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November 14, 2011


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Barbara Staradumsky

I found the Alterable Canvas Valise on pininterest! I am going to make this! Awesome!

Gin B

I find lots of inspriation for Maya road products on both Facebook and Youtube I had never visited Pininterest before, but really loved the Maya Road House by Aida Haron

Nancy F

I always go to YouTube first to see what people have created with your products. There are so many choices and so many talented people out there. I love your products and how versatile they are

Diane Miller

I find so many great ideas on Pinterest!


Yep - I absolutely LOVE the "Naughty or Nice" layout by Patty Rogers! Now I need to look through all my photos through the years...


Wonderful inspiration in the Maya Road products really loved the bloom where you are planted butterfly project - fabulous!


I enjoyed finding inspiration on your facebook photos page. I'm new to Pininterest too,i am looking forward to visiting often..thanks!!

Mary Brown

I found a slew of inspiration on scrapbook.com, flyingunicorn.com, facebook, scrapsofdarkness.com. With so many places to look now a days inspiration is hard not to find on such an amazing product! I just LOVE everything MAYA ROAD!!

Dixie L. Climer

I have watched many a YouTube videos using Maya Road products, colors are so bright and vivid. That's what I like is the colors.

Nikki Brown

Pinterest + Facebook + UTUBE = Major Maya Road INSPIRATION!!!! LOVE IT!!

Bente Fagerberg

There are so many great ides to be found and be inspired by on Pinterest.I want to make it all!!


I have been following you on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and, of course, right here on the blog! Your products themselves are inspirations but to see them put to use really gets the creative mojo going!

jackie s

I find so much on the Facebook page and the blog. So many creative ideas. SO many creative ideas, I don't know where to start

Carissa Squires

I have found inspiration on Facebook and Pinterest. I absolutely love all of the projects posted on Pinterest, so many beautiful things

amanda holmes

I found my inspiration on pinterest. I love it!!


I loved all of the great ideas on Pinterest!!!


I found some inspiration on Pinterest! Love Maya Road products!!!

Cindy Pittman

Pinterest shows your awesome ideas, as well as facebook and of course your blog. Love getting the message that something new has been posted - tons of inspiration!

Jessica Bailey

I love the photos on your facebook page and the blog posts here on your site!

Debbie L. L.

Pinterest...love all the ideas!


I found inspiration on the facebook page!

Jenifer Meagher

Maya Road products are truely original and one of a kind, where don't you find inspiration with their line? I have never been to pininsterest before but and happy to check it out.

Eileen Williams

Pinterest...First time to go there, it's great

Annette A.

I always find inspiration blogging and you tube...thank you for the chance to win..

Jodi R.

Loving the Pinterest page for sure. Thanks for all the Inspiration!


Pinterest...My daughter got me there and I love it. Maya Road products are awesome. Thanks for a chance to win some of your wonderful products.

Terri Harmon

I enjoyed visiting the Maya Road website. I found lots of wonderful embellishments and got lots of ideas.


I found some wonderful ideas on Pinterest. Thanks for the inspiration!

lisa cox

I love your Pinterest mini album board.

Karin Leveillee

I found my inspiration on Pinterest :0) I've already re-pinned a few ;0)

Thank you for the wonderful ideas and the chance to win.


I like pinterest. Everything is easy to find :-)

Laurel Eichten

Pinterest - love the ideas that I can find


Definitely Pinterest - love any scrapbook layout with banners and I found one I want to scraplift. I love pinterest.

Kim Kelley

I have found inspiration all over...friends, design teams and facebook! I have lots of products by Maya Road but could always use more! HUGS


I have definitely found crafting inspiration and 'gotta have' attitiude through You Tube. I see the crafty people showing their Maya Road hauls, especially the trims and I must add that to my collection. And the crafting ideas for the products are endless.

Laurie L

THe Maya website has all sorts of great ideas with instructions to eliminate some of the guessing! I lov ethe Ruler wreath and that led me to the Dressform Banner...I lvoe this.

Amanda Cable

I found ispiration on Pinterest. My favorite project is the envelope scrapbook. Awesome!


Started following on Pinterest ~ I will be checking back to there frequently for craft ideas!


I found several ideas on the Maya Road website, but then I could not always find the MR products used:( I did really love the vintage ruler wreath and just might make that one.

Leslie H

so much inspiration on pinterest! wow!!


Much of my Maya Road inspiration comes from Lisa Pace. She is spectacular!


Wow. Pinterest is loaded with MR inspiration. Thanks for the "heads up."

Joni Kix-Moore

I LOVE Maya Road on Pinterest! The photos sorted to the different categories make is so easy to find exactly what I'm interested in when I visit!

Mary Mac

I always like the hands on of you tube. Your website is always beautful.

JoAnn Hart

Wow I have never really knew about your companies stuff so all the sites shared in the email made for good inspiration for me!

Naomi A. of Colorado

Love Maya Road! My inspiration is from all, but if I had to chose I love the You Tube option because I am able to see how it is made to give me ideas on my spin of a project! Thanks for sharing such great ideas and products! Yea MR

Cheryl S.

Lots of inspiration on the Maya Road site. Love the Bottlecap Kits! I have been wanting to join Pinterest, so this was the perfect time to request an invitation.

Emily Halliburton Muto

The creative corner on the Maya Road website has very cute, easy to find projects! I really like the Soar card in the Cards and Tags section!

Candy Geurtz

Love being able to follow several of the boards on Pintrest! My favorites being the mini albums,tutorials and the layouts! Thanks!!

Nancy Benham

I like using Pinterest and Facebook both!

Lisa Watson

Facebook & Pinterest!!! Loads of inspiration!


