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January 10, 2013


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Linda Norris

I also posted on your facebook that I love the pink pearl stick pins.


just posted a comment on Facebook! :)

Cynthia Baldwin

I love the turquoise star pins and the What's the Good Word (speech/thought bubbles are awesome)!

Cynthia Baldwin

Here's my pin:


The linen books look like they will be a lot of fun.

Mary H.

I love the Butterfly and Star Pins.


the little pennants are so cute and so versatile!

Mary H.

I wrote on your FB- Love the Butterfly and Star Pins!

marie sierra

ooo i love the stick pins! i would use them on everything!

Jessica K

Trinket pins are my all time favorite. I can not get enough of them!


I have always loved your Trinket Pins. Thanks...this is wonderful.


Pinned the trinket pins on Debby Lewis's board.

Judith Blanchard

My fave has to be the birdies!! LOVE!


Left you a comment on FB

Susanne Elson

Love the new stamps, especially the Vintage doorways & fences. I'm collecting home accessory stamps & they are hard to find. Can't wait to see in person! Thank You


My favorites are your trinket pins (new and old) - so many sweet little styles and so many ways to use them!!


I think the Kraft pins. . . and the jewelled pints, too. :)


Pinned: http://pinterest.com/pin/51721095692615861/

And, noticed a typo in my previous post. Oops!


I really like the linen!!! The pins are cute too.


Those stamps are awesome! Also love the pins, so pretty!

Kelly Massman

my favorite from today: Picture Perfect Cameras !! awesome new stuff! TFS!

Carol Douglass

I pinned on Pinterest! http://pinterest.com/pin/38280665554685750/

Carol Douglass

Okay...I am sucker for anything Kraft, burlap, linen. Love those cute little kraft pins!

Carol Douglass

I commented on your FB page.

Peggy Snodgrass

The stick pins are adorable but I really love those linen books and pieces.

Julie A. Shearer

I love the star stickpins . It's all beautiful .


Today my favorites are ALLLLLLLLLLL the cute PINS!!!!! Thanks for the sneak peaks!!!

Julie A. Shearer

I left a comment on your FB page .


love the linen pieces!

kathleen schriber

my favorites today are the pins. i commented on your facebook that i love these pins also.

Natasha Poteraj

The linen products are my favorites!!!!

Sharon Gullikson

I love the feathers stamps!

Sharon Gullikson

I mentioned on my FB that I like the feathers stamps.


Love the clear trinket pins - they are soooooooo versatile!

Karen in OH

Your new linen items are super, esp. the mini journal type and pennants!

Carolyn S

My favorite(s) today are first the stick pins and then the new heart stamps -- Valentines Day is right around the corner and the heart images would be terrific to own.

Laurie Kearnes

I love the linen! And that album Point Shoot and Click that your designer made is just so darling!

Jenny McGee

I like the stick pins, the stars are my fave. Thanks for a chance to win.

Jessie G

I like the linen!

Jessie G

Heading over to Facebook to post!

Mary S - Big Mamma

I love that burlap.. I really into burlap right now.. but really everything is awesome you have.

Mary S - Big Mamma

I pinned my fav pick. http://pinterest.com/pin/196047390000879048/

Mary S - Big Mamma

I gave my love over on your FB page.

Sharlene Piscitelli

Hard to choose but I love the camera stamp sheet.

Sharlene Piscitelli

Commented about my favorite on your Facebook wall

Wee Yi Xin

Pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/477733472942007617/

Sharlene Piscitelli

Here is my pin http://pinterest.com/pin/136022851217292263/

Wee Yi Xin

Wrote on your FB wall!

Julie Gastelum

Love all of the items...the pins are pretty but I have some interesting ideas about the linen...

Stacy Caddy

Posted on FB..

Livia B.

I love, love, love the linen products!

And I'v created a board just for what I like


And I'm following you on Pinterest!

jackie tuttle

I love the new kraft bird pins and the new star pins. Thank you for the chance to win.

Jeannine H

The trincket pins with craft icons are really neat! I love the people icon in particular.

Carol B

Love the yummy goodies! I really like the cameras the best!

