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July 14, 2011


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Jan Garber

I have just begun using the resin flowers and LOVE them, but the tiny crocheted doilies are too, too cute!


Oh my! Those vintage papwe roses are gorgeous!

Janice V

You want me to pick a favourite !?! That is so unfair, but if I truly could only have one it would be the winter flower - they are so soft looking.


Oh my! I don't know where to start! I LOVE those knit roses and the flower bottle caps! Pearl centers are on the wish list too! Thanks for sharing these sneeks!

Valerie Serfozo

Oh my, I love absolutely everything here! The vintage centers are stunning.


Love the knit flowers and the tiny doilies! Would love the chance to win. Thanks so much!

Toni K

The velvet resin flowers and the little lace doilies are perfect :) Love love love them!

Tifany D.

I love the Crocheted Doilies and the Winter's Knit Roses, but my jaw totally dropped when I saw the Mini Bottlecaps...SO cute!



Those knit flowers look so cozy & cute!

Julie Bonomo

Oh my! Absolutely Love the resin flowers!


Great stuff as always! My favs are the mini bottlecaps-too cute- and the doilies!


I LOVE the Winter Knit Roses!

Gena Fisher

Organza Primrose flowers!!!!!!!! I love the look of those. I also like like the butterfly handing display. That is too cool!

Christy S. aka emeraldvalkyrie

All of the flowers are quite gorgeous!It's hard to choose...but those winter knit flowers really stand out to me as a new and unique product.

Vicki H. in Canada

Crocheted doilies, oh boy--love 'em! :)


Oh! My! they are all so beautiful...can't wait to see them in person

Beth Beery

Love the vintage centers and trinket pins, love all of it! Thanks for the chance to win.

Shelley W.

I have 2 favorites--the knit roses and pearl centers!

Cassie G

Loving the Organza Primose Flowers the most!!

Karla A

I love it all. Really liking the knitted flowers for some Winter coziness, the little velvet flowers and the raspberry centers for some sparkle. I really would use it all today!

Connie Holso

Oooh so pretty...pretty, pretty, pretty! I love the ruffle flowers, and the crochet ones, and the pearly ones, and the bottle caps, and ...oh let's face it, I love it all.

Linda Hahn

Love the new bottle caps and the knit roses are unbelievable!! Also LOVE the new beaded and pearl centers for making gorgeous flowers!! I really can't say which product is my absolute favorite!! Maya Road continues to produce so many top quality products, while keeping prices affordable for all of us!! I sincerley thank you for that!!

Wendy Orme

I love the knit and organza roses. Beautiful!

Kelly Massman

love, love, love the resin flowers

Theresa Martinez

Love the new flowers. i am a bit in love with Daisies so much say favorite but really love all of them they will really make a statement on the pages.Thanks maya roads for your dedication to us.

Ally White

I'm loving all the sneak peeks! I'm so excited to get my hands on some of these new goodies! I loooooove the Crocheted Doilies and the beaded centers. Must haves!

Theresa Grdina

This peek is my favorite! I love the textures! Great stuff!!!

Kim Bosworth

Wow!!! i can't wait to get some of those bottle caps and trinket pins!!! And there is no way to choose a favorite of all of the flowers!!!


oh be still my heart! pick one? u crazy? lol ....ok ok...those resin flowers and the clear rasperries......YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM...would love ALL that you show...your design team rocks! ty for a chance!

Brook Stewart

Loving those little doilies and the organza primrose flowers....everything is amazing as usual!

Isabel Wagner

So many wonderful products! Love the new flower bottlecaps...can't wait to create Christmas gifts with these!


the ruffled blossoms are so ME - thank you!


Loving the flocked velvet flowers that are mist able


I love the licorice knit rose...I love ALL the knit roses and the beaded flowers...Simply GORGEOUS!


Sigh, there are so many pretty things to look at today! I love the gorgeous Raspberry Beads and all the beautiful flowers!!

Samantha T

Oh! I must have those knit roses!

Heather H

I want one of every thing!!!! Actually more than one, but I'd be happy with one of each. Gorgeous!!!! I don't know how you do it, but every release you come up with amazing new flowers --- love the knit ones and the ruffled ones and .... all of them!!!


Love your organza primrose flowers...mmmmm

Paula G

The raspberry beads are to die for! How original!

Jen Clark

Oh my goodness - those velvet resin flowers - LOVE!!!

Elise Smith-Dewey

I think the mini bottlecaps are my favorite along with the tiny crocheted doilies----mini is so cute!


i heart the new mini bottlecaps!

Tina Connolly

Love, love , love it all! Wow, what a stunning collection! The flowers are my favs....all of them!

Jill Norwood

Oh what a lovely bouquet of flowers! Love all the delicious new items in this release! Oh my goodness! I am in MAYA heaven! Hope I win some of these great new products! Thanks for the chance! :)

Jennifer Hansen

Wow, what to choose..........hmmm, love the flowers, any and all!

Rachel Tops

Just one .. seriously? LOL

The tulle trim if i have to pick .. WOW WOW WOW! :)

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Rachel :)

Crazy Debbi

My favorites for the peek are the velvet resin flowers and the vintage paper roses - so beautiful and so versitile being 'mistable'!

Danette Munn

I love the pearl centers.

Laura Stewart

the mini bottlecaps are sweet


i love those doilies!

Amber M

Maya Road does a fabulous job of keeping me on the edge of my scrappy seat ... WOW! Love everything once again, but the Vintage Wood Rulers, Kraft Calendarss, and Love Banners are so cool!!! Thank you for a chance to win!

Iris S

WOO- TOOT AND OMG! I LOVE IT ALL!I adore your doiles, resins and flowers. Actaully I adore all of them!!!!!


My favorites are the Organza Primrose Flowers and the Flocked Roses. Thank you for the chance to win!

Amy Y

Swoon... I'm in love with them all! Especially the bead centers and raspberry centers, SO cool! :)

Denise Bryant

Those tiny crocheted doilies.... can't wait to get some of those! Fab!

Heather Lough

Good gravy--such gorgeous stuff. Love the raspberry beads and the knit flowers. When can I order all this stuff?


Love the flower bottle caps!


I love it all! I so adore flowers made from ribbon, lace, resin - you name it! You guys have soooo delivered!

Deb Routledge

stunning details on all the samples by the DT, love the bottle caps and how they were used!

Kate Blue

the black & white knit roses...super cute!!!!

Andrea B.

I love the vintage centers and the bottle caps. Maya Road always comes out with such great embellishments.

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