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July 14, 2011


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Miranda Boels

Love the organza primrose flowers in all colors!

Melissa Minor

All of these are soooo gorgeous, but I love the Velvet Resin Flowers and the Vintage Lace Daisies and Mums. The creative side of my brain is starting to whir...


So cool!! LOVE all the mistable goodness - so much fun to customize the colours!

tammy k

I always love your trims and findings! Love all of the flowers!

Larissa Heskett

WOW!! THANKS for sharing!! I LOVE it all!! I can't wait to make some fun projects!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

Jean Nielsen

The mini bottle caps! Oh my goodness, they are adorable!


I love everything! If I have to choose - I'd say the Organza Primroses and ruffle flowers are my faves!


I love them all but those knit flowers are my hands down favorite!


The heart pins, and the winter knit roses are my favorites!!!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

I am in love with the doily's and the knitted flowers.


Love the flower centers! They are perfect - I'm loving the rosettes and homemade 3D flowers, so these centers and resin flowers will look gorgeous on fabrics and felt.


aw,, the bottlecaps are just to die for.. so cute!

linda williamson



I saw those velvet roses and knew they would be mistable. Great product!

Wanda Contreras

love everything!!!but the flower centers aare precious!!!
best regards,


Crocheted doilies and flower bottle caps are my favorite for today! I don't know how you keep outdoing yourselves but i'm glad that you do! Thank for the chance to win some of your wonderful products!


Can I combine 2 to make one favorite? If yes, then the Vintage Lace Daisy with the beaded centers? So many great things to choose from . . .

Sandy Ang

So much that's wonderful. I love the idea of mistable resin flowers. But my fav has to be the mini crochet doilies


So much to pick from, I love it all!

Angie Boswell

So many lovelies. Your trims are beautiful and look like so much fun to use.

Diana Fisher

I love the mix of heart and pearl pins as well as the crochet flowers. All of it is amazing!!

Jessica Toulmin

I love those Organza Primose Flowers. I do also like the little Crocheted Doilies and Vintage Lace Daisies and Winter's Knit Roses. So many beautiful embellishments here.


The organza primrose flowers and the ruffle blossoms in ivory! So pretty!

Becs Attwood

Loads more fun stuff here. Love the teeny tiny doilies and but I think the knitted roses are my favorite - so unique.


I adore the Knit roses! Totally lovely!


Gorgeous stuff! Those velvet resin roses and the mini bottle caps are my must haves.


Love tender pins, love beads flowers, Love doilies BUT I could made pretty and tiny crochet doilies and even trims :):):)

Jenny McGee

Gorgeous new products. Love them all, but my faves are the beaded pearl flowers and the crocheted doilies. so pretty. Thanks for a chance to win.

rebecca keppel

I could NOT pick one! The pearls and beads, new flowers, doilies and cute pins! Love it all!

Mel H

Oh it's all beautiful, but the Velvet Flowers....mistable! Wow!


Pretty little things! Love those raspberry beads!

Bethany E.

Crocheted doilies are my fave!


I just love those little bottle caps! They are so stinking cute!

Cynthia B.

So many gorgeous items!! My favorites are the beaded centers and the crocheted doilies. And shucks, the vintage lave daisies and mums are beautiful too! Thanks for these amazing products- can't wait to see them in person.


Those tiny doilies and the flower bottle caps are my faves, but goodness, there is so much to love here!

Katie K.

The vintage pins are one of my favorites!!

Carol Douglass

Wowser, what beautiful flower embellishments. I love the lace daisies. The projects made with the new product are gorgeous, thanks for sharing your wonderful products and talent.

Mary Staveness

I really like the Organza Primose Flowers, Vintage Lace Daisies and Vintage Lace Mums!


I'll take these any day over real flowers from the hubby!!!


Kim M

I was going to say the knit roses until I saw the organza flowers, those are sooo incredibly beautiful!

Erica Hettwer

Love the organza flowers!!!


Beautiful creations! Love the crocheted doilies & the raspberry beads are really unusual :)

Jeanne Kelly

Yikes the vintage lace poinsettias are amazing! I love the new flower centers too
oooh I can see now, my purse is going to be pretty empty - but my heart will be full with goodies!!


ooh!! hmmmmmmmn.......
It would have to be.............


the vintage mums!! But gosh how does one choose! You know this is going to be the dilemma when its in a shop and its time to buy!!!


Everything is so beautiful! I really love those new knit flowers & bottlecaps! Can't wait to see more.


My favorite would have to be all the beautiful flowers and the crocheted doilies!

Heather Robertson

I love the mini crocheted doilies and knit flowers


Raspberry beads and beaded centers! Can hardly wait! Thank you!


Trinket Flowers, Vintage Findings are the best!!!!!!!! So beautiful and the color tones are all my favorite colors..........visions of sugar plums are dancing thru my mind, creating beautiful artistic creations..........

