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July 12, 2012


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Michelle Looi

SqueAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the wooden stuff. I had been 'collecting' MR canvas/chipboards, moving on to wooden stuff from MR! So SO YUMMY!

Michelle Looi

My pin - http://pinterest.com/pin/171066485816607243/


As usual all of them are gorgeous but my favourite are the Alterable Canvas Blooms. Love things that you can make any colour that you want.


OH Wow!! I just love the wooden birds and the linen shapes! So versatile and fun to use!

Samantha Kania

OMG I love all the canvas, especially the bag!

Samantha Kania

I pinned too!!

Sally Cendral

WOW what pretty things -- nothing I wouldn't jump to have; but would give a lot to have some of those gorgeous little wooden birds straight away -- prettified with the tulle! Love them all.
Greetings from France - Sally

May Poh

I simply love the Linen Art Journal Book. I think I know how I am going to decorate it :D


I love the new wood pieces! Everything is amazing and those projects WOW!!!!


How can I pick a fave?? I love it all, especially the wood pieces! But I'll pick the orange trim as my fave - love the bright color!


Pinned here:

Jean Marmo

WOW!! Love the linen pieces!! And the wood!!! Want it all.


i cant pick a favorite..but I do love the linen pieces, the trim, the wood pieces!!


Everything is awesome! But I have fallen in love with the blue Tu-Tu Tulle and the flowers and embellisments you have made. They are really beautiful

Kelly Massman

In love with all the woods!!! Thanks for a chance to win!


LOVE the linen books!!


Pinned it! http://pinterest.com/pin/172755335676977948/

Dara Lynn Hale

Maya Road has outdone themselves with these new releases!!!! It's a really hard pick today! I am going with the BRAND NEW Linen Mini Album....with a sneak pick of the BRANND NEW canvas bag!! Ronda Palazzari continues to rock it out!!

Dara Lynn Hale

http://pinterest.com/pin/72620612712004235/ and http://pinterest.com/pin/72620612712004162/ for Ronda's creation
Congratulations on the new releases Maya Road!!!!!


I like to embellish with ribbons and flowers. The ruffled ribbons are great - one less thing I have to do. The various textures add to the versatility of their use.

Nicole Doiron

Oooh... another batch of lovelies from Maya Road!!! How will i ever be able to afford all these goodies i'm seeing this week!? I just might have to sell my soul - hehehe
My favorite product today are the Wood Shipping Tags! :)

Nicole Doiron

I pinned a picture of my favorite products today on Pinterest!


Theresa Grdina

If I could only pick ONE thing...I would choose the tu-tu-tulle in all of the marvelous colors! GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE this release.


Wow! LOVE the tags, the blank bingo chips and especially the Alterable Canvas Hip Bag!


I pinned that fabulous bag! http://pinterest.com/pin/206954545347237974/

Jenny McGee

Fun new products. I love the wooden bingo pieces. So cute. Thanks for a chance to win.

Jenny McGee

Here is my pinterest post http://pinterest.com/pin/184295809721974023/

Julie Mitchell

I love all the linen products. Very classy stuff!

Maureen Kelliher

Love the wooden accents...especially the mini clothes pins.

Krystle Thomas

The canvas banners are right on the mark!


So many luscious goodies here to get your creative spirit on the move but the wood tags are first on my list!

Jodie R

Just a second! I have to roll my tongue back in my mouth! LOL! I want it all! Just tell me when it is going to be in the stores! LOL!

Beth W

Well pretty much all of these are going on the "list"-but since I adore Halloween,the orange and black ruffled tulle is my favorite.

Julie Shearer

Love all the new goodies. I expecially love the new tags. Thanks for making all of these fun embellishments and a chance to win !!


I love it all.


I so Love all of your products!! The Linen books are to die for!!! Wow!!

kathleen schriber

omword...what don't i like? i could see me using the branches and birds, and the buttons and canvas, and...oh....just all of it! i love maya road.

Cresta Woodruff

I love the wooden bingo pieces, and the mums, and pretty much everything else! =)

Aimee K

Oh my goodness! All of these new pieces are wonderful! I am loving the bingo pieces especially the ones with the starts, hearts, & butterflies! Thank you Maya Road for bringing us these fabulous new goodies!

Nina Nuernberger

I don't want to have to pick a favorite, but since you are forcing me too, I will pick the mums. Everything looks amazing! I can't wait to see some examples with the tote bag!


here's my pin http://pinterest.com/pin/211035932509481142/

Cresta Woodruff

My pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/160229699213179758/

Jennifer Maier

I <3<3<3 everything but the mini clothes pins are to DIE for!!!

kathleen schriber

my link to pinterest pinniny maya road.

thanks for the chance to win.


