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July 15, 2011


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What an amazing week! I shall savor the catalogue tomorrow!

Beckie Holso

So much fabulous stuff... you can bet I won't be limiting myself to just one item. But I will have to start with the kraft clock faces on page 4 - love them!

D. Evans

Love the new products.

Jean Nielsen

The mega rick rack! The butterfly mini chipboards. goodness so much fun stuff to play with!

Amanda J

I love it all!! I am really loving all the trims and the flowers and vintage findings...and the kraft calenders!

Jessica Toulmin

I can't wait to get hold of some of this new stuff. I love a ton of it, expecially the trims and chipboard sets.


Good luck on CHA! I hope that some day I'll be able to see this event live! It's hard to pick one favorite, you have so many wonders :):) I think all of your chipboard forms are unusual. I love them :):)

Victoria Sturdevant

Well, I'll stick with the tulle for being my fave for the moment. I really love, want, need so much! LOL

Dayna Mowbray

Maya Road makes me happy!!!


maya road it the bomb!! Love your products and keep collecting them up to add to my projects. Would love to win a prize package. Thanks!!

beatrice lawson

Loved the mini tickets, the new snowflake stamps and transparencies, the Kraft envelopes... How soon are we getting these goodies in our local stores??? Keeping my fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky winners!!

Victoria S.

Oh my goodness so hard to choose. i really like the filmstrip tho.


OOoOoo! Loving the mist colors. Loving the avocado metallic, blue raspberry metallic and the cherry metallic. Will have to find those for sure. The mini bottle caps are also adorable. :)

kathleen taylor

Ok I cannot choose. I love it all!!

Gina Flowers

I know I'm kinda late joining the game but after a day full of Pc issues, I HAD to find some pretties to look at, and what better place? I'm torn between the new mist colors and the SNOWFLAKE transparencies! <3!! Be still my heart, I LOVE snowflakes (and I noticed the stamps too). Ok, Hubby has to get a raise ^_^

Laura Lefavor

The kraft clocks are still my favorite! Can't wait to play with them. Everything looks great!

Cynthia B.

There is SO much eye candy in this catalog...and these products aren't even made into projects yet! My favorites include the wood and kraft doilies, and stamp sets: blue ribbon sentiments, just my type and love banner, and doilies.
I could seriously go on and on...there are so many fantastic Maya Road products that are my "favorites". Have fun at CHA!

Deanna A.

Oh my, there are so many cool things in your catalog. I plan on looking it over even closer tomorrow. I have already started a wish list!!

Heidemarie Tyley

Have a great show team. Look forward to seeing photos and hearing your news...and getting my hands on some of the new produsts. Will they be released in OZ at the same time? I hope so

Lynda H

How soon will it get to the stores??? Excited for so many of the new goodies.

Luz Maria Martin del Campo

What`s not to love but the doily stamps, the frames journal and the banner chipboard are to drool for!!!

.:| Angela |:.

Drooling over all the new stuff. Wish I could have them all!

Nina Patena

Love love love Maya Road! Everything is just gorgeous! But my personal faves have always been the stamps! How cool is that camera set! Gorgeous! And can I just add I am just in love with Maya Mists. If I could just have all the colors I'd be one happy gal.Have a ton of fun at CHA!


OMG - so many new products = GREAT! Wish you good luck for the CHA; travel safe!!!

Kate aka stinkydudette

I want everything! But I'll get the Film Strip Coaster Album first! Then the bottle caps!

Heather Quinn

My first <3 in the Organza Tea Garden Trim (I don't recall seeing the color Chai in the original reveal) and the Mums Vintage Lace. I also love the pumpkin chipboard coasters and the Trinket pins ( <3 the leaf, star and tree). There is so much to love in the catalog that if I keep listing, it may become more of a novel!

Carol Douglass

The new products are all awesome, I don't see we are expected to choose just 1 favorite! I particularly like the Vintage lace daisies and mums, but it is all a "must have" for me.


I love all of the trims and the great embelishments that can be made with them. not only for scrapbook pages, but for 3d art and wearables. Thanks for the great peeks this week.

andrea walker

Vintage edge kraft envelopes. So difficult to choose though...

Wendy Crowe

Everything is so fabulous! I'm in awe of the wooden doilies! What a great week of peaks!!


The bicycle clear stamps, but I love so many things, it's hard to choose.


