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November 17, 2011


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Wendy Schoonhoven

Love all the new stuf but the Spool Sentiments Stamps are by far my favorite!!

Megan SkrapPrincess Campbell

I am loving the Spool Sentiments Stamps, they look fabulous. I do love it all, can't go wrong with Maya Road products - ever.

Shannon Sawyer

So far from what I see, the "Vintage Embellishment Bits" is my new fav. I mean how great is that, you get a little bit of everything and just by looking at what is in the container, I'm guessing that you can make all those embellishments go a long way. That was an awesome marketing idea!

Judy SG

So difficult to choose just one favorite - but the item here that really caught my attention is the Embellishment Pack with the wooden snowflakes and the wire flowers - they would be so much fun to work with!

Nichole Bruno

LOve Owls! Perfect for fall season. That mini is a must! Great as always! Oh and great work, I love all the demos!

Nichole Bruno

Oh yeah I want the chipboard circles with the stamps! Can you say Holiday Cards?
mmmmmuuuuaaahhh love it!

Stacy Caddy

I want them all.....If I have to pick just one it would have to be the embellishment packs...


I love the new Velvet Pleats, they're just gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful packet!
Love from Switzerland

ruth tacoma

Oh the mixed embellishment pack for sure! :) Love it!

Cheryl H.

I love everything, especially the chipboard mini book!


Wow so much happiness in one post I can't take it! For me the embellishment bits are screaming to be played with. Super love iit all. Man do I love you guys!


gorgeous new additions...I love everything..but especially the embellishment pack! :)

Kathy Bumb

I love all your new products, but especially the velvet flowers and the velvet ribbon - they would look so special as the holidays approach. All your products are so beautiful and equally sturdy. Good Work!

Paper Pile Kitten

So many beautiful things! The stamps are awesome!

Cindy Andrews

I love all of the new releases. But, my favorite, is the embellishment pack!


I think the pack with multiple embellishments is a wonderful idea!!
I love MAYA ROAD!! Your products are awesome.

Shanda Harrington

They all look awesome but the heart bottle caps really catch my eye.


Tulle ribbon! Seems like it would be very versatile without adding much bulk. The creativity is really my favorite element, but apparently that can not be bottled & sold...DARN! :)

Jasmine Ford

So many great new releases!! I love the canvas lace wallet the spool sentiment stamp sheet and those velvet trims...everything is so gorgeous!!

Lynn Mercurio

All these are awesome embellishments, but that little Embellishment Pack is my fav only because you get so many different bits of Maya Road awesomeness all in one package!


Ohh, gorgeous. I can't narrow it to one, really loving the owls and clocks, the heart tin is fantastic and anything velvet I just love. So many ideas going through my head now. But really, I love everything. Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies.


You've got my creative juices flowing, endless possibilities... first I'll shop then I'll sketch out a few card ideas. Thanks :)

Virginia Menchaca

Love your embelishment packs! Will definitely go to my LSS looking for these.



Beautiful - all of them! Love those velvet ribbons and pleats, the chipboard, and the rest but I absolutely must have- the spool sentiment stamps!

Clare Dempsey

I love the velvet rosettes! Thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

Ann Marie

Oh man -- how do you choose? LOVING the cushy velvety flowers ..... and I heart those owls!!! Lot and lots of owls!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


WOW!!!!! I love it all but the spool stamps are my favorite!!!! Thank you for the chance to win some of your awesome stuff!


I love everything, but the chipboard book is by far my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win some new goodies.

Cathy L.

Ok, this is some fun stuff. I'm thankful that my LSS carries all of your products so that I'll get them all!!

Love the Sentiment stamps. I do believe they are my fav.!

Keep up the good work!


I am really loving the tulle ribbon, how cute and different!


in love with the spool sentiments stamps. i've saved all my grandmothers old wooden thread spools, as well as mine, and those stamps would be the perfect end caps for them - i see ornaments and custom pincushions in my future!

Carol Levesque

The embellishment mixed pack is genius! Love it. Also love love love the art journaling words!


Pick just one... hhhhmmmm that's hard. It's a toss up between the velvet ribbons and the vintage button pins. But everything is really gorgeous. Thanks for a chance to win.


eek! I gotta have that embellishment pack! thanks for the chance to win!


i love the landscape binder!


