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July 15, 2011


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I like the daisy trim and the blue organza rose ribbon. So cute!


Love the Tea Garden organza trims! Think I'll get me one of those in each of the 3 colours!

Jessica Toulmin

Oh my gosh, I LOVE trims! Not sure which is my favourite, maybe the Small Organza Roses Ribbons. Love them all!

karen keiper

tea garden organza trim, beautiful, beautiful


I love the tea garden organza. I have not seen such creative lovely trims. Just beautiful


I love all those gorgeous trims but my heart has been set on the Tea Garden Organza trim ever since I saw it on FaceBook. Love it!


Yummy - some ruffle crochet trim please!! GORGEOUS for vintage flowers!

Marjorie Barker

Lovin' the small organza roses ribbon. Just beautiful!


Ruffle Edge Trim all the way!!

Cindy Andrews

I love all of these new trims, but the ruffle crochet trim is my favorite!

Teryl McKenzie

Loving it all but love the tulle trim, takes me back to being a wee girl, will be great to scrapping my Miss 4


All of it is beautiful, but I really like the organza tea garden flowers !

Carol Douglass

I just love the vintage lace trim, so delicate and pretty.

Nicole Doiron

Oh, everything is just SO beautiful!!! My favorite is the tulle trim!!! And the ruffle crochet trim! And... I just love it all!


OMG!I am loving all the new trims! The zigzag is awesome!The design team has done an amazing job showcasing all the new goodies!

Joanie G

Wow so many many beautiful things! I think I have to go for the Tea Garden Organza
Trim! Wow that's beautiful!! Thank you so much.

Sophie  Bennett

Love all the trimmings but my favourite would have to be the Ruffle Crochet Trim, but only if I had to choose :)


Incredible trims - so versatile!!! Lovethe alterable trims - can't wait to get my hands on them!!


I'm in organza heaven! Love the Organza primrose Trim, the small organza roses ribbons and oh my the Tea Garden Organza Trim is just stunning!

Deb Matovich

Oh Yum! I can't wait for those crochet trims - lovely!

Jean Marmo

Love all the trims!! My eye was drawn to the organza mum trim! Will be fun to play with all of these!


Great trims. so much great stuff.

Carol Derby

Love the lace flowers. The knitted one reminds me of a rug that used to be in my grandma's house. Can't wait to get my hands on the trims.

karen t

I absolutely LOVE them ALL.....they are all spectacular! One can never have enough Maya trims, again incredible creations by the Design team!!

Melissa Minor

Your tea garden organza trim is so ethereal...I love the ruffle crochet trim and the organza primrose trim. Can't wait to get my crafty fingers on all of these!

Clare Dempsey

I love what you did with that zipper trim! And how can I choose just one as a favorite?! Thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

Laura Ashcraft

So much to choose from!Beautiful trims can't wait to use them!

amy tara koeppel

I love the pleated tulle trim. I love to use tulle on my pages and having it already pleated will be wonderful... plus the colors are delish! ~Amy Tara~

Mabel M

Tea Garden Organza Trim is my favorite!!! love the MR peeks, cool collection!!


That's my favorite, no that's my favorite, no that's my favorite.... I think I'll go with the Ruffle Crochet Trim as my favorite today, but what a TOUGH choice - it's all so lovely!!

Ellie A.

Be still my heart that Garden Tea trim is beyond amazing. You guys are just amazing!Thanks for the chance.

Patty DeThomas

It's a tough decision but if I have to pick a favorite I would pick ALL of it. I LOVE all of the trims, I can't pick just one. Simply beautiful.


I want it all!

Lorrie Everitt

omg .. these are all beautiful. I especially like the tea garden organza - love the width!

Michelle Hernandez

I LOVE the tule trim and that gorgeous beige satin pleated trim as well. I'll have to get some zipper trim this season- I'm loving the projects I see using it. The DT projects are all astounding! Love the "Sweet Quiet" page- amazing!

Judith Aitken

My favorite is the ruffle crochet trim. I also love the zipper trim. They are all very pretty.


omg- my eyes are in LOOOVE its all so beautiful!

Amy Gustafson

The zipper trim is awesome!

Celeste B.

I don't think I can pick a favorite. I'll take one of each please.

Traci Severson

Ooohhhh, I think I may need to have some of all the trims in my stash. They are pure fabulousness!

Peggy Allen

Love the new trims and all the beautiful flowers and projects you made with them.
God bless,
Peggy Allen


the tea garden organza trim is my fav today!!


Love the Mega Rik Rak Misable.


oh Wow!! I love the ruffle edge trim and ruffle crochet trim. Those flower designs are gorgeous.

Linda M

Oh, wow are these trims gorgeous. It is so hard to pick a favorite. I want them all. I can't wait to get my hands on some.


Love the ruffle trim and tulle pleated trim!

Dana K

I love the mistable rick rack. Great idea!

Mayol Limson

I love everything!!! Can I have them all, pretty please? :) my faves are the tea garden trim, crochet trim, satin & lace trim, zipper trim...and everything else. Love all the DT creations, you give such great inspirations! Thank you!


May I please have one of each!! OM Goodness!! The design team did justice to everything!! Wow! (Am I to excited?)

Lara Carson

I love the crocheted flower trim and the rose bloom trims the most!

