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May 17, 2012


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Susan / PaperCrafter's Corner

Fabulous, all! And those chipboard stacking hexagons are going to be HOT! Off to share this with our readers at PCC :)

Darla Weber

I have so many favorites! Love the gold and silver shine twine, the house and hexagon chipboard pieces are a close second.


My would have to say my favorite is the Twine Cording especially in Watermelon

Ashley N Newell

I LOVE the You've Been Framed stamp set!

Kelly Massman

i love the wooden branches but you've got quite a selection of awesome goodies Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!


I really love the twine cording [and basically everything from that release :)] but my absolute favorite is the hexagon chipboard set. Awesome!

Regan D'Agostino

ooooh the shadow box is amazing!

April W

Such fun!!! Looooove the hexagons. :)

April W

You've been pinned! ;)


Becky Garrison

Love Maya Road, and love the new goodies! I'd have to say my top 3 faves are the house shadow box, time after time stamps, and antique buttons. And of course, the twine!!!

Beth Hallgren

Yummy watermeon twine! Can't wait to nab some of this for summer projects :)


Great stuff all but I LOVE the silver shimmer twine and the hexagonal chipboard pieces!

Nicole Doiron

WOW! All these are absolutely amazing and are now on my wish list!!! My favorite is the Alterable Scallop Trim! Gotta have a mile of that one! :) Thanks for the chance to win!


what great designs! favorite is the stamp set, you've been framed!


Love the scallop trim in cream! So beautiful!


Love all this! I can't choose only one thing! I love the stackable hexagons and the 'you are' stamp :)


The cherries are my favorite! I am going to need a dump truck full of them.

Leanne in CA

I have to say my favorite thing is the Time After Time clear stamp set! I see so many possibilities with that. Love your new releases.

Sarah A.

The twine and the spool album look fabulous!!!

Sarah A.

all pinned and ready to go!!


Patty Del Rosa

love the hexagon chipboard and picture frame stamps. would love to see more block alpha stamp sets.


I love new twines!
And from latest release - Kraft Numbers and You've Been Framed Stamp Set, it's very cute.

Sherri Thompson

Choosing one favorite is so hard! I think my very favorite is the chipboard house shadowbox. I think this would look fabulous in my home! :-)


Love the "You've been framed" stamp set (and lots of the other new goodies too)! Great release!

Judy S

My favorite - the Wood Branches. So difficult to choose just one though!


I love the "hexagon shapes" and "welcome home" chipboard.
Oh- and I also already did my pinning:

Jean Marmo

WOW!!! LOVE the cherries! We live in Michigan near Traverse City which bills itself as the cherry capital of the world!! And those hexagons --- made for me!!

Izzy Anderson

Great releases. I'm drooling. Hard to pick a fave. Love the star bottlecaps and the new trim. Eeee!


gorgeous new releases...LOVING the wood branches and chip hexagons! :) thanks for the chance..

Bessie Segal

Wonderful new goodies & stunning samples to showcase them.
My favourite:please don't make me choose but if I must...it's got to be the stamps as I'm a stamping kinda gal!!

Phyllis M.

my fav is the ribbon spool album but was so hard to choose only one new thing love them all. Thanks for a great giveaway.


Love all the new colours of twine!!!

Kelly Sas

So many wonderful new goodies. Since I have to pick ONE in hopes of winning I will say the Time After Time stamp set is my favorite. I do love those Ribbon Spool Chipboard sets too though!

Kelly Sas

Gladly Pinned it!


Jamie Greene

I adored the "you've been framed" stamp set!!


There is so much to pick from. I know my wishlist has the star bottlecaps, the house shadowbox, the mini album, the clock stamp set.....

Love it all.


Oh, I LOVE the new leaf pins and the star bottle caps and the house and the hexagon chipboard!!!! Okay...that's four things, but I need them all! LOL!

Angela Fehr

Oh, I thought I loved the trim the best until I saw the house chipboard - and the shadowbox! So many ideas!

Mel H

So hard to pick, but I do love the spool chipboard album.

Tina W

the hexagon chippies are SUPERB! I love them.


Love the ribbon spool album!

Carol B

Great new items. Hard to pick one but I like the twine and the Time After Time stamp set.


I pinned it!

Jill B

You've been framed stamp set! <3

Casey B.

I really love the new twine!! Especially the watermelon colored one!!


My favs are the shiney bakers twine, welcome houses of chipboard and the house shadow box.

Janee Fakhreddine

Oh I love the Hexagon chipboard. I love the possibilities and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Cynthia Findley

Love the Slushie Blue twine! Hard to pick just one!! Off to pin it!

Diana Rast

Love the Chipboard... the embellishments are sweet as well.. who am I kidding I live it all... self professed supply junkie :0)

Casey B.

I pinned it!!



i appreciate the Vintage Findings - Cherries. i can picture using them on cards.


What great new stuff. I love it all - the new house shadow box and spool album are my favs. The samples are beatiful. Thanks for a chance to win.


i pinned the vintage cherries. http://pinterest.com/rush88888/promotional-reasons/

Ruthie Lopez

Congrats on the new releasing product!!
I love the Time After Time 4" x 4" Stamp! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


WOW! I want it all but would be happy to win any of it. Love the stamp time after time and the cute branches along with the watermelon twine.