Found inspiration on Pinterest...first time visiting and love it. Also inspired by all the wonderful projects on Maya Road site. Love all the new embellishments and the new designs of chipboard albums. Love all the new vintage items as well. So many new ideas in my head, just don't know where or what project to start first. Thanks for a chance to win!

Jen R.

Pinterest! So many great project ideas!

Jennifer D.

I had never been on Pininterest before. Wow. I found so many projects Interesting and will do them. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanette B

There's just so much wonderful Maya Road inspiration on all of these sites, but I think I get my best ideas from your website and YouTube! Love it!!!


I love all the MayaRoad inspiration in all the projects posted on your site, but I also love love love pinterest! It rocks!

Jamie Greene

Love all the photo inspiration on Pinterest!

Jess B

pinterest, Maya Road website, you tube anywhere and everywhere. Love Maya Road products!

Andrea D.

Pinterest and your blog are where I go to see the latest and greatest from MR. Thanks for the chance to win some great product.

Jen Lum Lung

Everytime I Log on facebook I get so inspired!! I wish there were more hours in the day to get done with all that I would like to.


Love the mini albums on pininterest. I can see a whole lot of items I will enjoy making from all your postings

Jodie R

OK, can I just say that all of the pictures on Pintrest inspired me? I've never been on there before and I just requested to join. Maya Road is my favorite crafting company. I almost said "Scrapbook" but you go way beyond that. Back to Pintrest and more inspiration! Thanks Maya Road!!


I like pinterest because it is organized well. But I also get great ideas from Facebook as well. I have never figured out how to get anything useful from Twitter.

Peggy in Portland

Love Pinterest AND Maya Road! I wanna win so I can make those CUTE snowmen.



Love to see you on Pinterest!


Really cool ideas to be had out there using Maya products. I usually just see awesome stuff on Facebook, but when I have time I check out Pintrest too!

Kim Hill

Enjoy Pinterest and YouTube!

Leann Lindeman

Pintrest is awesome! I need to get on board with that.. i am a scrapbooker so I enjoyed looking at the layouts and the zipper flower tutorials are great!


I found zipper trim inspiration on Pinterest's mayaroad.typepad.com.


So much to check out - great products and great projects. I love anything and everything canvas!!!TFS


I watch things on YouTube frequently and just recently joined Facebook so I'm starting to see things there.

Cynthia McKinley

I love the "Love Frame Card" - just beautiful!

Danita Kinney

I use youtube a lot!!! I love the MayaRoad projects. My favorites right now are the Love Frame Card and the Vintage Butterfly Banner. I can't wait to try them!!!

Jessie Hawthorne

I found the Maya Road site the Best, but I do like u tube also.

Pam Kirby

I get inspiration from facebook and from pinterest! I love all your products!


I love MayaRoad on Pinterest. I'm new to pinterest but absolutely love it and love all the projects I saw on your page. I also loved the youtube videos, awesome projects! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!


I like just checking your company web pages for inspiration, and would like to do more multimedia projects with your products, should I win the prize. Thanks.


I found it today on your Facebook, and yesterday in Scrapbook Trends. It's everywhere!

Dawn Wagner

wow - thank you for so much sharing! love all the photos on pintrest - but I especially love the simplicity of the ruler wreath on the website. beautiful!!


Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.

Rhona Tai

Your blog and newsletter is awesome! I always get inspired with the projects you show and the design team really come up with some interesting and diverse projects.

Carol Schlosser

I found Maya Road with Northridge Publishing, with great new and exciting products, such great ideas. Love your product


A lot of useful information in the Mist tag tutorial, but my very favorite scrappy idea is the Miss Olivia mini album!! That is just darling!!


I'd have to say the Maya Road Website and Pinterest have the best inspirational ideas for me. This is the first time I've tried out Pinterest and it's great. Love all the vintage-inspired products and ideas for their use!


I get lost in Pinterest, and love the Maya Road board. But I am also inspired by YouTube videos.

Jane M

I love the tutorials on misting techniques and zipper flowers that I found on Pinterest. Thanks so much for all these great ideas and products!

kim allen

love pinterest for your projects thank you

Sav O'G

OHHH! I found Maya Road with Northridge Publishing...and I LOVE that I found you on Pinterest!!! LOVE all the inspiration there! <3

sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

Kristie Nix

Love the projects posted on Pinterest! I visited Inspiration and love the Advent calendar!

Mandi Hart

I just discovered the Maya Road Facebook page which led me to the Vintage Embellishment Bits Packs. I can't wait to use that on my holiday gifts this year. Why is it that I'm always so inspired when I'm at work and can't do anything at them moment? :(


I love the projects posted on Pinterest using Maya Road products! The mitten ornaments by Lisa Pace were just darling!

Tina m

I get inspired every time I visit your FB and blog. I have never used Pinterest, I need to venture out a little I think! Maya Road has some of my favorite products. I am really interested in the mini albums and the canvas projects! Thanks for the chances!

.:| Angela |:.

Projects posted on Facebook are my inspirations!

Jill B

I have been following on Pinterest for a little while and I find thats the best place for inspiration for me :)

Rea Custer

I love the Vintage Shabby Butterfly Banner, great inspiration. Love all those embellishments.

Tina Gibbs, 4233 Edinbrook Terrace N., Brooklyn Park MN  55443

On Facebook I loved the "Naughty or Nice" canvas idea by Patty Rogers, I am going to do something for each of my boys on this idea, I love it!!


I'm following on Pinterest.... love it!

Susan Schultheis

I have visited facebook, twitter, utube etc. and still love to come to your blog for projects. The love fame is my fave. Thanks, a Maya Road fanatic.


Love the ideas on Pinterest! Could spend all day there!

Kris Martinez

I love the Maya Road Pinterest boards - so many beautiful things! Love your products and blogs.

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