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July 13, 2011


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WOW!!! Chipboard, chipboard, chipboard!!!!! I <3 it all!!! Could we have some tutorials on these AMAZING design team projects? So fabulous!!!


LOVE the wooden doilies!!! So very cool! And I'm always a fan of anything Kraft, so add that to my list as well.

Essandra Collins

I LOVE all of the new products!!! I love the little rulers and the craft envelopes. I need it all in my life!!!!!

Lacey I

Holy cow - how to pick just one!! I love those little rulers!! LOVE THEM!!! And i'm a sucker for MR envelopes! Oh and those wavy banners. oh my i don't know how to pick a favorite.

Deb L

wow! so many fun new things. love the little rulers and the kraft clocks! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful sample projects! so fun!

Monica Blain

wow! Love all the wood stuff and the Wavy Layerable Banners! so excited for this release!

Barbara Falk

WOW... Maya Road once again has outdone their selves
My head is spinning with all the projects I see with this new line
Up. Absolutely love the soar butterfly album, the autumn set.,
Loving the when skies are grey. Did I mention I love the spools,
The rulers.. I must say today my favorite pick is a toss up
Between the soar butterfly album and those ADORABLE
Doilies.. can't wait to get my hands on some Maya goodness..
Thank you for all you do and your amazing design team.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the wooden spools and the doilies! and the teacups. so much so see! great release.

tammy k

ummmm...okay, got it down to two: The kraft and the chipboard items. Always look forward to seeing the awesome stuff from you.

Victoria Sturdevant

I love the Soar Butterfly album!

Barbi Eakin

OOOOOOOooooo I'm loving the Vintage Wood Doilies and those Kraft clocks & envelopes! So fun!

Amy Parker

Wow!! I love these!! For me it is a tie between the Film Strip Coaster album and the Kraft Snowflakes!! Either way I must have both!!


WOW! These products are all so amazing. Your DT did a killer job on their projects too. I really LOVE the butterfly mini album. That is something I MUST HAVE! ;-)


OMG --- what for great new chipboards! Maya Road's are the best!
And the lovely works by the DT.....so beautiful... love all of them.

Jean Nielsen

The spools and the teapot chipboards! Oh my goodness!

Jessica Farris

I LOVE those Kraft clocks! They need to make their way to Virginia :)

Mandy P

The butterfly book, filmstrip and scroll frame coasters, and all of the banners are the things that first appealed to me. Love the project using the Calendar months in bottle-caps. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win some goodies!


I have never been able to pass up your chipboard. Love, love, love the coffee & teas set! Kraft is another weakness of mine. Wow! So much great stuff coming out!!

Diana Fisher

Oh my word!!! The teapots and the rulers are my faves for sure!

Sophie  Bennett

I love the chipboard, the Kraft and the Vintage wood rulers,I love it all!! Can't wait to see it at my LSS

Holly T.

I love the calender pieces, they would be so great to put together a countdown calender for a pregnancy or someone coming home.


The wooden rulers and the kraft clocks are awesome! Everything is just wonderful, great release Maya Road!


O.M.G! I love those chipboard banners. And the butterflies, and the kraft calendar sets are so adorable. But then again, I love all Maya Road products!


Wow so much cool new stuff! I esp love the wood doilies. Very excited for those. I am amazed when I see the raw products, but then I see what your DT does and it really puts it all over the top!!

Shannon Turner

These sneak peeks killing me! and soon enough they will be killing my bank account too. I have to say the tea pot clock is brilliant. Now for my favorite... The Vintage Wood Doilies!!! Oh my so many ideas!

Tom's Mum

Oh, oh, the Coffee or Tea Chipboards and Autumn Chipboards are SOOOOO cute. Must have!


wood!! it's brilliant
how much more brilliant will it get??


So many amazing products so can't choose just one favorite! Love the Kraft snowflakes, the wooden doiles and Kraft notes & envelopes!


Very exciting! my favorite would have to be... Mini Rectangular Accordion Album!


I love it all but my favorite has to be the layerable banners!

Jenny P

For me, it has to be the kraft clocks and snowflakes. Love all the new chipboard coasters too!

Celeste B.

My favorites are the wood doilies, snowflakes and rulers. Lots of fun stuff.

Megan A

wow, just wow! I think I like the rulers the most, but it's a really tough decision!


Love the new chipboard and wooden elements....can't wait to get my hands on these...especially the Autumn chipboard elements, and the spools...

Cecilia Coleman

I'm a sucker for chipboard albums!

Kelly Sas

My fav from todays peak are the Vintage Wood Rulers and the Kraft Notes and Envelopes - although the designers make me want to have the butterfly and clocks! Great stuff today.

Teryl McKenzie

Love it all, very cool. But especially the rulers and the Butterfly Album... love how the DT have decorated it as a piece of home decor... perfect for my Miss 4 :)


Oh - i love the Vintage Wood Doilies and the rulers! Lovely products!!

Heather Lough

I {heart} MR. I love the new wood snowflakes, doilies and those rulers are the bomb. Also love the chipboard filmstrip book.

Leah the Orange


seriously, this post is just TOO chock full of eye candy! GORGEOUS projects, and the coffee and tea sets are HIGH on my "must have" list! thank you for the peeks, and now if you'll PLEASE provide me with a napkin so i can wipe up the drool, that would be fantastic. :)

mary t

love the autumn chipboard set!!! thanks for the peeks!
mary t

karen t

Love it all my Favourite is definately the coffee & teapot CB set!!
The design team are ROCKING all these new goodies making me yearn to have them all to play with.