Everything is sooooo wonderful,but I'd have to say that the heart shaped bottle caps got me drooling. Your bottle caps are the bomb!

Theresa Grdina

WOW! The Art Journaling Stamps...FOR SURE! LOVE THEM!!! (I also love the spool stamps, too!!)

Helen Tilbury

I adore that new stamp set! The word one!!

Carolyn Kropp

I LOVE the velvet ribbons and vintage metal heart tart tins.


That new embellishment pack is awesome! What fun that would be to play with! I also love the Art Journaling Words stamp set. So versatile!

Lucie Hale

I love the lace! It is gorgeous and so versatile. It perfectly fits my shabby chic style!


Oooh - it's all beautiful, but I'd pick the pleated tulle trim - it's delicious!


I love them all but my favorite is the Vintage Embellishment Bits Pack.


I can't decide which one is my favorite ... I love them all ... The embellishment pack is awesome ! Thanx for the chance to win !

Jill B

Everything is so pretty! I love the Kraft Collection. The tickets rock!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

OMG, I love the embellishment packs!! And, of course, I love everything kraft! So much goodness!! :)


the embelishment packs are genius--definitely a fave!! I love that you get a sample of various MR goodies--that way you know what you need to have more of!!

Nicole Doiron

OH MY! What a gorgeous bunch of new releases!!! I love everything, but i especially love the Lutte Pleated Ribbon and the Vintage Button Pins! Got to get me some of those for sure!!! And i have to say that the Embellishment Packs are great - hoping to get my hands on one too :) Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!


I am in love with the vintage button pins!!! Those are seriously fantastic! And the embellishment packs are fabulous!

Jessie G

My favorite new release would be the chipboard binders! So many things I could do with these!

Peggy Allen

All the new products are great but if I had to pick my favorite it would be the Spool Sentiment Stamps.

Dana K

I love the scroll corners and the embellishment packs.

Lisa Somerville

So many wonderful new products! Love the Heart Bottle Caps, Vintage Button Trinket Pins and Embellishment Pack!

Jean Marmo

Loving it all but my fave are the owls! Thank you for a chance to win!

Tanya Phenis

I love it all so much!! Those embellishment packs are probably my favorite.. I need it all though - good thing Christmas is coming!!

Thanks for the chance to win, that would be pretty awesome.. :)


Ooo yummy! Hard to pick just one but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the spool sentiment stamps! I think I MUST have! :D thanks for sharing!

Cele Schaffer

My fav is the embellishments box of Maya goodies! What I could do with that!


Love the embellishment pack and the gathered tulle. Thanks for a chance to win.


ooooooh you had me at heart tin!

April Derrick

Oh my word - I have not been this excited about a new release in a while! I love love love the new Kraft owls, but I absolutely can not wait to make something with the heart bottle caps! I have been making magnets and ornaments with the regular 3" ones all year and the heart ones are just terrific!!

Cim Allen

WOW, it's hard to pick just one .. I love them all. But I think the vintage button pins would have so many possibilities .. and the tulle ribbon is awesome, the lace, the chipboard .. Ahhhhh way too many good things.. Awesome job Maya Road !!!!! You rock !

Pam Ramesh

These all look so lovely that it is difficult to select 1 favorite amongst them. But if I have to under duress I would say the limited edition embellishment pack.

Christa S

I just love the embellishment packs. I also really like the velvet ribbons and flowers.


Wonderful release!, I really like the Art Journaling Words and Spool Sentiments Stamps!!Also love the heart bottlecaps and the embellishmet assortment...well, It's hard to pick just one thing to be my favorite! hugs, Frances.

Charlene K.

I love and want it all!! With that said, I really like the new embelishment packs...looks like we will be able to do a lot with that goodie. The new tulle ribbon will brighten a special gurlie page. Those heart shaped bottle caps will make great charms. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of these new goodies!! Good luck to us all.

