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January 24, 2012


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Tags are amazing! Why didn't I think of that. My favorite page is the one about the rainbow with the little spools. Instant classic.

Anita Mulcahey

So hard to decide but I love the craft Jotter tags.


OMG are you kidding me? Kraft AND canvas---(faint!)
my two faves to use and alter!! <3

carol h

love everything kraft!


Love the little flags!! Also love all the canvas stuff. How exciting!!


I love the kraft and white tags, they're awesome!

Carmen Lucero

That bag is my favorite!! Thanks for the chance.


Carmen L

Dana Benedict

Love the canvas coin purse

lourdes busto

I love everything. Can't wait to find there items here in Ontario. I hope I do :)

Tina W

The kraft flags are FANTASTIC! Love 'em.

Kay Savage

LOVE it ALL.... Canvas Butterflies and Jotter Tags! It's Awesome!

Diane Miller

Love the canvas butterflies!


Okay let's see some kraft flags and then those cool canvas butterflies and tags... oh the possibilities !!


The canvas bag and canvas tags are my pic of the day... :-)


Love the kraft note envelopes. Cute!

Miriam Prantner

I need those kraft tags!!! I also love te kraft flag pins and the canvas tags, what great new items!

m maez

The kraft note envelopes and the mini canvas butterflies are so adorable.

Deb Palmer

Loving the journal tags - love kraft anything!!


I love the canvas - especially that little coin purse - would be so much fun to embroider and paint!

Tanya Phenis

Love it all! My fav is probably the Kraft note envelopes!!

Marie Butler

Kraft and white jotter tags and journaling tags are my favorite, but everything looks wonderful!!!

Heather Robertson

wonderful projects - I love the canvas butterflies and polka dot envelopes

Darla Weber

I love the kraft flag pins!

Becky S.

My fav are the Jotter Tags and the polka dot envelopes. Can't wait to create with them!

Samantha T

I love them all...but I think the journaling tags!

Jessica Toulmin

I love everything kraft, and i love natural and neutral so I love canvas too! I am totally loving all your new stuff - I can't choose 1 thing!

Shelley Peeler

I loved all the frilly flowers and canvas on the layouts!! Yummy stuff!


I love those kraft journaling tags!

Ann in PA

The cup cuff and little flags are so cute! Can't wait to get me some!

Scrappin Dhilly

I love the Jotter tags, the flag pins are really cute too!

Judy Ray

Love the kraft flag pins.


Forget "wants", these are all going on my NEED list!


LOVE the bag.. I want one.. :)

Holly T.

I love the messenger bag and the canvas butterflies, so many possibilities.


I really love the Jotter tags with the white trim and the butterfly pins!

Sue A

I just love the kraft flag pins - so many possibilities with them!


I love the new kraft tags, envelopes & flags...yes I love everything kraft!!


maya-o-maya I LOVE the way your mind works!


It's the polka dot envelopes and the canvas butterflies for me.

Glenda Cotnam

<3 the Jotter Tags and Journaling Tags!!

Kimmy Jaster

KRAFT <3 ! Those polka dot envelopes are awesome!!!


I love the flags and the butterflies. Butterflies are really popular right now. The canvas tags would make a great embellishment on a greeting card. I'd love to get any of these items.


OH man--how do I choose ONE thing oh--I know---I love the kraft item. Hee!hee! Yeppers--I love them all! The jotters and journaling tags are great!


Kraft and white are very eye catching. I love it!

Cresta Woodruff

I just adore the craft tags and flag pins! I need them!

Chris Dring

I want it all!!!! Please please please pick me!!!


I love the white and kraft tags!!


I really love the canvas items! I would love to play with them, and make them my own. Thanks for the chance to win!


love the jotter tags of course but that canvass bag rocks. Now to decided how to decorate.

Lea Patterson

Really love the flags and the canvas butterflies!!!

Michelle Grabowski

Please don't make me pick! I want it ALL!


The tags with white print are #1 with me. I can't resist the color contrast, the shapes, & the practicality (kraft goes with any colors these days!)!

.:| Angela |:.

