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July 11, 2012


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I love the vintage kraft pins.


Everything is super cute but I'm most excited about the fabric tape.


these are so gorgeous! love the fabric tapes, the pins and cute cute bows.


shared on pinterest

Kelly Massman

My favorites: Antique Skeleton Keys, Antique Butterflies!! Thanks for a chance to win!

Cynthia B.

Fun!! My favorites are the kraft pins (all styles - they're all cute) and the candy stripe bows. Thanks, Maya Road!

Maryann Hamilton

I love the vintage keys, houses, and birds. Too cute. I especially love the hearts, since hearts are my favorite, and the awesome ideas displayed above. Thanks Maya.


oooh - the metal clips and floral tape are awesome!

Ellie A.

Loving those burlap roses so beautiful I can see them being used on my mini's just amazing!

Jamie Howard-Sears

I must have the gingham tape....soooooo coolio!!

Carla H.

My favorite item from today's sneak peek are the fabric tapes! So cute! And you can do so much with them!


LOOOOOVE the fabric tape!!


I really like the Vintage Kraft Pins- fun!

Jamie Howard-Sears

pinned it...cause I'm awesome! ;)


i love the gingham fabric tape, that is so cool looking!

Sabrina Carlisle

Wow! Great products coming! Very excited! Love the fabric tape...especially the plaid one! The fact that it can be stamped on is very exciting!


Love the Gingham Fabric Tape!! Really going to need it :)


Pinned the gorgeous linen burlap trim and roses!!


I pinned it :)


Carla H.

Here's my link to my pinning of this blog post:



Love the fabric tape and the shaped paper clips!!!! ♥♥


The Burlap roses and ribbon are stunning. The pins are so great. Can't wait to see it all and get some to play with.


I pinned the kraft pins: http://pinterest.com/pin/206954545347226148/

Monique Leslie

Oh my gosh. I love love it all. But my favs are the fabric tape, the star pins, the bird clips, and the TWINE...love the Twine.


The butterflies and the fabric tape are my favorites!

Annette Allen

Oh my I love it all...it is like candy in my crafty hands..I love the tape..so fun and cool...thanks for sharing...IT IS FABULOUS


Great stuff!! Love the our home clips and the floral fabric tape!

Stephanie F.

LOVE the fabric tape!!

Sabrina Carlisle


On Pinterest!


ooo, how do I choose between the metal clips and kraft pins?!? everything is brilliant :D

Mairi Forsyth

This is tough cause there are some nice things to oogle. I love the keys and the butterflies especially after I see the butterflies being used. But if I had to select just one. It would have to be the house paper clips. They kick my creative bones into high geer!


Oh those vintage kraft pins in hearts and butterflies are just divine - can't wait to get a chance to play with those. Thanks for the give aways, now heading off to pinterest :)

Stephanie F.



Joan V

Love the linen burlap. Loved the tag book, last project. how fun.

Jackie H

I like the burlap, all colors ! I also like the keys and butterflies!


Bows! Bows! Bows!


I love the antique keys! Also like that twine... Thanks for the chance to win it!

Caroline D.

wow- everything looks great!! Really love the linen burlap and the fabric tapes!

Joan V

posted the tag booklet on my pinterest board .


All the products above are awesome!! Love to try the new fabric tape!!


I have THREE favorites! The gingham tapes, the little bows, and the trinket pins!!! WOW! Love!

Caroline D.

pinned!! :o) thanks for the chance at the goodies!


Tina Walker

I am loving the vintage Kraft pins! Super Yum!

Amy Smith

Wow! So hard to pick a favorite! Love the fabric tape!


love the gingham fabric tape!

Joan V

Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/69665125456556826/

Shari Klyn

I gotta have some of those antique butterflies and the birdie clips. Luv em!!

Jackie B.

I can't believe you want us to pick only 1 thing. I'll go with the Antique Skeleton keys - I love antique keys! Thanks for the chance to win.

Kari Cosentino

love the antique butterflies and the twine!!!! and I love the projects posted too.

Lynn Eon

Amazing! The antique butterflies are my favorite!!! I can't te:-) ll you how long I've been waiting for exactly that item!

Marcy F.

Sorry could not choose between the fabric tape and striped bows.

Shari Klyn

I pinned the antique metals! http://pinterest.com/pin/3518505929547856/?timeline=1&fb_action_ids=4217045626743&fb_action_types=pinterestapp%3Apin&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=10151052373147165

Jackie B.

Pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/179651472606217276/

shannin marie

Love the keys and the metal clips. Adorable. Thank you for a chance to win.

kathy d

I love your antique butterflies and keys- how cute they are. I just started using twine so that will be fun to try.
I pinned the antique butterflies.

Linda P

I love it all! I guess my favorite would be the metal trinkets.

Anne Hoover

I really like the vintage Kraft butterfly pins and the Candy stripe bows! Just too cute!

Anne H.

Debbie Baker

I just love the fabric tape.


I really love the new Linen Burlap Trim and the coordinating Roses!!!

June Goh

Ohh which should I pick ? All so yummy. I guess the fabric tapes.

Corri Garza

Wow! Everything looks fabulous! I love the linen burlap and coordiating little roses....I must have those!


OMG the tape!!! Cannot wait for it!


Very cool stuff! I am loving the fabric tape!


The burlap flowers and ribbons. Glad to have cream flowers and ribbon to play around with all the great new products coming out. The fabric tape is a close second.


Pinned here: http://pinterest.com/pin/113082640614125654/

Claire S

I'm so glad you showcased such beautiful items..LOVE the clips and Gingham tape. I've already got you pinned!!
Claire S.

Sharmon Savoie

I love the linen burlap, it is gorgeous!

laura stewart

love the little bow ties!! so cute

Ann Norviel

I love it all, but I particularly like the clips, keys, star pins (sigh - love, love, love) and the new twine!

Nina Nuernberger

So many pretties! Love the fabric tapes!

Ann Norviel

Pinned here :) http://pinterest.com/pin/30188259972947689/


Love everything - a lot! But my favorite is the fabric tape. Gush!

Stacy Buller

Love sneak peeks and your Gingham Fabaric tape is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lilly barton

Love the linen burlap and the fabric tapes!


LOVE the pinstripe bows and the washi tape!!! LOVEIT!!!

Peggy Snodgrass

Love the Linen Burlap and the matching flowers!!!!
They are fabulous.

Shella Newton

I love the Gingham fabric tape, all the pins, and the bows!!! I am new to MR and each time I see your products I feel like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of coins!! Thank you much for the opportunity to win!

Shella Newton


Cynthia Guerrero

Yummy so much yummy goodness. Love the washi tape, my favorite product right now but love those clips. Very cool.

Anita Price

my fave is the clips, no the metal butterflies, no the pins...oh I just love it all!

Anita Price

pinned :)

Linda Gothard

I absolutely love the candy striped bows and the linen ribbon and roses. I can't wait to see the rest.


OMG love the fabric tape ! Will so have to get me some. :)


So hard to decide - love them all - but the little birdie clips and the gingham tapes are just to wonderful!
thanks for the chance!

kathleen schriber

i like the vintage craft pins, but i love that new harvest cording. that's the thicker twine right? i could put this to good use will my fall layouts and my garden vegetables pictures i'll be 'putting up' this year.

Kari Sanchez

I love it all...but my favorites are the metal keys and butterflies and then the new fabric tapes! :) Can't wait to get those! :)

Amy Nguyen

Love Love Love the fabric tape!!!


My first Pin created by me!! http://pinterest.com/pin/63050463503847338/

Angie Stewart

Very exciting peeks!! I LOVE the fabric tape. Can't wait to get ahold of some!

stacy allen

love the harvest corn twine...already have a million ideas bouncing around as to how i will be using this with my altered art halloween projects!

stacy allen

pinned the harvest corn to pinterest!http://pinterest.com/pin/204350901812653947/

Heather H

Oh my goodness!! How do I choose just one thing? I love it all!! I guess the coloured burlap is a favourite, but I want it all!!!


My goodness!!! Can you say yumminess?? Your behind the scenes people have done an uber fab job!!! AT first I thought my fave would be the fabric tapes---but THEN I saw the burlap coordinates!!! Thank you for the op to win---you will be blessed for your generosity:)

L. Ferguson

Love the burlap flowers, fabric tape and kraft pins.

Suzanne P

The new burlap trim and roses!!!!! I think I shall pass out!!!!!

Julie Bonomo

love the linen burlap, craft pins and butterfly....absolutely love the last "live for art" project! beautiful colors!

Renee Thornborough

I really like all of the new products, but if I had to narrow it down - the burlap roses and fabric tapes.

Erica Parthum

The Burlap trim in such fab colors. Can't wait to make some fabric flowers with them


Oh I LOVE the birdie clips! Must have! That pretty burlap trim and roses are a close second though ;)

Amanda Kuykendall

Long time Lover of Keys-so many things they can relate to, so they are my choice!

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