Bella Visser

Oh wow!! Such absolutely stunning new products... one could impossibly pick a favourite!! I totally adore your Vintage Button Stick Pins, Krafty Owls in White, Canvas Lace Wallet and Ruffle Edge Trim in yummy Chocolate Brown - I just HAVE TO have it ALL!!!! It would be so awesome to win this prize, thanks for the chance :0) I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Bella Visser from sunny Cape Town, SA


I have to agree with everyone here, there is so much goodness here to pick just one! I have a long standing love affair with Maya Mist and your chipboard and ribbon but I have to say the trinket packs are the bomb!!! Thanks for a chance to win!


I love the scroll corners. All of your products are always difficult to select as a favorite. I just like Maya Road stuff. It makes me happy!

Amber M.

I LOVE the scroll corners and frames, the velvet pleats are GORGEOUS, and I NEED to have one of the limited-edition embellishment packs! So many new fabulous MR products ... yummmmmmmy! Thank you for the chance to win.

jen harrison

I am in love with the kraft and canvas owls! Another great release!

Lisa Ciaravino

To pick one favorite is hard !!!! My first choice would be the embellishment pack.


As always, lots of fun new products!! Loving the Art Journal Stamps. The words are perfect and I can't wait to try out art journaling... seeing such beautiful creative work.


Embellishment packs---love the variety in them

Amanda J

Everything is fabulous! I would have to say my favs are a toss up between the heart tins and the vintage embellishment pack! Thanks for the chance!

Wanda H

I'd absolutely love to win!!! This whole collection is wonderful... the metal heart tins, the button stick pins, trims, and I love the art journaling words!!!

Heather H.

I NEED those scroll corners and velvet flowers :)

Becky Helwig

I LOVE all the velvet trims and pleats!! Thanks for giving us a chance to win some....


I adore the button pins, landscape binder, and tulle ribbon. Thank you for the chance to win...you never make choosing easy!

janet Lomajan

OH MY GOSH! I love it all! But my favorite has to be the kraft owls! Sorry but I must leave this post and go get some for one of my dear friends because she must have them! =D Janet

Sharri Reeves

Anything velvet is my favorite. But the cute heart bottle caps and embellishment pack are awesome too. Thanks for the chance to get some of these goodies.

Leah B.

Hard to chose just one because I love them all!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Gerrie Johnnic

My heart is racing for these fabulous new goodies thump thump, I need them all and want them now. How adorable.

Rosemary Brooks

Love it all, but i think the embellishments packs are a great ideal. I end up using a embellishment only once or twice and have a lot of leftovers so the mixed packs would really work well for me.


Oh, such awesome goodness, my mouthwas dropping at the scrappy eye candy:))
the owls are to die for!!!!!!


I love those embelishment packs!! what a great way to sample a lil bit of everything.

Laurie Baker

How craft room could be Maya Road store! We love everything y'all do so much!!!!!! Really love the snowflake stuff!


Everything is awesome and if I had to pick just one it would be the embellishment pack (the tulle pleated ribbon is pretty cool too)! :)

Lara Carson

That frame project is maazing! I adore the chipboard scallopped circles and the spool sentiment stamps are on my Christmas list!

Lura Brown

wow, how hard it is to pick just one thing.....i love it all!! but if i have to pick one i would say the embellishment kits, they look like they are packed full of fun and inspiration. would love to win anything! and thank you so much for the opportunity as finances for goodies are tight.


Everything is just so darling!
MR never disappoints!


Impossible to choose just one, the Embellishment Pack are my fave, the perfect accessory for every project. Also, very smitten with the tulle ribbon! Fantastic winter release!


Love the embellishment pack and stamps! Ohhhh, I need a job!!!

marie sierra

the landscape binder! very neat-o! already thinking about what i could do with that!

Eileen Doane

I think I am liking the pleated tulle ribbon!!!

sanrda E

Love the embellishment packs! I am addicted to embellishments and what a great way to get a fix!


I love it all but the Landscape album has to be my favorite. The possibilities are endless and I already have a project in mind for it.

Angela Fehr

The Miscellany pack is awesome! And velvet trims, mmmm!

Diane A.

Just found out about MAYA and I love it. I love the card idea with the little girl and Bliss, it's my maiden name so I love anything Bliss!

Holly T.

You want us to pick one favorite out of at least 35? This is really hard. But I think for me it is a tie between the heart bottlecap and the embellishment pack-so many ideas come to mind.


I love the Vintage Embellishment Bits Pack! thanks for a chance to win!!

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