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June 08, 2011


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Lara Carson

I love the pins, the ribbon and my favorite is the mists! I would love to win!


OH WOW...the paper posies are amazing, I love the mini canvas tags and ofcourse your new mist collection!!!


Oh la la - so many goodies to add to the must-have list.. :D My favourites are Home Tweet Home Chipboards, ruffle blossoms and mists (eggplant looks so good!!)!


All the items are just awesome, but if I should mention my top priorities it must be the pleaded ribbon, the flowers and the mist, but I´m also quite hooked on these stamps here he he he. I would so love to win some of these great goodies here, and thanks sooo much for the chance.


Oooh love the new releases! My top three are Blue Ribbon Sentiments Stamp Set, new mist colors and the kraft jotters!!

Kate aka stinkydudette

Can't wait to get them here! The Just My Type stamp set is a must for me! Followed by the mists (love!) and the butterfly chipboards! Hope I win!


the just my type stamps are soo cute and of course the new colors for the organza roses are sweet!
love it all as always!

Elizabeth W

Woohoo! Love it all--especially the new satin pleat ribbons, the big chip butterflies, and the canvas wallet!


I LOVE the chipboard butterflies and birds/house! And the satin pleat ribbon... amazing!

kryssi ng

I always love the clear stamps that you come out with, and this release is no different. And those satin pleated ribbon looks soo divine!

Cindy deRosier

Wow! I love the chipboard houses, the blue ribbon stamp set, and every single one of the mists!


Wow - love anything canvas, the new Maya Mists are summer delish, and the trim is fab!

rebecca keppel

even picking 3 would be hard, but my favs are the typewriter stamp set, the chip butterflies and the new pins!

Karen aka soccerboyzmom

I would say the Rose trim is my favorite, next is the kraft jotters and last is the typewriter since I teach computers.

tammy k

My top three are the mists, the trims, and the canvas tags :) Time to wipe the drool off my face!

Candace Bunch

I love the mists, the butterflies, and I really love that canvas wallet...how cool! Thanks so much, I can hardly wait!


My favorites are the krafts jotters, the mini mists and the organza flower ribbon. Thank you!

Penny Douphinett

They are all terrific! I like the butterfly chipboard set - definitely my first choice. I also like the orange flower ribbon and the blue ribbon sentiments. Oh, and I also love...everything else!

Erica Hettwer

I love the new pins, the aqua ribbon and the pink rose ribbon. It's all amazing though! <3

Sarah Martina

Yay! Love these! Hmmm... my favorite 3 are the Mini Ticket Strip transparencies, the Kraft jotters, and the Vintage paper posies. What a great release!

Billie Dee

Pick only 3? Are you kidding? 1- the butterfly chips look SO much fun, 2- the rose trim, 3- all the little flowers. Very creative release. I can't want to find some to try out!

Loretta Neighbors

Difficult decision to choose three favorites! I especially like the Home Tweet Home Chipboard, the organza roses-all colors and the eggplant mist.

Kris Martinez

The ruffle trim, organza roses and Home Tweet Home chipboards are my favorites for the summer release. Can't wait to see more!

Linda Ash

I love all your products! My favorite 3 items in this release are all the trims, the canvas tags & the paper posies.


I love all of them! My favorite would be the pins; the canvas tags and the chipboard butterflies!

Elisa K

Gosh love it all but I think a few of my favorites are gonna be the butterfly chipboard pieces, flower pins and the kraft jotters. Love them.


Lacey I

It's hard to pick just 3...but i'd have to say: Mist, canvas Tags, Blue ribbon stamps!


Gotta get the Wellies album (since you know it rains here in Seattle!), the paper posies, and the apple mist!

Jen Clark

Oh my goodness...just 3??? I guess my faves would be the chipboard butterflies, the satin pleated trims, , and the kraft jotters. SOOO cute!!!

Ashley Nguyen Newell

EVERYTHING is fabulous! If I had to pick three I would pick: Aqua pleated ribbon, Just My Type stamp sheet, and chipboard butterflies.


Love it all and can't wait to get my hands on it, but my top 3 would be the pleated ribbon, the posies and the chipboard (both sets!).

Mel H

I want the Kraft Jotters, the new pins and the butterfly chipboard...I'm loving it all however!

Sharon Gullikson

My top 3 picks are: typewriter and letters stamps, white little flowers on wire stems!!!, and mini tags of canvas.

B. Poteraj

I have so many! But I'll narrow it down to 3--chipboard birds, mini canvas tags, and the withe wire flowers

Lynda H

Love the Canvas Tags, my first choice, then the Canvas Wallet. The new colors of Maya Mist are my third choice especially eggplant. Would look great on the new canvas tags.

