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January 20, 2012


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Patty W

I am loving the sneak peeks! I especially love the twine and the rabbits! Can't wait to see more peeks - hoping for more stamps!

carol in seattle :)

I love the rulers and the burlap trim!

Audrey Yeager

Love the linen trim and rosettes! Plus those little rulers are adorable!

dana ogilvie

My favorite is the burlap flower.

Renee Aslette

Everything is absolutely gorgeous. My favourites would have to be the burlap trims and the little rulers!

Laurie R

Wooohoo love sneak peaks. I love the wood butterflys and birds.

Deanna Dark

I love spools! And I really like the rulers and the hanger clips!

Rebecca King

Love everything!!! The twine & wod birds & butterflies look like such fun to work with.

Betty Anne Orr

Wow everything is amazing in the sneak peeks but my favorites would have to be the Vintage Tiny Rulers and Spool Sentiment stamps. I can't wait to see what else you will have to show us during Sneak Peek Week.

Jessica Toulmin

I wish I could attend a CHA, I bet they would be so much fun.
I love natural things, colours and elements - so the wooden butterflies and birds, and the linen. Beautiful stuff.

Victoria Sturdevant

I love the mini butterflies! The twine cord is right up there, too!

Jean Nielsen

I love the vintage tiny rulers and the sentiment spools!


For some reason I am lovin the burlap. The way they were used in the last 2 pics are great.


Love the purse.

Marie Butler

Hard to pick a favorite. I'm liking those burlap roses, but the twine cording and wood butterflies and birds are pretty cool too!


I love it all but my favorite is the linen burlap flowers. I really like the wooden birds & tiny rulers too.

Joy Hager

Saw lots of stuff I love...like everything!!!!!

Bente Fagerberg

I love the burlap flowers and the spool sentiments. Sooo darling!!

Cami Mayeda

OMG, I want everything! I love the thickness of the twine cording...more body. I want to get some spools to wind my pretty lace trims to keep them neat. New trend is working with burlap/linen and these are beautiful quality stuff. The purse is beautiful and looks vintage with the crochet work and burlap flower...I love this.

susie c.

love the wooden items! and the twine...and...everything! :)

Jill in Frisco

Oh my, those are the cutest hanger clips I have ever seen!
So much goodness with this sneak peak.

Cindy Barriga

I am loving the wooden pieces they are perfect for every craft.

carol h

I love it all but the twine the most

Rose Curtis

So exciting... love sneak peeks from CHA, I love the butterfly sticker of course and the wooden ones... the burlap flowers look fun too!

Debbie Blanken

I love the burlap trim! I love the roses, I also like the wooden birds - can't wait for their release!

Wendy Schoonhoven

O wow, great new goodies. Love the Love Hangers and Dress Form and the wooden birds. Can't wait to see the rest.


The vintage bunnies are too cute!

Lesley Walters

The twine and the burlap products are gorgeous. Definately on my wish list!!!

Barbara Henry

Those tiny rulers are so way cute!!! Also love those vintage wood birds, then I have to dive into heart hangers and tangle myself up. Love all the new goodies and can't wait to get some. :D


I love the twine and the wood butterflies! Beautiful!!

Tara C

The entire line is to die for but the burlap rosettes are a definite must have immediately!!!


The sneak peaks provide a virtual treasure trove, but the mini rulers bring back memories of school - all good! Can't wait for them to be available.

Holly E

Goodness everything is so great! I really like the bulap linen line, the cords, and the hangers! I cant wait to see what else is new!

Christine N

Love love love those dress form clips!!!


Oh my I love the twine and have to have the spools and stamps! Ooh I can't wait! :)

Judi Vrieling

I am in love with the mini rulers, the burlap flowers and, of course, thee twine - mmmm mmmmm mmmm!! Thanks for the shares - keep 'em coming!

Jill Sprott

The roses are pretty pretty!

Jackie A xxx

Love the tine rulers and spool stamps.

Fleur Smith

I love the little wire hangers and the twine :)


I love the new dress form clip, I like it all but.that is my favorite. So excited to play with these.

Jan F

lOVE it all. What great products and ideas...can't wait !!

Theresa Spry

I love it all! It's crazy to look at an entire collection that
you know how you would use every piece!!! Great job, can't wait....

martha g

I don't even know where to start!!! I love it all but make me pick one and it will be the Vintage Chunky spools!!!! Wow I wish, I wish, Iwsh I could be there this year!!! TFS!

Ann Norviel

I love all of it - but particularly the linen, the spools, and the dress form hangers. So cute!


The "varnished" butterfly and altered jar are awesome! Can't wait to see more :)


Cute stuff! Can't wait to see it in stores!
My fav's are the birds, the butterflies, and the metal clips.


I love the twine, the wooden birds, and that burlap could be used in so many ways! LOVE!


LOVE all of these but the burlap trim and dress form hangers are so unique and cute I just can't wait to get to play with them!

Lynn R

So many adorable new things! I love them ALL, but the little metal hangers just really caught my eye. Such great imagination!


Oooh ... it all looks great, especially the wooden butterflies and birds!

amy tara koeppel

I am loving the burlap and twine... and wooden butterflies!