How could we possibly pick a favorite?!?! I love the SAY CHEESE clear stamps!!


I want it all, but really really love the stamps (especially the doily).


Wow you have certainly spoiled us for choice!!!! and if I had to choose just one item it would be the adorable rainy day stamps... ok make it two and add the when skies are grey chipboard to match!!

Nicole Doiron

Maya Road is awesome! So much gorgeousness in all the new releases! My favorites are all the different trims! LOVE THEM!

Jean Marmo

Love all things Maya Road. The wood embellies are amazing! But I love the many different new trim! Just gorgeous!

Chris Dring

SENSORY OVERLOAD!!! I want all of it, but really love all the organza trim and ribbon! Fabulous!!!!

Jenny A

I love all the new trims and the velvet resisn flowers are my favorite!


How could I pick 1 favorite?? Love it all!


Love all your stuff and creations!!!!! If you had a shop in Ukraine your shelves would be empty after new items arrived lol Your items all so cool and wonderful!
svetlana xx

Phyllis M.

REally hard to choose just love it all. Love the cameo stamp set and the crocheted doiles along with the trims. Thanks for a chance to win some.

April W

Oh my gosh there are so many I love! I can't pick just one, so I'll go with the Canvas Butterflies, 2012 Kraft Calendars and the Vintage Mini Rulers as my favs. ;)
- April W

Sandy Ang

Have a good show at CHA and I love the Winter Roses in Houndstooth - both red and black


The catalog is just chock full of fun! I think the zipper trim is my favorite. Or maybe the lace flowers. Or the mini rulers. I can't decide!


I love the butterfly chipboard album!

Jo Ann Glenn

I love the flowers, but the zipper trim is my favorite - and the wooden spools.

Jacquie D.

The catalog is BEAUTIFUL! I saved it so I can keep looking at it for inspiration! I love so many of the new things, but I think the wooden doilies make my heart pound the most! I cannot wait to see all these fun new items in my LSS!

Samantha T

What a gorgeous catalog. I love stamps, so those might me my fave...or maybe the vintage lace daisies and mums. It really is a stunning look at what you're taking to CHA.

Heather H

Top of my list are the knit flowers!!! Truth is though, I love everything!!! Maya Road is another way to say GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!


What a beautiful catalog!!! I love all the chipboard and rik rak!

Jeanne Kelly

How exciting - Great job creating new embellishments for us to play with. You are truly a creative and innovative company.


I LOVE so much in your catalog! I wish I owned a store so I could have an excuse to buy a WHOLE LOT! I think my favorites are the cameo stamps, and any of your doilies. But, those are just my favorites today - tomorrow my answer might be different. :) Have a great time at CHA!!!


Oh my between the new chipboard, trim, stamps & wood pieces I can't pick just one........I have a whole list of new loves!!!

Holly T.

I don't know which one is my favorite, they are all just amazing!



All these beautiful and inspirational goodies, what canI say, jaw open.. CAN I HAVE JOB WITH YOU FOLKS! I WANT TO WORK FOR MAYA ROAD! I love it all!


Hi All!

Anything Chipboard from Maya Road is ALWAYS a FAV! Although, the trims come in second.. or first! OOHHH!!! But the CAMEO STAMP SETS are true to my heart!


Janice V

Wow, I am in heaven just looking at it all. I want the albums, especially the 6x6 one - it is so perfect for a project, and then I could overload it with all those pretty trims.

Judy Bowlby

Anything that you put out is simply fabulous! I love the flowers made with the nylon tulle, but it is hard to pick out any one thing.

Heather Robertson

awesome new products - I'm loving all things crocheted - the trim and mini doilies

tammy k



Everything is so cool! I want it all because I have some great ideas on how to use it.

Jodie R

AMAZING!!! I can't wait until it all hits the stores! I love the trims and the chipboard and the stamps and... I love it all!!!

Dana Benedict

I LOVE everything...Maya Road ROCKS!!!

Doris Widder

So excited about all the new products! Can't wait to get my hands on some of the new goodies!

amy tara koeppel

Sorry, I can't narrow it down,... I lOVe it All!!!!!!!!! ~Amy Tara~

Mireya DeJesus

Trims, trims, trims!!! Did I mention how much I love the new trims?


