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January 24, 2012


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I love the kraft Jotter Tags!


Everything is so beautiful but I'm in love with the little pennats, so cute!


Super cute change purse!!Love it!!!


Love journaling tags and cute envelopes!


Oh, polka dots envelopes are so cute! And all canvas embelishments are so cool! Canvas cuff is so unusual to see in scrapbook

Rose Curtis

love the journal tags... Kraft with white trim... must have!


Oh my! The purse! And the flags - soo cute! If I HAD to choose only one, it would have to be the flags. Lucky me; I can take them both when they arrive in the stores! :D

Luanne Pang

gorgeous layouts! love those banner pins and jotter tags

Misty Munn

as always...COMPLETELY IN AWE!!!

Tracy Gardiner

MR rocks it AGAIN - anything with Kraft or canvas is a winner. Love, Tracy G


OMG look how that bag turned out - I just love it - and everything else lol


love the jotter tags and journalling spots, and the alterable cuff is gorgeous

amy tara koeppel

The kraft envies with white polka dots are too cute! Love everything in this release. Great products Maya Road!

Yvonne DeWater

My favs are the white on craft...all of it. I also love the canvas tags.

Marcia  Deignan

Love the kraft edged in white journalling spots and jotter tags. They are just flat out gorgeous!

julie e

I love the polka dots!

Rebecca Lovell

The flag pins! The flag pins! ♥

ruth tacoma

Definitely the jotters!

Theresa Grdina

I am loving the polka dots!!! SO I guess I would have to say the polka-dotted envelopes!! too cute.

Sandy Ang

Surely has to be those kraft flag pins !

Cim Allen

You had me with the kraft flags .. love those, but then I saw the messenger bag .. that did it ! I HAVE TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE or two or three, what fun to decorate them and make it mine !!


Love the kraft jotter tags!!

Emily Keaton

So many cool items in this post, but I'd have to say my fave is the Jotter Tags and Journaling Tags!!


The canvas tags and butterflies!!


Jotter Tags, Journaling Tags and Envelopes! Cuties :)

Christy S. aka emeraldvalkyrie

I adore the Kraft journaling tags. I hope those come in big packages!

Wendy Schoonhoven

O wow, some more gorgeous products to want...LOL Love the Jotter Tags and Journaling Tags. Sure will be wanting those!!

Diana Fisher

The white with kraft IS amazing! Gorgeous!!

Julie Shearer

The Kraft Jotter Tags are so great. You sre correct, The white on Kraft looks so amazing. I so Love Maya Road !!!

April W

Very exciting!! Love the mini canvas butterflies. :)
- April W

Jamie Greene

I love the kraft pockets!! The white polka dots are so cute:)

Cindy deRosier

Gorgeous projects! I love the polka dots (put them on more stuff!) and the flags.

Julie Mitchell

Without a doubt it's the kraft and white Jotter Tags and Journaling Tags. I could use them on everything!!!

Cathy H

Amazing...each sneak peek gets better and better! Love it all!

Sue in Grapevine

Oh, I love kraft in all its forms. Lovely!

Julie, momto7

LOVE those polka dot envelopes and the flag pins - thanks for a chance to win!

Linda K

It's all just fab-the petite flag pins-love em, but my fave are the blank canvas items-just makes me want to reach for my paints and splash on the color!

Lea Lawson

Loving all the kraft items, but my very fave is the kraft flags!! Those are just begging for a stamped sentiment and then being poked into a gorgeous fabric flower or bow!!

Vicki Wilson

Wow oh WOW! Love the polka dot envelopes and the white on kraft tags. The canvas looks fun to play with too.

Meaghan "Bonafyde"  V.

I Love it all! Especially the polka dot envelopes and Krafy Pins... oh and the Jotter Tags and Journaling Tags are an essential!

DeeDee Catron

The banners and pennants! very very cute!


You had me at Kraft and Canvas... but lovely die-cuts, fantastic bag to alter... I want it all!


Oh my, just love all the kraft and canvas! Fantastic new releases! I especially love the canvas butterflies.

Toni K

The kraft flag pins are adorable! The messenger bag is awesome too!

Nicole Doiron

My favorite today is definitely the Kraft Flag Pins! I'm going to be getting myself a LOT of those for sure! YAY! CHA time is SOOOO exciting!

Gloria L.

Envelopes and canvas cuff!

Beth Hallgren

The little polka dot envelopes are my favotite, they are so sweet!