Lacey Igo

Looks GREAT!! Love the wood and the tulle trim!!!

Marilyn B. Hughes

Love the wood twigs and the wood shipping tags though everything is so cool!


I love the wood embellishments the best! The tulle is fabulous, too!


I pinned the wood embellishments!


Love it all!!!! But I would have to pick the tu-tu tulle.

I don't know how to pin.


Do i have to be pick ONE favorite? Cuz that is totally not possible! Those bingo pieces are screaming at the painter in me to jump in my stash now and those linen pieces WOW! I have so many ideas jumping in my head right now of what I could do with all this stuff.

And that binder and journal told me they wanted to come home to me....just sayin ;)


love the twigs and birds!


They are all so wonderful, but to pick... I would pick the wooden buttons and clothes pins(so adorable). The tulle is super cute too!


My favorite is the canvas blooms! Or is it the linen album?? I love it all!


Here's my pin :)


Gorgeous!! Thnx for a chance to win. hugs Marley


Here's my pin:


here's my pin

Gracie Ann Tan

Loving all the different textures. The wooden stuff are my faves as well as the linen binder.

Anita Price

EEEK - love it all, but my fave is definitely the alterable scallop trim!

Miriam Prantner

The tags! I love the tags, both the wooden and linen versions.

Miriam Prantner

I pinned the tags: http://pinterest.com/pin/62980094759656230/

Anita Price

here's my pin :)

Andrea Garland

Love the clothes pins and the alterable bingo motifs.

Andrea Garland

I pinned here: http://pinterest.com/pin/37084396902286970/


I want it all! You should have a chipboard sample pack soi could have 1 or 2 of each!

Mel H

Loving the tu-tu tulle trims!


Mums and matching trim!

Luzette Rivera

sorry to say that they are all my favorite, jijiji but the album is killing me, love it....

Cynthia B.

The tu-tu tulle is my favorite! Great new products!

Olivia L.

I am really loving all the new Linen embellies and albums. Beautiful as is and easy to alter. Plus they add such depth and texture for gorgeous projects!

Mairi Forsyth

Wow who would of thought I would be picking ribbons over embellishments but that tu tu tulle has caught my creative bones and sent them vibrating. Well done!


I love that linen album!! Texture is wonderful in most any form. So everything looks great. But I have a fondness for journals/albums.

Kelly Plamondon

I love wooden accents as you can keep them natural or alter them in so many ways. But those canvas blooms are to die for!!! Awesome products! Thanks for the giveaway.


I love those little wooden twigs and the linen pieces..especially the banners...way cute!


Great stuff! LOVE those wood buttons!

Melissa 'Ziggy' Cook

I love the linen items. Mostly because I do x-stitch. The first thing I thought was what count are those! I'd like to combine both my hobbies.


Love the linen albums! [Everything is awesome though! I love texture]

Naomi Armenta

Love all linen..heck I love it all! the wooden birds...love them!

Erica Hettwer

Love the new wood pieces!

Michelle Salazar

Love the new releases. . .


Loving the linen and the tulle xx


Oh My!! Another awesome day of inspiration!! Love it all and those bingo pieces are so cute!! Karrie :)

lisa P.

Wow! Love all the natural and alterable items. Love how each piece can be used to fit whatever i'm working on. Love the linen pieces.

Renee Thornborough

Love, Love, Love the new trims!!!

Renee Thornborough

Pinned it!


Love the linen - especially the art journal!


Pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/164170348887242907/

Tiffany Henderson

Love love LOVE all of it! Especially the art journal and new trims!!


Love the linen album! Very cool! Also got my eye on those cute little clothespins!

Kris stice

Love the canvas book!


I Love all the wood shapes. Can't wait to get my hands on them!!

Mary Kay Audd

The linen book is my fave and of course all the flowers!


I adore the linen art journals! So many possibilities! *love* love* love*
thanks for the chance to win!

Mary Kay Audd

My Pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/pin/272045633711591764/

Rebecca Lovell

I love the Tu-Tu Tulle, and the wooden buttons most, though everything is great!!!


ohh YES, more of what i love about MR + the tu-tu-awesome tulle trims & scalloped ones, as well :) hurray!!


Everything is my fav! I love the wood pieces and the linen binders too ...those are fabulous!

Amy Jones #8546

Im loving everything. It's hard to choose just one thing so I will have to say the wooden pieces....they blow me away. I love the projects too. so many different things we can create with these and Im loving how it has the mixed media feel to it. Great stuff here for sure....

Cynthia B.

Pinned this post:
Great stuff on this post - thanks for the chance to win!


Wow! As I paged down the post, the products kept getting better and better! I LOOOOVE that scallop trim and the mums!

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