I will have to pick the dress form canvas--love it!


I love that half banner chipboard book! The new canvas items are great too! I can't wait to find your new products in stores!


I am your friend on FB and I am posting your sneaks for all my scrappy friends to see!

Sandra L>

Thanks for all the wonderful sneak peaks. Love the maya mist colors...especially that blue slushie!


Love the little canvas banners. My favorite thing right now is all about banners :)


I love the blue mists!


Love the mini canvas pieces! They are really cute!

Isabel Wagner

I just shared my love for the dress form canvas shapes on my blog.


Julie O.

Oh wow. Love them all! Especially those mini banners! Too cute!

Heather Topich

I love dressforms!


Wow. I'm feeling super inspired right now...by just a "sneak peek". You guys rock! Loving all the canvas items!


Shared on FB!! :)

Julie Mitchell

I've never worked with canvas and mist before. I love the look of those two things together. Some great projects.

Bree Tetz

Thanks for the peeks,
The projects are to die for, and I love the new 1oz mists, because the 2oz dont fit in my drawer/...lol


those canvas banners are amazing! and all those colors are great! how can i pick just one of them? can't wait to get my hands on it all.

Jolaine Frias

Love the mists! The metallic colors are fabulous!!!

Gordon Miller

I love the mists. And thank you for putting them in smaller bottles. Now I can actually afford to get a collection:)

Dana Tatar

I LOVE the canvas pieces and the new colors of mist! Thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy Furtney

once again I like everything!!! Love the canvas. Can not wait to spray, spray everything

tammy kist


Jackie O.

Just love your Half Circle Banner Albums with countless creative possibilities!

Jennie M

That banner album is amazing!!

April W

SO loving that canvas heart album!!
- April W


i've put it on my blog!

love desiree

Jing-Jing Nickel

That fabric dress form mini, YES I HEAR YOU CALLING ME!! I'm COMING!!!!

Amanda Sevall

Love the smaller bottle sizes -- I'm starting to run out of room for them!! LOL :) Everything you are releasing is fantastic!! :)

sheena x

awesome give-away :D

angela glass

Love the half moon chipboard. The colors of the mist are beautiful. I've never used the mist before but will definitely be trying the out. I will share this on my Facebook page for all my scrapbooking girlfriends.

Marie Butler

I like the banners and the smaller Mist bottles. Great idea!!

robin h

Day 5 leaves me "MISTY" eyed...love the colors!

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