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July 12, 2012


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Pinned my fave (though it was sooo hard to choose!): http://pinterest.com/pin/260505159666427156/

Jenny Kingham

My favorite is the canvas binder!!! I love it....but then Iove all the new release :)

Jennifer Grace

Ooh, I love the buttons, and the albums, and the tulle! I guess my favourite is the tulle trim, as I love that soft look it will bring to a project! x

Jennifer Grace

And here's my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/100416266662239567/

Thanks for the chance to win! x

sharon gullikson

The bingo pieces with stars and birds and things would be my favorite!

B. Poteraj

The linen banners are my favorite. WOW.

Bethany Becker

I love the wood buttons!

Silvia Mendoza

WOW! Beautiful like everything your brand makes. My favorite is all the raw embelishments. The canva blooms and of course the tulle. Oh the possabilities!!! Thanks for the change to win !!!


I think my favorite is the bingo motifs - so cute.

susie moore

I love all the canvas, but I am swooning over the cloth tape!

Barbara H

My favorite new item are the alterable canvas blooms, just love them.

Mary Staveness

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wood items! I WILL DEFINITELY be purchasing some of these unless, of course, I win some! ;)

Melinda Wilson

I love the alterable linen blooms!

April W

LOVE the linen hearts!!!


Love, love, love the linen art journal! Thanks for the sneak peek!


Pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/99712579220467652/

Carol B

Awesome sets! I love the You've Been Framed set the most, so versatile and fun!

Carol B

Britt Bass

Oh Em Gee. I Love those wood buttons SO much! Great stuff on this post!

Britt Bass

Pinned the post here:



Lots of goodness in this release! Loving the wood tags and have lots of ideas in mind for these already!

Susan Hahaj

I loved all the ideas, but ESP. The we will build a snowman page!

Sue D

Wonderful--I like the tu tu tulle and the alterable mums and canvas flowers.

ruth tacoma

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wood twigs!!!!

Kathy P

The wooden accents...so may ways to personalize them for each project!

Patty Del Rosa

You did it again -- love the wood embellishments AND alterable bingo pieces. Brilliant!!

Michal Shoval

I love the "Mini Linen Tags" - I'm it can give extra texture to any project.

Heather H

I love the alterable trims with matching flowers -- gorgeous!!! Actually I love everything!!

Samantha T

OOh, I want them all...but the mini linen tags might be my fave!

Diane A

Can't believe I missed day two. I just love all the linen possibilities.

Ruth G

It's a texture wonderland! It's hard to pick just one, but the Alterable Scallop Trim with matching Mums are fantastic!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Ruth G

I couldn't resist adding this to my "supplies" board:


Thanks for the chance to win!


WOW!!!! I am at a loss to choose a favorite! I love the little clothes pins....and the tuille...oh my.

Marla P.

The mini clothes pin and the alterable bingo motifs are the cutest ever! Love them!

Danette Munn

I love the hip bag and the wooden birds!!!! Heck, I love it all!!!

Linda M.

The 4" linen binder is darling!

Linda M.


Here's my pin!

Amanda Christina

Oh my that is one stunning bunch of wonderful inspiring creativity I can not just pick out thing out the tulle, the mums, the tote, the linen the chipboard its all fabulous!!

Julie Bonomo

Love the "woodies".....tags, birds, bingo pieces. Oh, my!

Karen Rice

The tulle, scallop trim are hot--my favorite today is the wood pieces--thank you! I also like the linen pieces! Can't wait until tomorrow!

kristy c.

those wood shapes make my heart melt! swoon!

kristy c.

here's my pin!


Janet Zeppa

LOVE those canvas blooms!!

Kelly Sas

Oh my favorite are the wood items, especially the twigs! I'm feeling soooo lucky since the day you pick the winners is my b-day.

Robin B.

I'm loving the Mums,the wood Shipping Tags and the Alterable Bingo Motifs.


I love the wood birds!!!

Renee VanEpps

Ooooh, loving all that raw wood, my fave product is the alterable mums though! Thanks for the chance 2 win!!!



susan schultheis

Just when I think you have done it all......you come out with the most spectacular products I have ever seen. I want one of everything yesterday, today and tomorrow. THanks.

