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November 17, 2011


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It's so hard to pick just one favorite!! I think I'm going to have to say my fave would have to be the Vintage Embellishment Bits Pack. Everything in it looks so gorgeous! And you get a little bit of everything. Thanks for the chance to win!

susan schultheis

I love chipboard, but I think my fave from this release would have to be embellishment packs. I can get a little bit of everything. Looks great and would love to play with everything in the pack. Thanks.

Norma Taylor

My fave is the heart shaped bottle cap. No, it's the chipboard tab book. No, its the button straight pins. No, it's the canvas shapes....

Carole Miller

I LOVE the velvet pleats and coordinating ribbon bands. They are so soft and pretty looking.

Marilyn Harris-Mills aka Maer

I love them all...once I win I'll be excited to make new Maya creations!


I love it all, but my top three favorites (sorry I can't narrow it down to one item) are the heart bottle cap tins, the art journaling stamps, and the embellishment pack!!!

Susan Blakeley

That chipboard looks like fun! It's just begging me to paint it, stamp on it, and rough it up!

Tina Walker

WOW...so many yummy new things...I think the vintage button pins and tulle ribbon are my faves! I MUST have these! thanks for the giveaway!

Vanessa Wachlin

Well, I really like the Art Journaling Words and Spool Sentiments Stamps!! And anything canvas, then again I love your velvet flowers and anything chipboard! It's real hard to pick just one thing to be my favorite! I'm really drawn to the scallop envelopes too :)

~Vanessa Wachlin

Shari walker

They are all awesome,but I lean towards all the new trims,so yummy....

Tifany DeGough

Beautiful new goodies! I <3 Maya Road and it is SO hard to pick just one thing. I know you didn't share it in this post, but the new ticket strips are looking fabulous. I have the mini version and love them! (And I hope you'll make the big on in transparency!)
I LOVE the velvet ribbons...and the chipboard alphas and the books, too.
So. much. good. stuff.

Rene Mewes

I love the heart shape bottlecap. So many options! Any the velvet ribbon is great. Looking forward to seeing everything in the stores.

Rene' Mewes

Denise Daniel

Oh, so many wonderful new items with which to create! My favorite is the Spool Sentiments Stamps. Could use them for cards, books, layouts, and tags. :D

Vicki Clark

I really love the spool sentiments stamps,but it's hard to pick because it's all so nice!


OOOO new Maya goodies!!! So excited for the Pink Tulle ribbon and the spool stamps- can't pick which one is my fave- both are equally fabulous!


I cannot wait to play with all of the new Maya Road goodies! They just call me to head to my studio and play!


Just ONE favourite????? Hmmm......I'll pick the embellishment pack. Love the mix of it but everything else is wonderful too!!

Kelly Massman

You make it hard to make a decision! Everything looks like fun! I think my favorite is Velvet Pleats - Cream and Red!!! thanks for a chance to win!
And, have a GREAT day!


I am totally needing those owls - whether they are kraft or canvas -- gotta have 'em! Okay .. and I really like the idea of those embellishment packs! Hope I can find some of those as well!


WOW this post is packed with MUST have goodies... LOVE the peek!!!!! I can imagine a lot of great things I would make with the ribbon, lace, pins, tulle, owls and ILOVE THAT STAMP SET!!!!!!!!


Oh my...looks like a lot of fun to be had here. I love the bottle caps, but the owls and embellishment pack are 'must haves'!

f lynn rush

iuf i had to choose one, i would like to have the chipboard frames. they can be so versitile by using different colors. thank you for the opportunity to win.

Claudia Morris

My favorite is the canvas owls. They are adorable, and I've never played with canvas before :).

Livia Brundage

I love everything so its hard to pick one, but since you insist I must say its the scroll corners. Love them and I can imagine using them on a few projects. Thanks for a chance to win such a cool prize!

Michelle Salazar

I can not pick just one did you not see all those pretty new products? I love the heart who would not. T hen again the spools are so wonderful and woud adore having them to use.

Diane Miller

The heart tins are my absolute favorite! Reminds me of the tarts my son's class made last year.


So much to love, it's hard to choose. There's Art Journaling Words Stamp Set, Spool Sentiments Stamps, the embellishment packs and Tulle Pleated Ribbon. Can't choose just one.

Valerie Bishop

I love the embellishment bits pack. I hope you decide to make lots of those because I love getting lots of little bits of things! Everything is really gorgeous!


my favorite is a tie between the journaling stamps and embellishment packs!!! LOVE them both and would LOVE to win!!! I just love your products. <3

Sandy  L

Oh my goodness! I am in LUV with the Velvet Pleats! Of course, I like a lot of other stuff... like the ribbons, the lace, the landscape Chipboard book... and the list goes on and on! Great release!