Oh wow! Loving the canvas coin purse, shipping tags and the mini butterflies!


The little flags are so cute! My favorite for sure!


Can I say all things kraft?!? LOL!


More fabulous sneak peeks - my wallet is going to be empty!! Hard to choose a a favorite again today, but I am going to go with the Kraft Flag Pins - perfect for so many projects!

Jodie R

Goodness! Give me some Maya mist and those canvas tags and I am ready to go! The little flags are adorable too. Those on the cute little card are so simple, but so adorable!!

Robin B.

I love the journaling tags, flag pins and butterflies!


I Love kraft !!! kraft notes envelopes so cute.... and canvas butteflies, amazing.... And the pins ??? drive me crazy...


Gotta get a messenger bag and some of those kraft flag pins! Oh my...my wallet is getting thinner and thinner with the sneak peaks this year! Ouch!

Lacey aka Craft Donkey

Oh my just in love with the kraft cardstock pieces.


My favorite is the flags on pins!

Amy Coose

I love your new kraft stuff!!! MR never lets us down!

Krystle Thomas

Those kraft flags are darling!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

I am loving the flags and the polka dot envelopes. Great ideas and inspirations.,

Jessie G

I love the flag pins!

Denise Bryant

That canvas bag is fabulous! And the kraft envelopes with the with dots... gotta have those!


with kraft and canvas being my two favorite things it's so hard to pick!!! i love the cuff, the bag is a little intimidating for me though - so I would say the canvas butterflies and canvas tags would be my favorites because i would use them the most.


I love the white/kraft too. My favorite is the kraft flags.

Lacey Igo

LOVE both the kraft and canvas!! The possibilities to personalize these items are endless!!!

Anne Lemay

The canvas butterflies and shipping tags are my favorite - they are just begging to be stamped and colored with mists and inks.

Lara Carson

Love the canvas messenger bag and the kraft things will always find a home in my craft room!


I really love the kraft labels! Those are SO versatile!!!

Wanda H

Love the canvas items!!!

Mary Staveness

Those Kraft tags with white ink are awesome! Love you line of products!


Oh my!!! Love the Kraft stuff... and that change purse!!!


Love the kraft flags and tags. Great products and ideas. Thanks


Your kraft products are the best! Love the journaling tags - white and kraft is a great combo!

Dana Tatar

I love the kraft products and the coin purse would be a ton of fun to alter! Thanks for the sneak!


Kraft and white rocks! Love those jotter tags

Betty Anne Orr

I love all the sneak peeks but today's favorite are the Kraft Flags, they're too cute.


I love the canvas messenger bag!


Love, love love the mini roses trim


The white on kraft tags are gorgeous!!!

Lisa C.

I love all kraft! The tags and flags are fantastic.


I love the messenger bag - so many possibilities!

Melinda T

Ooh, love both the kraft tags and the flag pins! And the canvas items looks great too!

Becs Attwood

The Kraft stuff is cute, but I love the possibilities that all the "Blank canvas" items provide - my favorite is the alterable canvas cuff.


Love the envelopes and flags

Charis M

The kraft labels. I can't get enough of kraft lately!


I love those kraft flag pins & canvas butterflies!

jacqueline leach

Hi there....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flag pins!!! My favorite!!!

Kerri Norrod

Love love this sneek peak! My favorite is the coin purse you can alter. Simply fabulous!

Lyn S

Oooh, the flag pins are my favourite! Just love kraft and canvas!

Carol Douglass

Love it all, but I just got to get my hands on the shipping tags. Love them.

Kelly Massman

love the canvas butterflies! TFS!

Jenny McGee

Very cute love the canvas tags and the journaling tags. So fun.

Sharlene Piscitelli

I love the look of kraft paper so I'm going to say the jotter and journaling tags are today's favorite.

Darcy P

all the kraft stuff is great! Love the white with kraft labels, but those polka dot envelopes? ADORABLE!


Love, love, love the tags and canvas goodies!


Love those jotter tags, the white looks awesome with the kraft!

Nancy S

Really love the canvas shipping tags! You all have out done yourselves.

Cynthia B.

Awesome and creative products! My favorite are the tags - both the Jotter and the Journaling tags. Great samples from your design team! Can't wait to see - and use - these new items in real life.

Heather Lough

Wow, way too much good stuff to pick just one favorite. I love the dotted envelopes and the canvas butterflies.

Jean Marmo

Oh oh -- I want those kraft tags and the flag pins!! Love everything I have see so far!!

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