I love this catalogue ! I was browsing the pages to find my one favourite but I think I have to say that I love everything on that catalogue and can't wait to see all of it in my hands :)


Love it all<3

Jen Clark

Really? Pick ONE favorite? Out of THAT catalogue? You're kidding, right? It's like sensory overload!!! I love the doilies - both crocheted and wooden; and all things cameo...stamps, chipboard, whatever! And the cloudy days stamps with the coordinating chipboard...just adorable! And any kind of banner too...and all the trims...you see what I mean? Oh, and all the canvas is a must...


All banners, all butterflies, the canvas wallet, the scrolls...so much, so little time. Thanks so much!

Nancy F

I love all of it and can not wait to get my hands on it. Have a great time at the show!

Kelly Sas

Oh my! Now I can die and go to scrap heaven. Right this minute I love the bicycle stamps, but ask me in 5 minutes and I will have a new Maya Road favorite!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

I have 2 favorites that tie equally the ruffled crochet trim and the chipboard that is the tea set. I can put both of these on my tea pages. let me tell you all your ruffled ribbons are to die for, you just make so many products that i absolutely LOVE.


Love the catalogue, lots of favorites so far but my top products are the Tea Garden Trims, Mini Kraft Envelopes & Notecards (after seeing them featured on a project in the catalogue) and the Ledger Transparencies. I'm sure my list will grow as I keep going back for another look!


Oh MY-aroad!!! where have you been .. heck where have I been ?!?! How could I have missed out on so much goodness!!... ok.. off to shop, drool and dream of the goodies coming out of CHA :)


I can not pick a favorite... Love it all.
I am a hugh fan...

Gerrie Johnnic

Double ruffle crochet trim is to die/dye for! OMG, I need it now, I mean all of it, but 25 yds of this will keep me happy for a week for 2! lol....great job Maya Road!


I love the flowers: paper, fabric, they're all great!

Mary H.

The Mega Ric Rac is fantastic!


Pure CHA heaven! Love all the new trims, esp the ruffle crochet trim, and I always have a soft spot for your chipboard sets. They are the best.


I've looked at the catalog like three times and I can't pick just one favorite thing! I love every single thing, but for the sake of following rules I'll say that the Butterfly Soar chipboard album is one of my favorites!


So much good stuff! I love the trims but my heart belongs to the chipboard ;)

Bianca G

I love all the new products. I can see how I could use it all just wish my budget could support it :)


I love love love the new trims!

Jill Norwood

Wow I love it all but if I have to choose one thing it is the little coffee and tea chipboard set..love it! And that new tulle trim for flowers! Thanks Maya Road for bringing so much crafty goodness to the world! You are a high quality innovative company! And I luv ya!!!!

Zarinah Ali

It is so hard to decide. But I love the trims and trinkets. They are so beautiful and I can just imagine what I would do with them. So inspiring!


maya road makes the best embellishments! how do i choose one fav? it would have to be trims. gotta love the trims. i buy in BULK!


It's all too gorgeous. I'll be pouring over the catalogue tomorrow after I drop the children off at school.

Sophie  Bennett

How can I possibly choose, I love it all! but if I absolutely had to I would have to say the Vintage wood.

mary t

ooooh way too many new pretties to choose!! I still think I need to say the awesome build a snowman stamps!! love it all!!
mary t


Everything looked awesome! I can not wait to start buying the new goodies!


Everything is so beautiful!! I am in love with the winter roses!

Leslie Hayes

love, loVE, LOVE!!!!!!

Toni K

How can anyone possibly pick just ONE thing? I love the flowers, the ribbons, the chipboard! I can't wait to see these in person!

monica garoutte

love your products. Another job well done.


Love the catalog. Sooo much pretty merchandise. I love all of the flowers and some of the shaped albums. My absolute favorite are the organza flowers.

Mayol Limson

Love love love your products! I can't wait for the new ones especially to be available here in Singapore :) am very excited about the trims, chipboards, stamps & findings & trinkets!


I love the organza primrose trim, all the kraft tags,calandars and journal spots, but the best to me are all the little chipboard shapes - I love them all and use them all but the umbrellas are really cute! THanks for all the chances to win!


I'm on a gears and clocks kick so I'd have to go for the chipboard clock faces.

Candy Clay

Love the banners and pennants --making a shopping list . Hurry up and get the products in the stores!

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