I love the vintage button pins. What a great idea :)
So much great stuff! I don't know how you guys do it!


The emblishments pack rocks, I love the new trims, chipboard scrolls and the words clear stamps. Thanks for the chance to win awesome products.

mary t

love it all but if I had to choose it would be the vintage button pins !! how cute are they!!
mary t


The vintage button pins are awesome! Would enjoy winning this giveaway. AJ@queenofmynest

Jessica K

There is so much to love, not sure I can pick just one. Loving the scroll frames, vintage button pins and the lace. It would all be so fun to work with!


my favorite... the limited edition embellishment packs. When it comes to Maya Road though, I love it all truthfully. I always love your items.

Aline Heck

I could ues Tulle Ribbon I dont have any of thatI could use
the spool sentiments stamps I love all of it I so want to play with it they are all so yummy:) thanks

Marilynn Michau

again love it all - you never seem to run out of idea
and that is super - thanks and have a great Happy

Roxie Griffith

Wow, those are some beautiful embellishments. I love those velvet pleats. They are beautiful

Kate Marrs

I love the embellishment pack and the vintage lace, although it's hard to pick one...or two. Thanks!

Lara Walker

Oh so cute! I love the heart tarts and button pins! How stinkin' cute. Great job designers wth the projects!

Stephanie H.

You guys are killing me! I am trying to be "good" in light of the fact that Christmas is just around the corner and now this - TEMPTATION (yes, in all caps!)!

I love the landscape binders. I have so many projects on my list that this would be perfect for. Oh, and then there are the Spool Sentiments Stamps and those owls, thos flippin' adorable owls! Again, you're not making it easy for this gal to behave.

Robyn C

They are all gorgeous, but I definitely LOVE the velvet flowers. :)

Thanks so much!

Anayeli Lopez

ohhhhhhh those heart tart bottle caps and owls are JUST PRECIOUS!!!!! Just in time for Valentine crafts!! I'm crossin' my fingers!!!!


LOVE the spool stamps and the embellishment packs!!

Nikki Brown

OMG! I can't pick just one thing. . . .please please please Santa bring me one of everything!!!

Cresta Woodruff

The embellishment packs... oh, and the art journaling words, it's so hard to pick just one favorite. I love Maya Road!

Cheryl McKinney

The embellishment pack looks SO fun . . . and makes me just want to CREATE!! Thanks, Maya, for again offering such awesome products for us to enjoy!

Lisa Magee

I am loving the timeless memories stamp square I would have to say its my favorite. But everything else looks amazing as well.

Laura Medeiros

those velvet pleats are gorgeous!

Laurie Raiche

I love the embellishment Maya Road creates. I like the embellishment pack and also the owls. Can't wait to make something with them.

Kris Martinez

It's a definite tie between the button pins and the embellishment pack - checking with my favorite store to see when they will have them!


love the art journaling words!

Jennifer Dinsmore

One word 'WOW' It's so hard to pick just one item but if I have to it would be the Embellishment Pack. There is a little bit of scrappy goodness packaged in those packs with a million possible uses!


Oh, the new release is super! But my fave item would be any of the chipboard pieces...especially the Patti alphabet! Your chipboard items are THE BEST!

beatrice lawson

Love the velvet pleats - gorgeous! also the embellishment pack with Xmas themed goodies, wow! Can hardly wait!

Cheryl S.

I'm loving the embellishment packs, there are so many inspiring pieces. Great new products.

Jessica Toulmin

My fav would have to be the chipboard scrolls, or the krafty owls, or the velvet pleats ... what a hard choice to make, it's all wonderful!


I love it all for creating cards! The "Art Journaling Words Stamp Set" is a favorite of mine...
Many thanks, Cindi

Lucy K.

Hands down, my favorite new items is the Heart Tart Tin Bottlecaps! They are so cute and I have so many ideas on what to do with the :)


oh my! i have 2 favorites - the vintage embellie pack and the words stamp set. i have to honestly say that i think you'll probably be persuaded to make the mixed embellie pack a staple...it's gonna be BIG!



I'm loving the velvet pleats,embellishment packs,but best of all is the spool sentiments stamp for me. Thanks for the great products.

Tran Polizzi

DAH!!! I *heart* them all!!! :-D

Sharon Peele

Wow, Love all the goodies, but by far, the Heart Tart Tin Bottlecaps is my favorite!!

Sesil Cratin

I love the art journaling words. And then a close second would be the scroll corners I love chipboard! Way to go Maya Road.


