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July 15, 2011


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Lisa P

I like the ruffle trim and the mega ric rac.

Tammy MacMaster

it is all beautiful and soo many uses! Its hard to pick one favorite, but I really like the Small Organza Roses Ribbons, and the Tulle.


How beautiful! love all the trims especially Ruffle Crochet Trim and organza!

Faith B.

Love it all but my fave are the organza trims. Thanks for the chance to win.

Janice V

Omg those are so beautiful. I sure hope that you are going to be posting how you made the flowers with the ric rac and the ruffle crochet trims. They are stunning.


Wow, those are gorgeous trims! And grogeous prjects, love that frame tea pot!

Erika Taylor

How could a person possibly pick 1? That vintage lace or no no the Giant Rick Rac oh oh oh wait... maybe the beautiful Primrose Trim... or the zipper... or the... Nope can't pick just one

Great releases Maya


I am in love woth the organza tea rose ribbons. Beautiful!


I love all these new trims!! The tulle/primrose is my fav I think..I love it all! Thanks for the great inspiration!



I was hoping a company would put out some vintage trims. These are gorgeous. I am so excited!

joanna johnson

Maya Road has the best of everything, from kraft envelopes, to board books, to trims. I can't wait to get my hands on the organza and zipper trims!


They're all beautiful..hard to chose but i think my favorites are ruffle Crochet, vintage Lace and tea garden organza

Tina M

Oh my gosh, I can't pick....I love them all the possibilities are endless....Thanks for the great product, fantastic projects and the cheances to win yummy prizes!


The Tulle, the organza rose...can hardly wait!! Thanks so much!

Victoria Sturdevant

I love it all - the tulle is my fave. Love the flowers made from it.

Shannon Turner

The ruffled crochet trim reminds me of my grandmothers fancy fingerwork. I also love the zippers for an edgy young feel.


I just can't choose, waaaaaaay too much fabulousness! Love the ruffled trims, ruffled crochet trims, zipper trims, and the vintage lace daisies. Those are my "most favoritest" as my four year old would say!

Valerie Serfozo

I am so excited to see some new trims! Love the Mega Ric Rack that can be misted, as well as the tulle. Beautiful!

Kat Layton

LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!!!!

Deb L

That's a tough call... picking just one. All of the new trims are so beautiful! I do really like the Ruffled Crocheted Trim, tho. The flower sample made with that is drop dead gorgeous!! TFS


Wonderful, wonderful things. Love the tulle flowers. Thanks so much for the chance to win.


I love the ruffle edge and lace trims. Beautiful and fun.


Oh, I love trim and especially this trim! The mistable Ruffle Crochet Trim really stole my heart!


It is all so beautiful; but I love the tiny yellow roses. The color is gorgeous.

Judy Ray

Love it all. The wide flower trim is my favorite. Love Maya Road.

Jodie R

I am so excited about these trims. No one else has anything like them. They are so beautiful too!! Thank you, Maya Road!!


Love all the organza trims, esp the tea garden one!

Tifany D.

LOVE, love, love the Ruffle Crochet Trim and all the organza trims!


Julie Bonomo

Simply gorgeous.......love "sweet quiet".

.:| Angela |:.

Drool is right! Thank you very much! Love those Tea Garden Organza trim!!!

Pat Schultz

I love and could use them all but I think my favorite has to be the "vintage satin and lace trim" especially the pink.... Thank you for all the examples of using these new product.....xoxoxo


I like the organza roses.


OH I love all these trims! The little "crochet" flowers are my favorite.

Tran Polizzi

Really love the organza mum! :-) So fun!


The flower lace trims are lovely as are the satin trims! But, really, it's all beautiful!

Deanna Foy

I have 2 favorites! the ruffle crochet trim and the tulle pleat trim! all of the trims are so beautiful and so many different looks!

Kris Martinez

I just love the Tea Garden and Ruffle Crochet trims. Can't wait to see how I can use them.


I really like the Mega Ric Rack Trim.

Carol B

Wow! I love it all! Those small Organza roses are so lovely!

Carol B


Love those trims!!1
Love strechy trim, love organza trim!!!

Gennet  T

All of these belong in my ribbon/elements stash! I like the Mega
Ric-Rac" ribbon. Mistable and what a nice rosebud/flower it makes. I need the crocheted trims, too. And . . . :o)


Absolutely adore the organza roses and other flowers. It is all so yummy. And yes I am melting here in the Dallas area also...seeing the snow related items is cooling. But will we love it come December? :).

Darla Weber

I love the ribbons and lace. Everything is beautiful!

Bonnie S

Those organza flower trims are fantastic! TFS, Bonnie :-)

Christy S. aka emeraldvalkyrie

I am loving the versatility of these trims! I don't think I could pick just one favourite.


Flowers, trim, lace, rik rak oh my....they are my weakness!!! I want them all!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Jennifer Smith

I am in love with the organza mum trim! It rocks!!!


The ruffle trim is super cool!! I can imagine lots of things to do with it!!r3

Vicki H. in Canada

Vintage satin and lace trim, yum! More, please! :)

Larissa Heskett

OH YUMMINESS!! I can't wait to play with these ribbons!! They are going to be SO FUN to use!! I love the vintage feel of some of them and those colors are GORGEOUSNESS!! =) I LOVE the bright zipper trims oh how fun!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

Diana Fisher

The ruffled crochet and the tulle are my favorites. So much potential with these!!

kathleen schriber

my favorite is the flower you make with the ruffle crochet trim...i need to learn how to do that. beautiful. althought the rest was just as inspiring.

