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July 13, 2012


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Carol B

Pinned my favorite here:


Carol B

Holly E

I love the Vintage Wallpaper Stamp beautiful set!


I love all of it, but especially the font-ly and etc stamp sets - can't wait to play with those!


Love all of them as usual. Can't decide between the Time After Time and Ornate Botanicals Sets.


Ooh... I love the fontly stamp strips. How awesome is that?

Steph Mitchell

What a wonderful lot of stamps!! I particularly love the Ornate Botancials Stamp Sheet and the Vintage Wallpaper Stamp Sheet!! What a thrill it would be to receive one of these packs because of your generous offer!


Loving all the new stamp sets! The Vintage Wallpaper is calling my name!


I have two favorites...the Japanese fan and the vintage wallpaper.


pinned: http://pinterest.com/pin/172755335676984985/


Love all the stamps! My fave is the alpha!


Those are some awesome projects! Those stamps are amazing and I love the You've been framed set!

Sue D

Fabulous products and projects. My favorite is the Vintage Wallpaper stamps.

Nicole Doiron

WOW! Amazing stamps and once again, gorgeous work from your DT! The amazement never stops! My favorite stamp set is My Star Singleton Stamp!!! So many possibilities with these star stamps! Thanks for another chance to win!

Nicole Doiron

I have pinned some more Maya Road eye candy to my "I Want..." board on Pinterest.


Mary Staveness

I think my favorites are the Etc and You've Been Framed stamped sets. I also really like those Kraft sticker sheets. Great products! Loving the sneak peeks!

April W

Love the kraft heart stickers!!

April W

You've been pinned! ;)


ruth tacoma

LOVE the fontly stamp strip!!!!


LOVE the stars and Vintage Wallpaper Stamp Sheet!


I pinned this: http://pinterest.com/pin/206954545347245895/


Love those Vintage Wallpaper stamps!!!!

Anita Price

love the framed stamps! and the stars - and the craft stickers!!!

Anita Price

pinned - http://pinterest.com/pin/7670261836158485/

Kathy P

Oh, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase don't make me pick one today~! I love those stamps, every little bit of every one of them! Must haves on my lists!

Melinda Wilson

I love the You're being framed set!!

Rebecca Lovell

OMG! So many I must have!!! I think my favorites are the You've Been Framed stamp set, and the Vintage Wallpaper ones! Wow! I'm totally impressed!!!

Cynthia B.

Love your stamps! My favorite item you've shown here is the You've been Framed stamp set! So cute, and great patterns. :)


I LOVE the vintage wallpaper stamp! It's exactly what I've been looking for!


That You've Been Framed Set is just too fun ... thanks for the chance to win.

Michal Shoval

I love the "Font-ly Stamp Strip (2" x 6")" - beautiful!!!

Donna U

Our town stamp strip is one of many that stands out for me! Looks like fun

Angie Stewart

I really like all of them. Especially the My Star, Fontly, Vintage Wallpaper, and .......oh, I guess I should just say...ALL OF THEM! Thank you for making such great products.

Marilyn B. Hughes

The vintage wallpaper is my favorite! Absolutely love it and what a great background stamp it will make!

Heather H

I'm torn between the You've Been Framed stamp set and the Our Town stamp strip. I love them both!!!


Pinned you! http://pinterest.com/pin/260505159666434246/


Love the you been frame stamp set, font-ly strip stamps and the stars.

Cynthia B.

I pinned your post!


I pined http://pinterest.com/pin/204773114277791382/

marie sierra

wow!! i am just loving all the new product reveals! thank you for the chance to win a lil something


Johanna H

The vintage wallpaper stamps are my favourite!

Larell Strickland


Sherie Alexander

i love 'youve been framed'

Diana Fleming

My favorite is the Our Town Stamp Strip....so many possibilities with that stamp...love all the stamps to tell you the truth!

Samantha T

Love them all but my fave is the vintage wallpaper!

Dawn Swinson

The You've Been Framed set made me laugh. I'll have to have that one. Just did our family beach vacation and in every picture my 3 year old grandson said "cheeeeese"! I couldn't get him to stop and just give me a regular smile! Love Time after Time too and all of the great project ideas!

Marie Butler

Love, love, love them. My favorites are Vintage Wallpaper and Japanese Fan!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Jean Marmo

MUST have these stamps!!!!

