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July 14, 2011


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Debbie O'Neal

OMG ! I MUST HAVE ONE OF EACH OF THE NEW TRIMS AND TRINKETS ....holy cow, those knit flowers are fantastic !! And the resin flowers and the ...well, all of it !
You are pure genusis at MR !

jen shears

*happy sigh* I couldn't possibly pick a fave- as this is my favorite peek so far- EVERY SINGLE THING!!!!!! :D

Darline W.

So, pretty! Love the shabby chic fabric flowers :)

Pam Perry

My very favorites are the Vintage Lace Daisies and Mums, followed closely by the Mixed Trinket Pins! More Maya Goodness!

Victoria Sturdevant

I love the velvet roses, but I must have the mini bottlecaps!

.:| Angela |:.

Loving all the flowers especially the pearl and beaded centers!

Hannah Butcher

WOW so delicious!!!! Too much yummy stuff!

Leslie Smith

It's a hard choice today. They're all beautiful. Beaded centers, followed closely by tiny doilies and vintage lace daisies would be my 1st purchases.

Jodie R

I LOVE everything! I wish I could of had all these little guys tonight! I know you all are reading these comments so I just want to let you know that the reason I LOVE Maya Road so much is that your products are gorgeous, well made and the perfect compliment to all my crafting needs AND it is so affordable too. I don't have to spend an arm and a leg to make my projects pop! Thank you so much!!


Wow, the Crocheted Doilies, Winter's Knit Roses, Vintage Lace Daisies and the flower bottlecaps are super nice. Pretty pieces to own :)


Without a doubt the flocked resin and the tiny round doilies...true love! :)


all those flowers and the centers and the doilies...just gorgeous!!!

Jayme Loge

How do I NEED these? Let me count the ways: tiny doilies, mini bottle caps, winter's knit roses, velvet resin flowers... I could go on:0)

Annika E

Gorgeous stuff! My absolute fav are the ruffle blossoms! Beautiful!


Those knit red/black and white flowers?!?!?!? SWOON!!!

Cherry Trigg

I love the organza prim roses and the knit roses they are both so beautiful


Flower bottle caps and ruffle blossoms for me pleeease!!

Amanda J

Oh My Goodness!! I seriously don't think I can choose today! I love the velvelt resin flowers, the winter's knit roses, the vintage lace doily daisies, the organza primrose flowers,ummm everything please!!


I think my favorite is the little crocheted doilies, with the raspberry beads a close second! I really love them all though!

Fleur Smith

Love the new bottlecaps :)

Lisa Risser

Love every last bit of this release! My very favorite is the knit flowers--so cozy for winter layouts, especially being from Minnesota--have plenty of snowy photos that they would be perfect for!


Oh my gosh, everything in this post is to die for! It's hard to choose just one fav...but if I really have to, I'd go for the pearl centers. I think those will turn every flower into a fab one:)

Ashley Nguyen Newell

Ohhh so pretty! I love the raspberry beads!

Heidemarie Tyley

You're making it soo hard to choose,I just love the Beaded flowers and the crotcheted mini doilies.


I am so in love with all of these! My favorite new product are the velvet blossoms. OOOOH LALA.


Love the mini doilies, the hat pins, the primrose flowers and of course the beautiful beaded flowers!! stunning!!

Lynda H

LOVE the new flower bottlecaps! Those are going to be fun to play with!!


I like the flower bottlecaps!


I am spellbound looking at those gorgeous pearl flower centers, the knit roses, the most adorable crochet doilies, the flower shaped bottle cap, and the vintage blooms. LOVE


Gorgeous! I really love the flowers & the bottlecaps are so awesome! hugs Marley

Mayol Limson

Everything is yummy and it's so very difficult to choose! If i could, i'd choose them all. My favorites are the velvet resin flowers, trinkets and the bottlecaps. Fantabulous projects by the DT! Love you all! :)

Cassandra Chen

Woo woo woo, I absolutely adore the flower bottlecaps!!:):) Thanks for the chance to win the awesome giveaway:)


Oh i love everything! So sweet!

Vanessa Menhorn

Wow, everything is so beautiful! I need those tiny doilies! Althought I might not want to use them because they are too pretty! The DT did an amazing job!

Karen Lantz

the knit roses are awesome.


Love the doillies

Wendy Crowe

Everything is just gorgeous! I LOVE the flower bottle caps! Sooo cool!!!


I love everything but those knit flowers are awesome! I can not wait to get my hands on some of the new goodies! Thank you for the chance to win!

Jenny A

I love the velvet resin flowers!


I love the crocheted doilies - and the Winter's Knit Roses remind me of my grandmothers snug warm jumpers!


OOh just love the winter's bloom roses and of course the mini doilies! Scrumptious!


Just loving the crocheted doilies. They remind me of snowflakes and would be the perfect accent on a winter wonderland layout!

amy tara koeppel

It's so hard to pick just one product that is my favorite but I do have to say that the Winter's Knit Roses look so inviting. They make me want to reach through the computer screen and feel them. I can't wait to get them! I also can't wait to see all of the DT's projects, they look so amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of these wonderful products! ~Amy Tara~

Jo Ann Glenn

Oh my gosh I love those teeny doilies. So cute and versatile.

karen clark

Always such great products! Looking forward to tulle tomorrow!