Great Job Maya Rd

Jasmine Ford

The colors of the new mists are gorgeous! I'd have to say my 3 favs. are the chipboard butterflies, the aqua satin pleat ribbon and the kraft jotters!!

Natasha G.P.

I LOVE the wired flowers, the new sprays (I have never used yours, but the colors look great!)--does that count as just one? If I have to pick one color, it's FIG. The third is the chip board birds (and bird house?).

Kathleen Kraft

hands down the typewrite and alpha stamp set is my favorite - bought it at GASC and using it already. Pretty fond of the large butterfly chipboard as well and the Home Tweet Home Chipboard - who can resist birdies and bird houses! Thanks for letting us share!

Heather Robertson

I love the popsicle mist, the pink rose trim and the chipboard butterflies

Cindy Dahlgren

I love all your products, but especially all the different ribbons.

Kim S

I love the Blue Ribbon Stamp set...great for end of the year school awards for my students. I also love the new mist colors! The apple mist will be great to help finish up the album from my Ireland trip last summer! AND I love the chipboard butterflies...fun for summer cards and layouts!!!


Yay! I'm so excited! I like the coaster canvas album, the birdhouses chipboards and the dragonfruit mist! Thanks for the giveaway!

Michelle Criswell

SO excited, my friend just introduced me to your company and I flew from CA to TX this last week and went to a store that carried a bunch of your product...I LOVE it, Ive already used some that I bought cant wait to get my kit fromn your sister site! so my 3 favs are, the flourish tags, the ruffle ribbon and the pretty round floweres !!!!


I love the new pleated ribbon, the jotters, and the new mists!


I'm so excited for the giveaway! I love the chipboard butterflies and the Paper Poisies!

Renee J.

Oh, everything looks great! I do love the butterfly chipboard and the Maya mist a lot! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Kimberly Sudol

Wow!! Everything is SOOOO cute!! I love the Blue Ribbon Sentiments Stamp Set, the Kraft Jotters, and Organza & Satin ribbons!! Thank you for the chance to win some awesome products!!

Debbie Flowers

Oh, what fun stuff. Love it all. My top 3 choices would the mists, canvas wallet and the beautiful trim. Would love to alter one of the canvas wallets! Thanks for the chance!

Wanda H

Wonderful!!! 3 favorites... rose trim (fab colors), butterfly chips (I can't resist butterflies), and bird chips (can't resist those either)!!!

Kathleen Ford

Yay! I love them all but my favorites are the flowers, chipboard butterflies and the canvas album. I cant wait for this to get out to my local stores!!

Pam Perry

Wow! Great Stuff! To pick 3 is hard, but here goes: Home Tweet Home chipboard set, Ruffled Blossoms and Just my Type stamp set! Truly love your products and would love to add to my stash! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Michelle S.

Only three it is so hard. . . I love the mist colors outstanding colors, the flower pins so cheerful and the Kraft jotters a fun simple way to add some journaling!

Amy Bender

The Butterflies!!
The Canvas!!!
and most certainly the Paper Posies!!!

Marie Butler

So hard to pick just 3. Just My Type Stamp set, the Butterfly chipboard set, and the Kraft Jotters look great!

LaJuan KT

I love the rose & pleated ribbon... I'm a ribbon hoarder. I also love the flowers and pins.


I love the blue and peach flowers, the pink rose trim, and the butterfly chipboards.


I love that type set of stamps, the flowers pins are beautiful, and I loooove the ribbons. Such great stuff!!


Hmmm, top 3 would have to be the canvas tags, the chipboard butterflies and the popsicle mist. But I like them all :)


I just adore the trims & the canvas items...the ruffle blossoms in the trinket collection are to die for! So, so, so cute! All of your items are great...thank you for the giveaway!



Lynda P

Wow only 3 things! Love the trim, mist & those stick pins---- wish we had a real SB store in my town!


I love the Grey Pleat trim the best, then the Ruffle Blossoms and the Aqua Ruffle trim! Super cute additions!!

Amanda J

Ahhh!! How am I supposed to choose 3?? They are all amazing!!! My tops would probably have to be the hot pink rose trim, the chipboard butterlies, and the Just My Type stamp set!!

Karen W

I love it all, but my favorites are the ribbon, the canvas wallet and the mists!

Janet Ang

Yummy! I would have to say the canvas tote, ribbons, pins, and flowers


OMG!!! I love it all! My top picks are the butterfly cipboard and the birdhouse chipboard and I love the new green maya mist.

.:| Angela |:.

