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January 21, 2012


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Karla Der

Love the soar stamps and the around the world stamps :) Beautiful stuff as always!

Stacy Caddy

Love the spool sentiments and that measuring tape trim is way cool...

Margy Eastman

I love the houndstooth stamp!


Love the sneak peaks!! It's so hard to decide on a favorite, but I love the spool tops and the measuring tapes!!! Thanks!!

Jessica Toulmin

Some lovely stamps. My Fav is the Soar Butterflies. And those tape measure trims are amazing. In love!

Suzette Lee

I'm loving sneak peak week. The vintage tape measure trim is adorable and loving the eyechart sentiments stamp, so clever!


i really ♥ the bird stamps, and i know i need get some of the tape measure trim too. can't wait to see more. :)

Jenny McGee

The tape measure ribbons look like fun, love the different colors. Also I love the eye chart and the around the world stamp sets. Thanks for a chance to win and for the sneak peeks.

amy tara koeppel

I'm loving it all but the ornate butterfly stamps and the map stamps are my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!


Love them all but I think my favs are the spool sentiments (a must have!) and the measuring tape!

Amanda J

Love the trims! Thanks for the chance!

Tami B.

Oh wow! Love everything...but the vintage measuring tape trim and spool sentiments are awesome!!!


LOVE the spool sentiments! The design team sample is fabulous too!!

Rebecca Lovell

Oh, wow! I'm really loving the Ornate Frames stamps! I can just totally imagine using some metallic embossing powder on those, and making some really fantastic picture frames for my pages!! Everything looks truly awesome!


The projects you show make it hard to decide on a favorite!I like the spool sentiments and the butterflies.


I really like the spool stamps and LOVE the Vintage Tape Measure Trims- what a fabulous flower!

DeeDee Catron

Around the world stamps! for sure!

April W

LOVE!!! I seriously can't pick between the butterfly stamps and the measuring tape trims...SO excited about both!!!
- April W

Cindy deRosier

I love the Eye Chart sentiments!!


Wooow.... Love the Eye Chart Sentiments, really original, and I can't help reading everything haha ^ ^


the eyecharts and the measuring tapes..wow! the vintage scale stamps and the spools..love 'em.
love the new line.


Oh man...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the spool stamps!! VERY cool! Lots of cool stuff but I LOVE those best!

Beth Hallgren

Gottta have some of the tape measure trim!!! So cute. Great sneak peeks of the projects, can't wait to see all of them!

Heather Robertson

I'm not a huge stamp fan but I LOVE, ove, love the Maya Road stamp designs


I love the vintage measuring tapes ! They are amazing :)

Jamie Greene

I love the eye chart sentiments and the ribbon spools!! The projects are Fabulous!!

Erica Hettwer

LOVE the eye chart sentiments!!!

Rexene Lockyer

Wonderful prize...thanks for the chance to win!

Marcy H.

It's so hard to choose just one favorite. I love the top 3 the most. The butterflies, ornate & eyechart sentiments.

Thanks for the chance to win!! Fabulous Projects!!

Keri Parish

Love them all, but the butterflys and eye chart sentiments are my favorites!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Alice Pace

I love the Ribbon spools these are just so cute. I just bought some old spools from the flea market too. Can't wait to see the stamps in the stores!


Love the Wings To Fly bird stamp. But.
I. Must. Have. The. Measuring Tapes!!!!

Michelle Easters

Has to be the spool sentiments and measuring tape trims couldn't choose between them lol


The spool sentiments are amazing - as it all is! I want it all to play with...would make a lovely birthday present...on the 8th!

Cherry Trigg

I love both the eye chart sentiments and the spools sentiments, Love the card that was made with those

Anita Mulcahey

I love the spool sentiments too and the eye chart stamps are amazing. Love to sew so the new measuring tape ribbons are amazing. <3

Diane Miller

OMG, I need the Ornate Butterflies stamps! You're making it so hard to stay on my craft spending ban.


I like the eye chart sentiments, will be fantastic for cards & scrapbook layouts,


No way I can pick just one! I love it all but the trims and the eyechart stamps are on my must have list!!


The butterfly stamps will be mine....


Wow! Love it all. The measure tapes & the all the stamp sets. Thank you.

Pam Perry

OH MY! The Butterflies and the Eye Charts are FAB! Those are must-haves in my book!

Pat Schultz

Love the around the world stamp, so many ways come to mind that I could use it.......Thanks for the "Peep"

Kim_Lazy Cowgirl

I think I love the measuring tape the best. SO many ideas for it. :)

Marie Butler

Love the stamp sets, especially the butterflies, frames, spool sentiments, and houndstooth. Love your products and the creativity they spark!


the ornate butterflies and ornate frames are my absolute fave i love the houndstooth one too!!!

Lisa Rodriguez

I love the eye chart stamp set....so cute!

Janie Boots

I am loving the butterflies.....

Mimi Hickman

I love the butterfly stamp and the spool sentiments! They are both my favorites! Thanks for the peek at the new items!