Renee VanEpps

Here's my pin: http://pinterest.com/reneevanepps/cha-12-wish-list/


Choosing one is too hard! I love both Alterable Bingo Motifs and Alterable Bingo Numbers and can't decide which is better!


Pinned it!

Linda Leonhardt

It's sooo hard to pick a favorite, they're all beautiful! Love the new wood weathered friends!

Jenny Johns

Oh my, one word: R.A.W.! It's amazing!


Everything is so pretty! & the hip bag is a MUST!!!!

Laurie Guidry

Loving it all but fave has to be Tu-Tu Tulle


Love the Alterable Canvas Hip Bag! I want a crossbody bag, but the Vera Bradley ones are too expensive and I want to decorate my own bag!

Tina V

The tu-tu- tulle looks like lots of fun!

Michelle Easters

I love your linen albums and hearts they are so great for altering and the canvas bag is brilliant :)

Jackie A xxx

I love the wood min tags.

Jackie A xxx

my pinterest borad is here


Celeste B.

Love the wood shipping tags and the linen album.

Diane Hover

More wonderful and inspiring goodness!! Here is my Pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/pin/212021094928084769/

Diane Hover

always love whatever Maya Road has to offer, but I am addicted to using Tulle, so have to go with the TuTu Tulle...gorgeous!

Ellie A.

Here is my Pin : http://pinterest.com/pin/43839796343376487/

Larissa Heskett =)

OMG!! I can't pick just ONE favorite!! I LOVE it ALL and will haveto have most of it!! =) THANKS for sharing and for he chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Heather Robertson

fabulous projects - love the wooden buttons and canvas albums

L. Ferguson

Loving all the wooden elements! So much fun to be had with all the items! Must have all in my collection!

Nancy L

Oh I can't decide between the Bingo motifs or the numbers. I think the numbers have a slight edge over the motifs. Sooo cute. Of course, I love all the other items posted today. Awesome stuff!


Am loving those trims.


I love the Alterable Canvas Hip Bag!


here is my pin Url


I was blown away today! I absolutely love the linen hip bag, notebook, and flowers! I can just imagine what can be done with the smooch sprays and spritzes, not to mention the stamps. Here too, the linen flowers would be very pretty on the hip bag! I also love the wood items, especially the buttons with the numbers. I love anything with a vintage feel.

Margie Visnick

Oooh, what beautiful txtures!! I love the wood tags and the tulle trims!

Margie Visnick

Pinned here:


Your embellishments are wonderful! I think it's a tie for me between the Halloween Tulle and the canvas banners!

Patty W

Gorgeous! Especially love the trims, my favorite is the scalloped one!


Ugh! How am I to choose only one from this post?! My favorite(s) are the Linen Covered Board Book, Tu-Tu-Tulle trim, and the Alterable Scallop Mums.

Connie B

Love the bingo motiffs and the scallops! So many great new goodies.

Pat Mann

I like the use of linen in both covers and accessories.



Nancy L

Pinned at http://pinterest.com/pin/44473115041048299/

Carol Mc

I love everything, my favorite would have
to be the wood embellishments.

Kate Blue

I need the bag and I need the birds!!! AWESOME STUFF!

Kate Blue

actually pinned more than one on this day but here's one....loving the birdee :)

kate blue


Oh wow! Linen and wood! Perfect embellishment! I would love to win:)


I love all the wooden shapes! They are FANTASTIC

Cher K

I can not pick one, I love it all. What beautiful eye candy!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Shawn Wenrich

The blooms and the designers amazing work, love it!

Shawn Wenrich



LOVE the linen shapes! And the journal :)


Pinned here http://pinterest.com/pin/197032552418195471/ and here http://pinterest.com/pin/197032552418195474/


I am addicted to the wood pieces!! Lovin the canvas items too.

laura stewart

the raw numbers are awesome

Lisa C.

Love the birds and tags!!


Love all the wood shapes!!


I love how you let us customize everything on your chipboards, trims and canvases! And the designer projects are all so gorgeous... you've got a simply amazing team!


I love the projects you have for examples. I am drawn to the alterable canvas hip bag. Endless possibilities. Thanks.

Caroline D.

awesome projects!! My favorite has to be the collection of tags!

Caroline D.

Pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/253538653992872844/

Stacy Greening

Love, Love, Love those branches and birds!!! How perfect!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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