Why does it have to be only 3? I love them all!! OK...my top 3 would be the organza roses, the chipboard butterflies, and the canvas tags. Thanks for a chance to win!

f lynn rush

my favorites are the pleated trims, the canvas tags and the peach and blue flowers.

Carol B

Love it all! My favs are the Mini Tag Canvas pieces, Green Apple Maya Mist, and Ruffle Edge Trim in turquoise.

Carol B

Rebecca Monroe

This entire release is awesome! My favorite three items? Definitely the new mist colors, especially the popsicle one...the canvas tags and the organza rose trims! I would love to win a package!!!


gray pleated ribbon, jotters, and butterflies!

Kerry G,

Oh wow! Awesome new products! My favs are the butterfly chipboard, the canvas tags, and the cheery flower pins!


I love it all but my top 3 are the trims, the mists, & the chipboard.

Sherry Cartwright

Love the butterfly chipboard shapes, the yellow/green pins and the blue ribbon stamps!

Jill Blanchard

Love this release! My 3 would be the jotters, mists and the posies


Wow, what a cool mix of new products! It's difficult to choose only 3 but I do LOVE butterflies, so the chipboards gonna be my no. one followed by the beautiful mists and satin pleat ribbons... wish I could have it in my hands already now :-)

Michelle Looi


Theresa Martinez

I really like the chipboard set very much and can not wait to get them. I also like the canvas set. I think it would really fun to experiment with it. Paint, mist words wow. Fun Fun Fun.

Kathryn in Benicia by the Bay

You had me at eggplant...anything called eggplant or aubergine is automatically going to get my first vote because I am committed to all things eggplant! I also love the canvas tags and I have some serious ribbon issues so... mists, canvas tags and pleated ribbons are my 3 favs from the summer release.


wonderful new releases! my favorites are the hot pink trim, the grey trim, and those cute birdhouses!!!!

Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr)

Ooooh... The roses trim, the Home Tweet Home chipboard set and the My Type stamp set. They all rock! *smile*


So many things to choose from! My top 3 - the butterfly chipboard set, Popsicle Blue Maya Mist, and the Blue Ribbon Sentiments stamp set! Thanks for the chance to win!

janet chinn

top three in no particular order the bird house chobpard, the typwriter alpha stamp set band the chipboard butterflies. I'm using them now in my head! Can't wait til my lss gets them in!


I love the Kraft Jotters, turquoise ruffled ribbon and the Blue Ribbon Stamp set. Thanks for the chance to win.


Love the Blue Ribbon Stamp set! Runners up would be the mist in fig, apple and popsicle....wait...I'd want the kraft jotters too - what a perfect, versatile size! :)

Nancy D.

Great stuff being released..Just My Type Stamp Sheet- Kraft Jotters-ruffle blossoms are among my favorites


Difficult to choose just three, but I would say mists most of all, then the birdie chipboard and the kraft jotters.

Samantha T

Hmmm...the new satin pleat, the new ruffle blossoms, and Blue Ribbon Sentiments!Love it all, though!


So much to love! How about the satin pleat ribbon, the mists, and the birdhouse chipboard set? Just great!

Laraine R

Only 3, I love them all. But my top 3 are the mists, flowers & the blue ribbon sentiment stamp set!! But I want them all!!

Mara Adkins

How to choose only three....
- organza roses
- butterfly chipboard
- home tweet home chipboard


I love the new ribbon, butterfly chipboard and or course the mist.......

Jean Nielsen

My favorite 3 new items are the Home Tweet Home chipboards, the Fig Maya mist, and the Hot pink organza roses! Wow! this is definitely a fun release!


Love the organza ribbon and the ruffle trim. I really like the new pins...

Leila Manning

The canvas clutch, Maya Mist in dragonfly, and pleated ribbons are spurring my imagination. I feel a project coming on! Thanks for the adorable additions to my list of Maya Road faves!

Eileen Velez

Love the Apple Maya mist, the hot pink organza roses & the Home Tweet Home chipboard set!!!


My top 3 items: Canvas wallet, new trinket pins, & the Just My Type stamp set! I love it all!!!

Kari Sanchez

I love them all but I have to say that the chipboard butterflies are my favorite new thing along with the rest!!! :) TFS and winning chance!

Libby M.

Wow! A fantastic Mid summer release that is HOT HOT HOT!
I am loving the chipboard butterflies! The Mists look fabulous..(my fingers are itching to get inky!) The ruffle flowers and ruffles also look like loads of fun..
Sorry I can't pick just three because I must throw in the canvas coaster album too!
congrats! An Awesome release!

Diane D

I like the satin pleat ribbon, canvas tags and blue ribbon stamps Cool!

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