Carol B

Carol B

Pinned here"


Carol B

Melinda Wilson

I love the butterfly and star pins!!

Emily Keaton

My favorites today? Definitely the awesome pins!

Abby Valencia

Loving these sneak peeks!! That camera stamp is calling my name!

Sandra Y.

Super cute as usual! Love the card sentiments stamps and the linen items are what I can't wait to get my hands on.

Fleur Smith

Great pins and the linens are beautiful :)

Jessica Toulmin

pinned an image here: http://pinterest.com/jessicatoulmin/cards-scrapbooking/

nitasha g.

love the stamps!!!!!

Jessica Toulmin

Love the jewel and kraft pins, stamps and linen items!

Jessica Toulmin

commented on your fb wall too. Thanks :-)

Tifany DeGough

Ahhhh...I am SO excited you are bringing back the Clear Jewels Trinket Pins!!!
I was just thinking the other day that I should contact you and ask you to bring then back!
I'm thrilled...they are one of my all-time favorite Trinket Pin styles!

mary ann kennedy

I love the stamp sets with the cameras!

Judy Rice

I love the linen things especially the Pennant pieces! Thank you for a chance to win.

Lucy Martin del Camp

Love the trinket pins and all stamps!!!

Lucy Martin del Camp

I pinned at http://pinterest.com/pin/201676889535089600/ and I am following you!

beatrice lawson

I love the trinket pins but the stamps are a close second - great peacock feathers!

beatrice lawson

Left a comment on FB.

beatrice lawson

http://pinterest.com/pin/1337074861529663/ Pinned the pretty pins. Pun intended :-)

Judy Estrada

Today I like the butterfly & crystal pins, the boy & girl craft pins, The camera & words stamp sheets! I like everything & the featured finished items. I like Maya Road Products!


fun and versatile goodies!! yummy!!

Amber Starr

I love the Picture Perfect Stamps! All of your stamps are awesome. Can't wait for these to hit stores.

Arielle Berceau

In love with your Picture Perfect Cameras Stamps, although all Maya Road stamps are must haves!

Arielle Berceau

Left a note on your Facebook page about how much I love your stamps.

Pamela Romero

ALL of the stamps are wonderful!! I love the designs. Vintage Fences, Camera's Varsity letters. Love em!

Lisa V

Oh wow! Love all of it especially the stamps!!!

Michele C.

Love those linen albums and the pins!

Larissaa Heskett. :)

Yeah!! Loving it all!! The linen stuff looks like so much fun!! Can't wait to see more!! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week!! :)

Patty W

My favorite MR products are always the awesome stamp sets! I am especially loving the card sentiments words (so useful!) and the speech bubbles set!!!

Patty W

I just left a comment on your FB wall about my love for the MR stamps! :D

Jan  C.

Love the pins the most, but it's all great

Jan  C.

Posted on FB


I love the pretty pins

Nicolle Kramer

Loving the new pins and all the linen items..:)

Nicolle Kramer

Left a comment on your wall on FB

Nicolle Kramer



I love the Picture Perfect Cameras stamps!! Such cool projects too!

Kathy Dieterle

There's alot of stuff to love, so far my favorite is the doilie stamp.


Wow,wow, wow, wow, wow. I am in love. All over again.


Holy stick pins Batman!! I need those pins! Everything is beautiful!

Lesley Artis

I love the pins. They are so nice to use with projects and just add that little extra touch that say's special!!!

Lisa Dawson

I love the little bird pins!! They are just the cutest little things! Can't wait to get these and your other amazing products in our local store!

julie e

Love those star pins.

Marsha Henry

Love the pins...& the linen pieces.....


I love the "Trinket Pins" especially the pearl toppers!

Dac Kennedy

I am in love with the Insta-Chicago "title" so pretty and a nice pop of color! Can't wait to scrap-lift it! I pinned it to My Scrappin' Style board and commented on your FB page about my favorite!

A trip to my local scrapbook store is in order ASAP! Need some new Maya Road!

Shannon Sawyer

I'm really liking the new stamps, I already have a lot of ideas for them. Wow, you guys have out-done yourselves, great job!!

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