My favorite is the chipboard hexagon shapes!

Ann Marie

Oh please please please pick me -- I want those tiny branches so bad!!!!!

Mary J

The hexagon chipboard set is deffo my fave!!!

Diane Miller

Love it all, but the chipboard house is fantastic!

marie sierra

i love the chipboard thread spools! i love it all but this is my favorite item!

Kristin O.

I love the new star bottle caps, the twigs, the scallop trim, sparkle twine & the "You've Been Framed" stamp set. LOVE Maya Road! :)


LOVE them all! Can't decide between the house shadowbox or the star 'bottlecap'...

Kathy Bumb

It is so hard to pick, but I do love the House Shadowbox. How adorable and what a great giveaway. Keep up the great work.

Kris Dietz

I love them all but really love those wood branches.

Miriam Prantner

Love, love, love you've been framed. That's my favorite, but my second favorite are the hexagon chips

Julie Gastelum

Love the scalloped trim and the sparkle twine. Can't wait to try the scalloped trim and hope to see it in additional colors coming up.


Whenever you introduce new products, it is challenging to just pick one. I have several in order: 1) scallop trim-lovely, delicate with so much potential 2) house shadowbox--more potential 3)welcome home chipboard--I have a soft spot for hearts & houses 4)cherries--sweet & delicious!

jani b

hard to decide, but i do love the House Shadowbox. what fun it would be to embellish it with all the great new Maya Road products

carolyn wall

my favorite would have to be the new stamp set release....!

Darcy shelstad

Lots of fun goodies!! I want to start crafting! Actually hoping for some rain for a good excuse to stay inside. If I had these it would be even a better excuse.

Jeannie (blue)

I'm torn between the butterfly masks and the branches. They'd both be so much fun to play with.

janet chinn

the shadowbox house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOVE the Alterable Scallop Trim in Cream - will be exactly what I need for my daughter's current competition dance pages - so excited. (mind you - the Frame Set stamps will also be purchased ;-) )

Katherine McKamey

The ribbon spool album and the hexagon chipboard! Can't wait to see these in real life!!

Kathy P

So many good things to have to choose just one! I know I am going to need LOTS of those stacking hex chips, and yards of watermelon twine, to start!!! Beautiful inspiration in all the projects here!

Laraine R

Great fun goodies! I can't wait to see the gold & silver twine! Thanks for a chance to win!


OMG!!! Love everything..but my fav is the sewing mini chipboard album..also love how the sample was done..simply gorgeous!!!! Thanks sooo much for the channe to win!!!

Jen Naus

I love it all! So hard to choose, but since I have to, the hexagon chipboard, the house & twine.

Joy Wyse-Thornborough

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The creative juices are flowing ... how to pick just one?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I love the New Gold Twine & The Vintage Brown & Cream pins are devine. Would love to have the opportunity to work with them first hand before that come out. That would be AWESOME! Thanks to you Maya Road. You make my Day!

Lorna E

It is a toss up for me between the house shadowbox and the sweet cherries!


OH MY!!! How adorable... all of it! Love the cherries... and the house shadow box...

Sharon Gullikson

The tiny cherries are my favorite. SO adorable---what would I use them on? Not sure yet, but I'd love to find something wonderful to make!

jackie 4124

Gotta get the Hexagon Chipboard. Love it!!!

Monique Fox

Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

The entire collection is my favorite. You'll did awesome!

I spread the word on Facebook in 2 places:

Have a blessed weekend.

Monique Fox

Julie Bonomo

Wow is right! Love the chipboard, hexagon and welcome home pieces. thank you!

Jan F

Oh so hard to chose just one favorite. Love it all !


Ohhhhhhhhhhh - I'm lovin' those tree branch/trunk thingy things. I could make lots of great things using those. How about antlers?

Alicia A

Love the Cherries in your trinket collection!


Love the House Shadow Box.

Patricia Hayrynen

I saw several things that I like, but I'm a sucker for butterflies, so the masks are my very favorite item.

Nancy Furtney

I love the house! I can not wait to get my hands on one I know exactly what pictures I will use in it. Keep up the good work - you have the best products!!!!

Diane Kirtley

I think the idea of a cute little box to decorate and a special chipboard piece inside is
intriguing. It's my favorite.

Lisa N.

Ooo la la! I absolutely love the shine gold twine cording! So many wonderful possibilities!


Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize package! My absolute favorite is the "You've been framed" Stamp set, though it was a hard decision to pick just one.

Kay K

So many new favorites! I love the gold and silver shine twine.

Khristen Foss

Love the hex chipboard and the house shadow box, but it's all good!! So hard to choose a favorite! Love that alterable scallop trim as well. thanks for the chance to win!

Staci Rae

Love the trinkets especially, but it's all awesome!!!! So much prettiness!!

Renee L.

It's so hard to choose - I love the You've been framed stamp set, chipboard houses, and the cherries.

Deb Watkins

Love the star shaped bottle caps.

joanna johnson

I'm all for the "Lisa Alphabet" chipboard, but also like the Time After Time stamps....and the stick pins....and the trim....and I'm dying for the twine......Oops! Can't pick just one!

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