How exciting! I really like seeing the new items you've added and it is hard to choose just one as a favorite. But I think I'd have to choose the heart tart tin bottle cap. It is so cool! Congratulations on the new release!

Tracy J

You just keep coming back with more fabulous goodies. I adore those heart bottle caps, and the velvet ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win!


All the new items are fabulous! The button pins and the collection are my favorite though!

Carol Peh

Love all Maya Road items. Congra for the new release.


I LOVE it all but since I have to pick just one thing the embellishment packs are it (just don't tell the rest of the new release that ;) )

Joy Thornborough

Wow.. what great pieces! What the best part of this is .. the chance to win $35.00 worth of these neat pieces! I feel my creative juices flowing with anticipation of possibly winning some of these! Whoo Hoo! Thanks Maya Road .... <3!


The spool sentiment stamps are my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

Joy Thornborough

If I had to pick a fav ... it would be hard cause there are so many great products that you have in your new collection! I love the hearts & the words. Thanks again for the chance to win! Love it!

Connie Walsh

I am looking and drooling at all the new goodies. I love so many of them. If I had to chose something over the others, I would choose the chipboard. I love the book that is coming out and the chipboard shapes. I guess next would be the ribbons...oh, I could go on and on about everything. thanks for a sneak peak.


wow...great looking products. i really like the scroll corners and scroll frames and that variety pack. i hope to find some in my local store!!


It's hard to decide but I think I like the art journaling words best......and the velvet pleats!

Sandie Luck

The Vintage Embellishment Kit looks like it offers a fun variety of embellies!!! Always love to have little trinkets on hand to add to any project in the making!
Thank you for a sneak peek and what we have to look forward to in your new collection!

Christine Johnson

I love the velvet pleats and bands and the scroll corners, but my favorite is the heart tart tin bottlecaps. Thanks for the chance to win such wonderful things.


I love the flowers! And I HAVE to make wreath like that yarn and flower one! I drool everytime I see it :)

Lois Medeiros

I'm simply amazed with all the new ribbons. Truly love the Tulle Pleat ribbons for use with my mini albums and girly scrapbook pages.

Erica Lasham

I love the spool sentiment stamps.

Joanie G

I know you have heard this a million times already but I truly do love them ALL but since I have to pick my very best one would be the Viintage embellishment Pack cuz you offer so many terrific things in one pack! I just can't wait to get them all!! My Thanks for your generosity.
I love Maya Road!

Kathleen Ford

Oh my this is awesome as hard as it is to pick between all these great products. But I really love the vintage button pins. Love the sneak peek!!

Glenda Cotnam

Just bought the Tulle Pleated Ribbon yesterday and can't wait to make some flowers!!

Glenda Hart

I am in love with the Timeless Memories Stamp Square. Although its so hard to choose with such fabulous choices.


Such a nice collection! I really like the vintage stick pins.


I can't choose just one. I love the spool top stamps, the owls, & I'm always a sucker for your trims.


I NEED one of the embellishment kits and I love those button pins!!


Embellishment Packs and canvas trim are my favs.


Oh My Goodness...The Heart Tart Tins are so Adorable!! I can't wait to get those. Also love the spool sentiment stamps and the Limited Edition Embellishments packs. Oh and for sure the Very Fun Vintage Button Pins They are so Cute. (I knew I couldn't pick just one...)
Thanks for the chance at the drawing.


i love the new embellishment pack, it has some of everything and i really love that.

Kim H

wow all of them are wonderful. but I think my favorite would be the vintage embellishment bits pack. it has so many cool little tidbits. thank you for the chance to win.

Kate aka stinkydudette

I've always loved MR Chipboard pieces and I still do! But the embellishment pack is definitely something!! Love the new release...


i love that landscape binder!!!

Suzette Lee

I can't just pick one great new thing but loving that new embellishment pack, vintage button pin and WOW to the heart tart tins.

Coco Pepper

I love Maya Road and I love ribbon and owls. I really like the hearshaped bottle caps too. so you see, it is hard to pick! Thanks fir the chance to win! You guys rock!

Debbie Painter

I Love the Heart Tart Tin Bottle caps & The Button Stick Pins!!! All of your New Items are Great, as always!!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

Nancy F

Really - you want me to pick just one??? I love the new chipboard album, ribbon and the embellishment packs. But my favorite are the stamps. They make great backgrounds and I can think of hundreds of different ways to use them. Another great release from Maya Road!!!!


What a great new release I love owls and embellishment pack with so cute snowflakes

yvette whittaker

I love them all, I don't think you have ever made anything I didn't want!

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