Love the polka dot envelopes and the coin purse! I need one right now! LOL

Lisa Nelson

Sorry, but I can't decide between jotter tags and kraft flag pins! They are soo desirable! Great job!

Debbie Blanken

Canvas cuffs!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one has to be my absolute favorite.

Natasha G.P.

The kraft flag pins might be my favorite. I've never seen anything like them...

Micah Gullikson-Poteraj

The canvas wallet is great. I can see myself decorating several for friends.

Jessica K

Love the jotter tags, flag pins and butterflies!

B. Poteraj

The coin purse looks like it would be easy (and cute) to add to. I could stamp an image, paint it or whatever, and then add beads. Hmmm.

lori miller

I love the white on craft and the jotter tags and journalling spots!

Kay G.

I love it all. If I have to pick a favorite, it is the change purse. That little purse is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Cherie Gray

The kraft flag pins and tags!!

Lisa P

I love Kraft and I love canvas!! Awesome!

Shanda Harrington

I love the tags! They would be great for mini albums.

Lynn R

Oh wow! I love the Kraft Jotter and Journaling Tags. As usual, I love everything Maya Road!

Amy S (amybug)

Lots of fab stuff but those jotter tags are fab! :)


I love the Jotter Tags and Journaling Tags with a white print!

Tabatha (Purple)

I love the canvas bag. It would be so fun to alter and be able to take something truly unique and totally me wherever I went!

Linda E

The canvas tags are gorgeous as are the jotter tags! Can't wit to add them both to my stash!


I love the Jotter Journaling tags (& everything under them, too!)


Oh my - Love today's peeks. The notes and envelopes are so cute. Also, love the canvas tags.

Deb van Sickle

Love love love the polka dot Kraft envelops and those adorable Kraft flags.

Vicki H. in Canada

I love those white-printed journalling and jotter tags! And that canvas messenger bag has so many exciting possibilities! :) Thanks for the opportunity, and please keep the goodies coming!


I love the white on kraft too!

beatrice lawson

Kraft flag pins!!! (And the polka dots are super cute!)


I love the coin purse...and the journal tags are awesome also. I can hardly wait until all these items are released and in the stores. I also would like to compliment the Design Team...they have really done an awesome job with everything they have done for the introduction of these new products. Maya Road rocks in 2012!

alice pace

I love all the new products! I don't know what to get first!


I love the messenger bag.


Great reveal today! I love the canvas butterflys and tags! The 'rainbow' layout is sweeet!

dana ogilvie

I love the polka dot envelopes and the canvas tags. Thanks for the examples!

Jennifer L.

I <3 the polka dot kraft envelopes. Too cute!


Gotta love those canvas butterflies!


LOVE the krafty journaling tags...I'm all about kraft these days!


Really liking the jotter tags...and those cute little flag pins!


The flags are the cutest!!! BUT I am a sucker for a tag and its canvas, what a twist!!

Natalie G

Loooooooooooove the Kraft Note Envelopes :)

Coco Pepper

The tags, the cute flags and the ├╝ber cool polka dot envelopes! Thanks for the sneak!


I'm not sure I can pick a favourite - the canvas stuff is adorable and the bag in particular but I'm a huge fan of Kraft-anything. Love those flags!!


kraft + white = so yummy

Betty Davis

Love,love, love the look of white on Kraft paper!


I absolutely love the kraft and white jotter and journaling tags these are my faves.


Love it all! But especially the canvas bag and shipping tags and the kraft note enveloppes.


I love the new kraft tags and envelopes!!!


oh seriously...mini canvas butterflies and kraft banners...I think my heart is flying away!


Decisions, decisions. I really love those cute pennants, though, so I'll say those - how fun to play with!

Donna Espiritu

love all the canvas stuff! esp the butterfly ones! thanks for the chance!

laura huffman

amazing things. love kraft anything. and canvas too. the pennants are what caught my attention scrolling through quickly. but man, I love everything Maya Road.

Michelle Moore

I have tons of ya'll's kraft journaling products - I just love them. So the new ones with the white framing are something else I'm gonna have to get!

Kris E

Anything Kraft and I'm there! However, I also thought the canvas butterflies are so adorable!

Rachel Murrow

i absolutely love the Mini Canvas Butterflies!!!

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