Jean Nielsen

I love the tea garden organza ribbons. Thinking faries, tea parties, and garden themed projects. Lovely!

tammy k

You were right about the drool...had to wipe it off the screen :) LOVE every single bit of it!


Love the album cover for Our Family. The rest are so pretty but that one really "speaks" to me.


Love love love the organza primrose trim!! :D I would love to see a tutorial on the rick-rac rose! :)

Kristi B.

It's all a must have for me but the organza roses & tulle pleat ribbon is at the top of my list. The projects posted are awesome too! :)


The trims are lucious. I love them all.


Oh gosh, these trims are all absolutely amazing! So chic and feminine and versatile. Especially those MUMS...wow!! I'll have to buy many, many yards of those:)

Fleur Smith

Just gorgeous - love all the new trims :)

Shelley W.

The daisy vintage trim is my favorite!

Cassie G

LOVE everything with ruffles and really love the Organza Primrose Trim! Thanks for the chance to win!


Love the ruffled edge trim! Lots of great trims, so exciting!!


love the mums and daisies but those zippers rock.

Mel H

It's a wonder I didn't electrocute myself from the drool on my keyboard....I love the mistable ric rac (please share how you made that flower!)

Claudia Campos

I simply love flowers, every type. But the first flower, with Crochet Trim is my favorite right now.

Julia Stainton

Ackkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! This release is beyond amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEth W

OMG-your best ever!I want all of them and right now.Pick one-the pleated tulle-there is so much you can do with it.You blew this one right out of the water!

Karla A

It is all so gorgeous. I love the Tea Garden trim and the organza primrose trim equally best I believe - for today anyway - tomorrow it might be something else.

Connie Holso

Oh goodness, how would one choose. These are just fabulous! So beautiful. You keep outdoing yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!

T Calia

WOW! You have really become cutting edge! These trims are blowing my mind!!!!!

Linda Hahn

Be still my heart!! I can see myself making tons of flowers with the new crochet trim and the ruffled tulle trims!! All of the new trims are GORGEOUS!!

Mary Staveness

Love the organza and lace trim! Can't wait to try 'em out!

Wendy Orme

I love the small organza rose ribbons and how they look on cards and layouts.


Wow! The Tea Garden Organza Trims are beautiful, as is all the DT work. They've come up with fabulous creations to showcase the new products :)

Laura Lefavor

I love the ruffled crochet trim! That flower is beautiful.


What's not to love? LOVE the organza roses ribbons! So cute!

And of course Maya Road wouldn't be Maya Road without that little funk courtesy of the zippers! Love!

And thanks so much for sharing the layouts! So inspiring. =)


Kelly Massman

love the ruffle edge trim!

Melinda Wilson

I have always been a rick rack fan so the mega rick rack is my favorite plus I also love the ruffle crochet trim!


I really love that Ruffle Crochet Trim!

Rhonda V.

I'm in loooooove with the crocheted ruffle trim!

Jen Barkdull

Oh my word! I ♥ these trims!!!!! I'll have one of each please! ;)

mary t

love the ribbon!!! sooooooooo luscious!!
mary t

rebecca keppel

Oh wow, seriously they are all gorgeous but the Organza Mum trim???? Holy cow--stupendous!!


Loving all of the new trims but the ruffle crochet trim is my favorite! Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects!

Wendy Crowe

Everything is just gorgeous! I love the organza and the vintage satin! Just beautiful!!!

Sandra Y.

I am still drooling.....love the crochet ruffle trim and the organza trims....drooling still.


I totally love the tulle pleated trim!!!

Theresa Martinez

I really love the new trim must say I will need to make a list. I love the new zipper colors.

Heidemarie Tyley

love the flowers made with the ricrac and tulle. so many opportunities.

Ally White

Wowzers! Great new goodies! I love the Organza Mum Trims and the Ruffle Crochet Trims.


I love the ruffle edge trim & crochet trim but my favorite has always been your small roses trim.

Kim Bosworth

They are all beautiful but I really want the crochet trim and the zippers!!!


I really like the ruffled edge trim and the yellow organza small rose ribbon but my absolute fav is the wide tea garden organza trim!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

My favorite is the ruffle crochet trim. I can't wait to find some and make me some of those gorgeous flowers.

Lisa Somerville

Lovin' the new trims!


Tea Garden Organza Trim is too lovely!


well u arent kidding! drool...u know every year I say u cant do better than last year...ha! I just kicked myself...yer stuff simply ROCKS! yes, want it all...but cant! so...the vintage-ee stuff melts my heart...the crochet things over the top for me..please please toss my name in that hat! Wendy makes me buy your stuff all the time anyway...but would be great to win sometime! ty for a chance~ xo

Kim Otto

Just love the Tea Organza Trims! The "May your cup overflow" project is gorgeous!! I also love the crocheted ruffle trim, so much you can do with it.

Julie Mitchell

After careful studying of all the greatness on this post, I think my fav is the ruffle crochet.

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