Diane A

The stickers you can stamp on are a fantastic idea, thanks can't wait to try them!

jackie 4124

Love the new background stamps, Vintage Wallpaper and Japanese fan.

Kiki Halbert

I think by far, my fave is the vintage wallpaper!

jackie 4124



LOVE your products! Anything made with fibers/fabrics/ribbons are my favorites!

Pam Spradlin

My favorite stamp is the You've Been Framed set. I can see this being used time and time again.


Love the stamps.
Creative Hugs


Adore the Vintage Wallpaper, plus all linen products!


I love the craft stickers!

Dana Cavanaugh

So much to love and so many ideas! Love the vintage wallpaper, birds, flowers, clocks and Japanese fan stamps.

Beatrice Lawson

Oh the stamps! Love them all but theVintage Wallpaper ones are to die for!

Suzze Tiernan

YOU ARE stampendous! Love the YOU ARE set!

Pamela Romero


Jenny McGee

The stamps are cute, I love the stars and the bicycles. Thanks for a chance to win.

Sharri Reeves

What do I love about todays products? I love it all! But that vintage wallpaper stamp is my favorite.

Jenny McGee

I just pinned your blog http://pinterest.com/pin/184295809721984453/


The Fontly and the You've been Framed stamps with the kraft stickers... SWOON!


great projects, my favorite is the time after time set and love the kraft stickers

Sharri Reeves

Pinned post to Pinterest! Thanks for the chance to win.





It is a toss up between the Ornate Botanical and Feathered Friends stamps. Too cool.



Rea Custer

I just love all the peeks, but those clock stamps are so cute, they are my favorite.

Becky Lee

Love Time After Time

Naomi Armenta

Love all the previews!


Oooooo can't wait for the Kraft stickers!

Becky Lee

I pinned "The Colors Of My Life" here: http://pinterest.com/pin/140456082099335788/


Love the clocks and all vintages. The person who did the "Follow your heart" book did a great job. Enjoyed seeing what you did with new product.

Debbie Baker

I just love, love, love the vintage wallpaper stamps.

Rea Custer

Here is my pin to the post, http://pinterest.com/pin/63331938480567155/

Andrea Garland

Oh what great stamps, i love the frame stamp, the etc stamp and the stickers.

Pam D.

Love the Vintage Wallpaper Stamp Sheet - so versatile !!
Pinned Rhonda's tag - love those colors and butterfly stamp! http://media-cache-ec2.pinterest.com/upload/124693483403446548_8jCk3Fxf_f.jpg

Andrea Garland

Pinned it here: http://pinterest.com/pin/37084396902295441/

Marcy F.

Like the Vintage Wallpaper and clocks.

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

love the "you've been framed" stamp set!!!

Amanda Kuykendall

I pinned the house stamps! http://pinterest.com/pin/274649277246068139/

Nina Nuernberger

I love all of the beautiful examples best! I also really love the You've been Framed stamp set! Have fun at the show!

Marla P.

You guys always have the best stamps! Love the star set and the framed set. Too adorable!

Rachel Salazar

The kraft stickers are very cool!!!! Thanks Maya Road for the chance to win!


Love the "Our Town" strip and the vintage wallpaper -- so pretty! Wishing you much success at the show!

Bethany Becker

I love the frame stamps and the wallpaper stamps!

Amy Jackson

Hmmm...I'm not sure where to start, it's a long list...lol. How about just the top three... #1 you've been framed (so cool!) #2 Font-ly (fabulous, love the solid and outline idea) and the Etc. (I use this all the tikme, finally someone made this a stamp for me :) Awesome release...you rock MR!


This is hard to choose just one - they are all awesome. I love the bicycles and follow your heart book.

Rachel Salazar

Here is my link!

Danette Munn

I love the old wallpaper stamps amd the Japanese fans are a great set too.

Rachel Salazar

Here is my link!! http://pinterest.com/pin/80431543315827668/

Jackie B.

Hard to choose just one, but I love clocks, so the Time After Time stamps. Thanks for the chance to win!


My favorite product today isthe wallpaper stamp! I love them on them on the kraft stickers, and how the DT used them!

stacy allen

i really like the time after time and vintage wallpaper stamps...but my absolute favorite is the houndstooth star stamp!!!


Here's my pin :)

stacy allen

i pinned!!!


Linda M.

You've been framed is fantastic!

Jackie H


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