Chris Dring

Loving EVERYTHING!!!!! Those tiny crocheted doilies, the Winter's Knit Roses, the tiny bottle caps, the pearl and beaded centers! I'm seriously drooling here! LOL!

Kay Savage

OH HAPPY DAY! Look at all the Maya Road goodies! I love the Raspberry Beads and all the flowers (organza) are awesome! and Pearls are a classic! gotta love 'em! :)

Lara Carson

Love the velvet resin flowers and the little crocheted doilies. Cute as can be!

Jean Marmo

LOVE IT ALL but the winter knit roses are very cool!


Oh my! The winter's knit roses are just delightful.

PF Goh

I love the pearl centers and the bead centers! Fantastic new collection

DeeDee Catron

My favorite from today is definitely the raspberry centers! Pop a little alcohol ink on them and make them any color you want.. PLUS I've heard through the rumor mill that hey come in BULK! BEAUTIFUL!


I love all of the flowers! Can't wait to get them!

Lisa Somerville

Lovin' all the fab findings!

Ella En Marjan Schippers

it is gorgeous, we love it all.


LOVE those floral bottle caps- cute!


It's all yummy but if I HAD to pick a fave I'd say the Velvet Resin Flower! COOOOL!


My favorite was the vintage lace daisies. So cute.

June Goh

pretty dollies are my favorite !

Cresta Woodruff

Be still my heart! the trinkets and trims are my favorite and you have outdone yourselves yet again! Everything is a must have! Those little crochet doilies... OH MY GOODNESS! and the vintage pearl centers, I am in love!


More fun stuff! Love the raspberry beads (I hope those come in colors!) and the little crocheted doilies!

Raechelle Bellus

love the petal bottle caps, doilies, knit flowers, and resins- everything is fabulous!

Mary H.

I like the Winter's Knit Roses.

Tara C

What amazing vintage mums and mini bottle caps!!! I love today's release--- keep it coming!!!

Amy Walker

WOW!!! I am LOVING those Organza flowers and the flocked resin flowers!!! I especially like the Butterfly sample from the design team. (I LOVE anything with butterflies). Thanks for the opportunity!!

April W

Just gorgeous!! My fav is definitely the Organza Primose Flowers...LOVE!
- April W


I'm speechless!

Phyllis M.

Very hard to choose there is so much wonderful stuff. Love the crocheted doilies, pearl centers & the beaded centers too. Love it all.


love all the new goodies, especially the resin flowers!

Heidi German

I love the itty-bitty bottlecaps! It's like last year's giant bottlecaps got together and had babies. :D

Melinda Wilson

My favorites are the Knit Roses! They can be used on so many layouts since they are not frilly!

mary t

definately the velvet resin flowers that you can mist !! too cool!!
mary t


wow what a great selection of really fun goodies. My favorite are the Knit Roses...but I love it all...



Jacquie D.

Love love love this! The velvet resin flowers are to die for!


oh Everything is soooo pretty! I love those ruffly blossoms!!!!

Carol 6158

OMG, I'm in love....and I want at least one of each of those flowers!!!

Holly T.

I love the petal bottlecaps, such great findings today!

kathleen taylor

I love it all! It is very hard to choose a fave. But since you are forcing me ;), I have to choose the raspberry beads! Your stuff is HOT HOT HOT! Thank you for showing us!

Lacey I

LOVELY!!! I love the organza flowers! And resin flowers - so beautiful!!


Love the new knit flowers and those super cute bottlecaps!!! And who could forget the crochet flowers!!! Love it all!!! So beautiful!

Michelle Salazar

I love all the flowers and the oh I adore the bottlecaps I have such a long list!

Bonnie S

I love the Velvet Resin Flowers & that you can mist them - a simply fantastic idea!!! TFS, Bonnie :-)

Carolyn Kropp

I love the mini doilies .....too cute.

Cathy S

vintage lace daisies! Yum!


Thanks for this nice inspiration - love the Butterfly Hanger ... it's great!!!

Beckie Holso

I love the tulle flower you made with the raspberry bead... I will definitely be back tomorrow to see more about that =)


So much beauty!!!

Julie Mitchell

Organza is such a feminine touch to a projet. Everything is gorgeous. I would use many of your products on heritage layouts.

Barbara Falk

Love everything ,but the mini doilies, and the flower bottles tooo cute!
You are amazing Maya road.

Kathleen F

Oh my I love all of this release! I don't think I could pick only one. Wow! The pink heart pins are the best!


LOVE the Crocheted Doilies!!!! And everything else of course...! :)


WOW love the new resin flowers and the heart pins... your new items are overwhelming. Wish I could have one of everything.


This is my favorite reveal post yet! I am so in love with the mini bottle caps, the trinket pins, and the doilies! And the flowers are fantastic!!!!


Oh dear...my wish list gets loooooooooonger by the day. I love the crocheted doilies, knit flowers, vintage lace daisies and of course wicked cute stick pins! You Rock Maya Road!

Bianca G

As usual I love it all but I really like the bottle caps. I can envision so many cool things with those.

Diana B

Well - I think my comment got lost in cyberspace - love the pearl centers - and of course - anything organza - but to just choose one -nope - can't do it.

Mia C.

So love those new Velvet Resin Roses! So pretty!

Jennifer Phillips

The velvet roses and mini bottle caps are precious - I can't wait to get my hands on those!

Deb L

what a lovely bunch of flowers!! And the tiny doilies! I think they're my fav of today! TFS!

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