Carol B

Simply gorgeous! Love the vintagy feel of all these trimmings!

Carol B


Well well well, please excuse me while I get myself together here :) So many awesome things...i can't wait! My fav was the little mini bottle caps...but now I realize it may just be the velvet resin flowers :)

Lisa P

Love the ruffly blossoms and the knit ones. There are so many amazing ones!

Kelly Sas

Oh my budget will be spent all on this new Maya Road release! My fav; Raspberry Beads, Winter's Knit Roses and Ruffle Blossoms. These can't come out fast enough!


knit flowers...and the tiny doilies....

Debbie Painter

Everything is so Beautiful!! I love it ALL!!!!

Laura Lefavor

The bottle caps are too cute! Love everything!

Andrea MacDonald

WOW!!!! I am in love with everything but those mini bottle caps are calling my name : )


Love the flowers!

Jessica Canham

I love it all! But especially the pearl and beaded centers and the flocked roses and tiny doilies.


They are all gorgeous but I think my favourites are the Pearl Centres and Beaded Centres.


I love the pearl centers!

Karen Rice

Winter's Knit Roses, and New flower bottlecaps were my favorites this time! I'm going to be investing in Maya Road this season!

karen keiper

definitely thevelvet resin flowers. swoon...


One if each please. Or how can we just buy one. I am getting creative thoughts with all these gorgeous products

Mary Anne Perlmutter

Wow, there are too many cool products to pick just one. I like the bottle caps and knitted roses.


I want them all, but the Winters Knit Roses are my very fave!

Teryl McKenzie

It is all just divine but I think my favourites are the mini doilies and the knitted roses, just gorgeous!


Really love the mini bottlecaps and flower bottlecaps!! They are great!

Nicole Doiron

I just LOVE the Winter's Knit Roses!!! But really, every single product is just awesome! Maya Road, you have outdone yourself! :)

Sophie  Bennett

I just love all the new trinkets and flowers, I know they will just add that extra Wow factor to every mini book and page I create.Can't wait to get me some!

Joanie G

I aabsolutely love the mini doilies and the bottle caps place a good second! Thank you for this terrific blog and wonderful new products!



Oh my....this has to be one of my favourite sneeks - findings and trims!!! So perfectly done! I cannot wait to get my hands on these!!!

karen t

Gorgeous additions to the Maya family!! My Fav's are the crocheted doilies and the pearl and beaded centres.... more awesome goodness to anticipate finding it's way home for much happy Play.

Clare Dempsey

I love those vintage knit roses! And I was bound and determined not to buy anything because I have a large stash, but everything you have debuted is on my wish list! Way to be trend forward and stand out! Thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

Laura Ashcraft

Love them all especially the beaded flowers! I love the butterfly bloom!


I love the resin flowers and paper roses.

Lorrie Everitt

how to pick just one ... love everything ... I've got it down to the large primrose flowers or the bottle caps - yikes, can't pick one!

Michelle Hernandez

Raspberry beads, the pins (as always) and the crochet doilies are on my faves list- really love the selection this season!

Judith Aitken

My favorite today is the flower bottle cap. also love the pearl centered and bead centered one.

Amy Gustafson

Love the pearly, beaded flowers!


knit, organza and lace...how is a girl to decide??? I love them all!!

Traci Severson

In love with the pearl centers. So vintage looking and perfect for flower centers. All the new lovelies are just lovely!


Love all these but espeially the crohet dollies.


Loving the vintage look of the pearl centers. I dig the metal flower bottle cap and the mini bottle cap too!

Dana K

I love the bottle caps.


The Winter's Knit Roses caught my attention more than I thought they would! My daughter is on her way to college - those bottle caps would come in handy!

Kathy P

Today was an easy pick for me! I love those knit roses....especially the red ones! Unlike anything else out there! A must have for me....along with so many other things from today's post--heh heh.

Angela Prieto

All the flowers are awesome!!!


The Winter Knit Roses are so beautiful!!


LOVE the pearl/bead centers and the knit flowers!

Stephanie S.

I really like the Vintage centers. But I have to say I love it all.

Nikki Brown

very pretty!

Doris Widder

I can't pick just one, so my favorites are the Crocheted Doilies, the Velvet Resin Flowers and the Vintage Lace Daisies! Gorgeous! :-D


I am loving the winter's knit roses! I can see using them to decorate my scrap room, as well as my wardrobe!

f lynn rush

i especially like the beaded centers. i really like everything about this release!

Kathleen Hodgins

Wow - my favourite is definitely the knit rose....stunning!!


the winter's knit roses have to be my favorite!!


Really like the organza primrose flowers! Why can we only pick one thing we like? Lol. I love it all especially pearl centers and beaded centers, more elegant than putting buttons in the center.


REally lovely! I especially like the pearl and clear flower centers. So beautiful!


I love them all, but love the winter's knit roses.

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