Gerrie Johnnic

I want to know how you caught me with the "drool" hanging this a.m.! You betcha' I am .....all these trims made my heart pound too! and then the layouts that followed, oh I need them all.


Loving all these trims - especially the Ruffle Crochet Trim. So many gorgeous products here!! What a fantastic release!

Mary Bridges

Ruffle Crochet Trim is my fav, but I'd love to play with all of them. I like the flower you made with the large ric rac too! Congrats on the release of some great, beautiful products! (Thank you for the opportunity to win some too)!


These are all fabulous, but the ruffled crochet trim is my favorite!


Wow, these new trims are spectacular. Can't wait till they are available!!

Jenny McGee

I love the ruffle trim and the ruffle crochet trim. I also love the large rick rack. So pretty. Thanks for a chance to win.

Phyllis M.

Way too much pretty stuff to choose from. Would have to go with the ruffle crochet trim and also the tulle pleat trim. Love it all though. Wonderful new products and thanks for a chance to win some.

LizW in TX

I love the small organza roses, the layout using the yellow roses is beautiful!
LizW in TX

Kathy P

Oh, WHY do you make us choose??? It's WAY too HARD! With pressure, I would pick the vintage lace trims...they are just so beautiful and I can see them adding a real soft vintage feel to my pages! I do love those ruffled edge trims, too!

Cresta Woodruff

I can't pick a favorite! The trims are my favorite thing about your company! I just love them alllllll!!!! They are so gorgeous!

Brenda Banks

Oh My I love the ruffled trimming. and the sweet quite layout.

Cynthia B.

Love the ruffled edge trim and ruffled crochet trim - gorgeous! So excited to see all your new products in person!

Angie Boswell

I love the flowers made from each of the materials. The pillow too! I would love to use your products in some of my projects!!

Angela Prieto

WOW!!!! I love all the sneak peeks today! Beautiful and I want them all! LOL!

Chris Dring

Oh my goodness! Love it all, especially all the organza ribbon and trims!! So much eye candy in today's post! Love it!!


Aaaah! I love them all!! Especially the Tulle Pleat Trim! Beautiful!

Bianca G

I want to buys spools of all the trim but my favorite is the crochet trim. I love the look and that you can mist them whatever color you want. I loved the flower that was made with it also.


Beautiful trim. I love the Ruffle Crochet Trim...so pretty.
YOu guys really have outdone yourselves.. Everything is wonderful..


I love it all...but if you are going to make me pick a fave...well I think it's the Small Organza Roses Ribbons, but don't hold me to that! Too many FAB goodies!


OMGoodness! I LOVE it all!


I love the flowers made with the crochet trim and the rick rack!

Stephanie S.

Oh so pretty and I love the Organza Mum trim.

Holly T.

These are all so amazing! I love the Vintage Satin and Lace Trim, I can picture that on a little girl's special dress.


Ah I was smart today ... I brought my kleenex to catch the drool... :) I love it all! I'll take one of each :)


I love the small Organza Rose Ribbon - but truly all the trims are beautiful

Nikki Brown

OMG I need to make some room in my scraproom and maybe take out a bank loan!!!

Amanda J

I honestly cannot choose a favorite today! These are all absolutely gorgeous! Please, please share a tutorial on those flowers!! Oh my gorgeousness!! I am in love! I am going to be in trouble when these are all available!


Very hard to pick 1 but I really like the crochet trim and the flower they made from it :)


I am overwhelmed by all of the beautiful ribbons and trims! Amazing!

Doris Widder

I can't decide if I like the Ruffle Crochet Trims better or the organza rose trims. :-D


I honestly thought I could scroll through the new products and choose one favorite as asked. HA! Who was I kidding? But if forced to I'd choose the organza mum trim. So unique and girly and modern.

Claire T

It would have to be the organza mum trim but there are so many I would love to play with.

DeeDee Catron

gorgeous gorgeous trims! My favorite is the ruffled crochet trim! I'm a big lace fan.. especially crocheted lace. woo woo!!


They are all gorgeous! Love the pillow with the Tea Garden Organza Trim

f lynn rush

i really like the ruffle-edged trim...so many ways to use it!


I really like the ruffle crochet trim! I will take some if each please lol! Beautiful products!!

Leslie Smith

I love the Ruffle Crochet Trim. Can't wait to get some.

Kathleen Hodgins

My favoutie is the rickrack rose - beautiful!!


Wow...all the organza trims are gorgeous!!!


Love all the Lace and Trims... what fun to add to my vintage creations.


I love the sheer trims! Those would be awesome for framing a picture :)

Sarah R

I love everything! Amazing trims - love vintage looks!


I just love your trims! And they go so well with the CC Glubers for making quick and beautiful flowers! I love that ruffled tulle! And I hope you do a tutorial on making the jumbo ric rac flower. It looked like a peony.

Michelle T

I love the tulle and the zippers!


love the rose and the crocheted trims!!!


Ahhhh!!! ALL are just so prettie to own. But just to highlight, I'll choose those that can be madeinto flowers as sugg - Ruffle Crochet Trim, Mega Ric Rack and Tulle Pleat Trim :)


love the "may your cup overflow" project... the roses and the teapot are beautiful!


oh wow, i am going to have to do some shopping. I love them all.

Jan Garber

All of the organza trims are melting my heart, but the MUMS, ohhh my...so unique!

Sobeida Rodriguez

I truly can't choose! They are all so gorgeous!!! I love it all!

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