Wow.....to pick just one. I'm loving what I see and know I'll love the rest as well. The burlap roses are lovely, always a sucker for twine, and the wooden embellishments I'm loving!!


oh, do I have to choose??? OK I love love love the twine & chunky spools!!!!


Beautiful stuff! I love the twine cord and wooden butterflies!

Sandy J

I just love all the new things, especially the hangers and dress form paper clips and the spool stamps with the the spools.

Suzze Tiernan

I love the rulers and the burlap flowers!

alison bergman

love the twine...have to have all the colors...lOVE the burlap flowers, and the butterflies ...oh well just everything is beautiful and must live in my craft cave with me.! I promise to touch them all and might even use some if I can part with them.


Well worth the wait. I adore the new linen roses AND the wood butterflies.. Oh man it will be hard to wait!


there are alot of little things to love! the tiny ruler stands out to me!


What an awesome bunch of goodies! I love the twine,spools and the spool end stamps!!!!

Dolores Hauk-Johnson

LoVe, lOvE, LoVe it all!!!!!


twin and burlap just lovely ...can't wait to get my hands on them.

Michele W.

The new twine cording is my favourite! The spool end stamps are a brilliant idea!

Miriam Prantner

I don't know if I can pick just one, I love the twine cording, burlap flowers, and the hanger paper clips. So much fun stuff!


I can't wait to check out your booth at CHA!! My favorite in the sneaks today was definitely the burlap roses, but seriously, it is all great!

Christine Telega

There is only one thing to say and that is "WOW". The little bag is gorgeous

Carol Douglass

How to pick just one favorite? Not possible. I love all the burlap, the new "thicker" twine,and I just love the dress form paper clips. Love it all!

Deb Van Sickle

Thanks for the peek. I love it all.


oh, the burlap, for sure! can't wait to get my hands on some!


Completely in love with the twines, the hangers and wood butterflies....
Jaryna, from Brazil

Clare Dempsey

I'm loving those dress form paper clips! thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

Barbara Reyes


Luanne Pang

very beautiful! love the vintage mini wood butterflies, birds and twines. Gorgeous! The hangers are sweet!


I get a fast heartbeat
whenever you announce new item
because they r always fabulous!
Love the burlap, wooden embellishments and
metal hangers and dress forms!!

Ann Marie

oh man, that twine! I have to have it all -- it's gorgeous!


I just love the mini wood butterflies. And the twine too. I can't wit to get my hands on some. :)

Jean Marmo

Wow - so many wonderful things!!! LOVE the burlap and twine! Oh and the mini butterflies!


What a great way to start the sneaks! I love the wood veneer butterflies and the heart hangers!!! Keep it up, MR!!!

Regan Tomlin

Those wooden birds and butterflies are AMAZING! Love them!

Barbara Staradumsky

I have to have the burlap! All of it! oh yes, these devine Maya Road burlap items will be sold out the minute they hit the shelves! Just watch..you'll see :o)

Diane Wheeler

The dress form clips are just sooooo gorgeous & the teeny rulers :o) x


This is some neat stuff! I'm loving the baker's twine

Ellen Day

Wonderful new products! Those spools bring back so many memoeies... Loving the burlap & the wooden butterflies.


I love the wooden butterflies and the mini rulers!! Great new products!

bobbie fleishell

Oh I just love the new burlap flowers, butterflies and birds, can't wait to use all of the new goodies!!!!!!!!!

Patsy Payne

Love the burlap flowers and the birds and butterflies and the tiny rulers are so nice.
WIsh I had had them doing a teachers wreath around Chirstmas.


I LOVE it all! The twine is perfect- thicker and affordable- love it! But my fav? the mini rulers! so many ideas swirling around my head.......


Boy that's a tough pick (too much great stuff!) Love the little metal coat hangers and dressforms but I think my fave is the spools that go with the adorable stamps! I can think of a hundred cute projects there!

Chris Dring

I love it all!!! The wooden butterflies and the dress form paper clips really jump out at me!


i love all the products !!! the twine and the burlap are my fave but so are those cute rulers and metal embellies the burlap flower on the small purse just took my heart away...so cute!!

Dolly B.

Oh my goodness, I love everything! My favorites would have to be the twine and metal Hangers & Dress Forms! Thanks for the chance to win!

Cim Allen

Love everything, but the Spool Sentiments are the BEST !!! I've been crazy about spools lately and the sentiments are an awesome addition.

jackie S

Wow Such awesome new things. My favorite are the burlap flower and the new cording. Thanks for the chance

Jennifer L.

Love the new twine and the spools!

Shawn Lahr

Ohhhhh! I am lovin' those butterflies especially! I can't wait to get my hands on these newest additions :)

Janet W

Love those burlap flowers! I could see those on a headband.

Mary in Chicago

Fun stuff here! Lovin' it!

Amber M.

F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. new products! Thank you, Maya Road!!! Hard to pick a favourite, but at the top for me are the mini rulers and the little hangers. So adorable!


I love the burlap-well I love everything really...lol

Heather K

This is torture...showing us these products, dangling them before us like carrots! Gorgeous, beautiful. fabulous and creative!

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