Love love love the spool stamps!!

Kathy Lowry

I love the ornate butterflies and the ornate frames. They look like you can do so much with them. Thanks for the peek.

Leisa W

It's hard to choose just one! So I choose ornate ( butterflies and frames!)

Miriam Prantner

Love the eyecharts and the houndstooth.

Holly E

Some really great stuff today! I love the tape measure flower, the houndstooth stamp and the spool sentiments!

Barbara MacAskill

Ornate Butterflies wins hands down in my opinion! Beautiful.

Meaghan "Bonafyde"  V.

Drool!!!!! I love the Eye Chart Sentiments Stamps... so clever!

Julie Shearer

I love all the new products. My favorite is , " Wings To Fly " and " Vintage Scale and Balance " . Very cool. The projects are all so pretty. TFS.

Andrea Eason

I love the stamps and I think the butterflies are my favorite! I really like the ruler ribbon too!

Sue A

I love the spool stamps and the tape measure trim. Lots of fun projects posted.

Jessie G

I love all your products. But today's pick would be the "Eye Chart Sentiments."

Tanya Phenis

I love it all! My fav's are the Eye Chart Sentiments as well as the the tape measure trim, of course I do love the butterflies too. Like I said I love it all!


Love the tape measure trim!!!!!!

Lucia Leydens

I love the vintage trims. I have some great pictures that will go nicely with all of th enew products! Super excited!

Margaret D.

I love the spool sentiments! They will be great for cards and scrapbook pages!

janet chinn

eye chart stamps, I LOVE them!

Lisa P

Wow! The eye chart stamps and spool stamps get my vote. Love the ink colors. So rich. Yeah!

beatrice lawson

The butterflies and ornate frames are gorgeous!

Regan Tomlin

Birds and butterflies.....you can never go wrong with birds and butterflies :)

Cindy Barriga

The butterfly stamps are my must own pieces to my repertoire.

Angela Fehr

I love the spool stamps - and the houndstooth! Fun for stamping!


Love the trim and the rose.

Lara Walker

I love love love the spool stamps and vintage tape measures! Too stinkin cute.


I love the world stamps, and the birds too! Beautiful stamps, and that tape measure flower is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.


Love all the stamps but the spool sentiments are my favorite.

Cynthia B.

I love the eye chart sentiments! Lots of cool new stuff here! Thanks for the stamps set peeks, and thanks for the chance to win!


It's slightly easier to pick just one today - the chalk inks. If it wasn't for them, I'd have a list again today.

Linda Green

It is so hard to pick the frames or butterflies or measuring tape or eye chart or roses or birds or etc. I just really like so many and can think of so many fun things to do with all of them. I'll start at the top Butterflies. thanks for the chance to win. Love your products.

Kelly Massman

Love the butterflies!

Michelle Grabowski

Love the measuring tape and spool sentiments! Actually... Love it all!

Ruth G

I really am loving the newsprint trend and the Soar Butterflies are calling to me!


The measuring tapes!! Those are SO cool!!

Carol Douglass

I love the map stamps..and the spool labels, but the fabric tape measure...awesome!

Samantha T

Love them all! Pick just one? How about a few...the eye charts, the frames and the spool sentiment stamps just for starters!

Jen K

I HAVE to have the Ornate Butterflies Stamps!!Love them!


How am I supposed to pick only 1? LOVE THE BUTTERFLIES!


Love Love the spool ends and the fabric flowers--especially the tape measure!

Jennifer L.

The spool stamps & the eye chart stamps are adorable!

Lynne MacFarlane

Love your new stamps look like I know where my moneys going next month beautiful.


Wow! Everything looks great! Today's favourite is the "Eye Chart Sentiments", runner up is "Around the world"... :-)

Jean Marmo

LOVE the eye sentiments charts!! How cool. Drooling as usual.

Lyn S

Love all the stamps, but my favourite would be the eye chart sentimehts! The vintage tape measure trim is just fabulous too!

jeanie nieva

i love the tape measure and the spool sentiments


Was ready to say the eye chart sentiments were my favorite, then I saw spool sentiments. Both unique and hard to pick one as a favorite. Also love the vintage tape measures - will be buying lots of that too.

Deb Routledge

wow, fabulous! love the eye charts, they are something I haven't seen anywhere before! Great idea!


It's soooo tough to pick just one favorite, but if I HAD to choose, I'd say the vintage tapes are tops on my list. The eye chart sentiments are a close runner up, however! Thanks for giving us some sneak peeks;)
- DebbieK

Holly T.

I love all of the new stamps, especially the butterflies!


Of course I LOVE it all!!! The eye chart stamps are my absolute favs and the butterflies, and vintage tape measures!

Kelly Tulk

Love the eye chart sentiments!

Tara Miller

Love, love, LOVE the Ornate Butterflies!! Well, love it all but especially the butterflies!


Oh I love the eye chart and spool sentiments.

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