Sandra Y.

So hard to pick a favorite, but the calendars and the rulers really caught me eye for some great school projects.

Fleur Smith

Those wood doilies are gorgeous and I love the film strip mini album. Awesome!

Jeanette Punches Nelson

Let me list what I DON'T like, since the list is shorter.....um, nope, like that, uh, wait, kraft? LOVE that.......oh, I got nothing! It all looks great!


Your chipboard always wins me over. Love the big butterfly and the autumn shapes. Also love the vintage edge envelopes.


How do you pick just one favortie? The Kraft Calendars, the chipboard Alpha & chipboard Coffee & Tea sets are high on my "must" have list,

Heather Robertson

I love the clocks and the snowflakes


I am totally in love with all the new wood pieces, especially the spools & rulers!!


I adore the Love Banners, but the larger spool has my heart.
Keep up the good work!!

Ann in PA

All of the new chipboard looks like things I have been looking for. How did you know??


I love the wavy banners, the butterfly album, the autumn set, the calenders, and the love banners! I can hardly wait!! Thanks.


Loving the doilies and the kraft calendars!

Erica Hettwer

These are all great! Can't wait to see them in stores!

Jo Ann Glenn

These are all so cool. I must say though that the clock made out of the teapot and all of the other embellishments is pure genius!


my favorite from today's peek... the vintage wood doilies!

Theresa Grdina

The samples are spectacular! Love the new acorn book.


All the kraft products are so vintage good! Like the larger version of the Jonathan Alphabets .

Becs Attwood

Wow - so much good stuff here. I think my favorites today (by a narrow margin) are the skinny spools & the wavy chipboard banners.

Cynthia B.

My favorites are the vintage wood doilies...but oh, there is SO much to love in this sneak peek!


Only 1 favorite??!! Great stuff, love the wood rulers, doilies and snowflakes! Great stuff!


WOW fabulous release! I am loving the the vintage dollies, the teapots, the spools, the mini albums, so many to choose from. Awesome MR! Can't wait to get some of these goodies.

Sandra ltb

Love Banners!
Sandra ltb

Ally White

I am in loooove with the vintage wood snowflakes and doilies! Great new stuff Maya Road!!

Erin Vandervelde

I love the calendar project! Awesome!! Thanks again for the chance to win.


W0w!!! I love the snowflakes on kraft!!! The wooden doilies and rulers are awesome as well!

Jodi e

Ahhhhh the wooden snowflakes, the teapots and clocks certainly caught my eye.

Carol B

Loving those Vintage wood snowflakes!!

Carol B

Audrey Yeager

OK, here are my favs: The wooden rulers, the white kraft snowflakes, and the autumn chipboard shapes!!


Its hard to choose. I like everything! I like the Vintage kraft envelopes and the buttons.


How can I possibly pick a favourite - so many gorgeous things. I do love clocks so maybe the clock faces? It's all fantastic

Kathleen F

Ok I love the wooden snowflakes. They are my dis rat fav. But I love it all!

Katie K.

I love all of your chipboard, can't wait for the cloud set. Once again I must have it all!!

Annette A.

Wow now that is a cool collection of a bag of fun...
Must have...


Only one favourite?! Can't do it. Favourite chipboard: When skies are Grey. Favourite kraft: clocks. Favourite wood: snowflakes. Love it all, really!

Laura Stewart

love all the kraft items!

kristie taylor

OH MY GAWD!!! I LOVE THESE!! there are so many awesome things here!!!I cant wait to get my hands on this goodness!

jen shears

love all of it, of course! the banners & matching chip may be my fave of today's peeks....


maya road, you're killing my pocketbook! how great are those design team examples?!


OMG! I LOVE it all!!!! If I have to choose one thing... I think the tea sets are my favorite, but I love it all!!!!


Love the wood doilies and all the kraft goodies.


Oh gosh, Maya Road never ceases to amaze me. Everything you come up with is pure yumminess! My favourites are the layerable chipboard banners. So versatile and fun!


Oh my!! I do I pick one as my favorite! These is some amazing stuff...I love those spools, the wood doiles and all the kraft goodness :)

Kat H

Loving it all esp. the wooden rulers...love them :)

Jenny A

I love the craft snowflakes and I always a huge fan of the craft envelopes!

danielle brown

So many favourites here!!!! oh my! I esp love the umbrellas and clouds!


June Goh

I would say the wooden rulers or maybe the kraft envelopes.

Mary H.

I adore the Love Banners chipboard and the Soar Butterfly album

stephanie p

wow- everything looks so fun! I'm especially excited about the square coaster mini album & all of the kraft goodness!


my favorite is the butterflies .. but there are so many possibilites with everything..

Melinda Wilson

Kraft Notes and the Clocks!! Woohoo! Love them!

Bonnie S

I can't decide between the Vintage Wood Doilies & the Soar Butterfly Album - love them both! TFS, Bonnie :-)


So VERY hard to choose but my favorites are the vintage edge envelopes, rulers, and butterfly book.


love the rulers and the kraft snowflakes!!

Susan Ahern

I love it all! But my favorite is the coffee and tea sets! Adorable!


OH MY GOSH... the clock faces, calendar months and the chipboard banners and teapots. So much to put on my wish list!!!

Miranda Boels

Simply adore the wooden spools in the three sizes.


I love the spools, the kraft clocks/calendars, the envelopes....everything!!!!

Jacquie D.

Love those vintage rulers and new spools! I cannot wait to find these in my store!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

I am in love with the chipboard teapots. I could use them for every tea party I scrap and cards and ...

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