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January 11, 2013


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Amber Starr

I love all of the trims! I cannot pick a favorite, as they are all gorgeous, and I would be honored to win any of them.

Arielle Berceau

That afternoon tea trim is beautiful! I need that for mini albums.

Arielle Berceau

Shared some love on Facebook :)

Lanna Gundelfinger

All the trims and flowers are beautiful and make it to the 'want list'.. but I fell in LOVE with the Afternoon Tea Trim and Blossoms!

Lanna Gundelfinger

Left a comment for you on your Facebook Wall.. ;)

Cim Allen

The trims are my favorite, the scallop ribbon and the tulle I could use on every project !!

Nicole Doiron

This is my favorite Sneak Peek Day so far (i didn't think it could get any better!) I absolutely adore the Satin Edge Trim and Blossoms!!! Gorgeous colors and i am literally drooling over the Scallop Chiffon & Tule Trim!!! Top of my Wish List!!!

Nicole Doiron

I pinned my favorite!

Nicole Doiron

I shared my favorite on FB :)

Margie Visnick

Oooh, I love these-especially the Satin Scallop blossoms!

Margie Visnick

Pinned them!


I'm in Love!! How beautiful!!

Margie Visnick

Posted my favorite on your FB wall, too!


I really like the tu-tu tulle flowers and trim and the velvety ribbons and flowers look like fun.

Emily Keaton

I think today's show and tell is my favorite so far! I love the velvet ribbon and tulle ribbon & flowers. Everything here is just gorgeous!

Julie Mitchell

Tu-Tu Tulle? Yes yes yes!!Everything is so pretty.


love it all!
the velvet and tulle is a must have!


Velvet and ruffles what more could a girl want?

Sandra ltb

very pretty!
Sandra ltb


I am so torn between the Tea time and the satin! I really love them both!!!

Jamie Greene

I just love the blossoms!!


Oooh I LOVE Afternoon Tea Trim and coordinating Afternoon Tea Blossoms. The colours are wonderful! Definitely added to my wish list!

Donna S.

I love the tulle trime, especially the scalloped one! It is pretty. The flowers are lovely, too. Maya Road comes through again!


Wow really loved them all, but my faveourite must be the Satin Scallop Edge Trim & Blossoms!!


I absolutely love the "Afternoon Tea Trim" flowers!!!!

Shannon Sawyer

So far all the new fabric flowers are my very favs, love them all and the colors are awesome.

Tanya P.

Oh my! I love all those trims!!!

Tanya P.

Pinned your afternoon tea trim flower to Pinterest! http://pinterest.com/pin/250935010459477838/


The Tu-Tu Tulle flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to get my hand on these babies!


My favorite product today is the Scallop Chiffon & Tulle Trim, but I do love the Tea trim too...

Wendy F

I love the Tulle flowers and Afternoon Tea flowers, SO PRETTY!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

You know I need to tell you that all these colors are fantastic. I would ay my favorites are anything with tulle in it. Especially the eyele with tulle edging.


I love the flowers. I seem to use a lot of flowers on my greeting cards. These would look wonderful on my cards.

Ki Kruk

Definitely needing a little bit of everything here!!

Janet Cohen

love the velvet ribbons. plan on using them for invitations my sis are going to make.


Love the velvet ribbons!

Rhea Skomorowski

The afternoon tea trim is darling! The colors are really fabulous as well!


Left a comment on FB regarding my favorite from today!

Christine Goh

Love the afternoon tea trims and blossoms!

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie

The afternoon tea blossoms are just adorable - love them!

Christine Goh

Left comment on Facebook, too!

Darlene Satkewich

Oh my, so beautiful!! Love the Velvet trim (gorgeous colors) and Afternoon tea trim and blossoms are stunning!

Jessie G

I like the Afternoon Trim

Jan  C.

favorite item: Teal blossoms

Jan  C.

Left comment on facebook


My favourite of today is the Satin Scallop Edge Blossoms and the Afternoon Thea.


I shared my favourites on Pinterest :

Jane Oetterer

Your stuff is the best. Those velvet pleats are my fave.

Ann Jobes

I love the way the flowers look blended together, as they are on the mini album - the textured linen, against the smooth afternoon tea flowers is a lovely juxtaposition.

Jessie G

Heading to FaceBook to post!

Teresa S.

love the Afternoon Tea Trim and Blossoms


I love the Satin Scallop Edge blossoms and the other flowers too. Love these releases so much.


Here is my pins.


OMG! Love, love, love all of them!!!!


I've left a message on facebook about my favourites of today!


I commented on your FB Wall
Amy Jones...


I want the blue trim with the beads across it on the bottom picture!

Lynda Carpenter

Love love love the Satin Scalloped Edge trim and blossoms! (and all the other pretties, too!

Lynda Carpenter

FB post done and following on Pinterest..

Judy Estrada

Velvet ribbons & flowers, the tulle ribbon & flowers, the satin ribbon & flowers & the scalloped lace! The flowers are pretty, too!I love all your Maya Road Goodies!

Judy Estrada

Liked & shared & Loved everything!

Cathy Homan

I love the new trim. Thanks for sharing - wish list!

Cindy Baker

I love it all. I can't choose just one!!!

Jean A Marmo

Must have the Afternoon Tea Blossoms!!

Ruth C

They are all beautiful! I like the scallop chiffon and tulle trim and I especially like the last designer sample with the heart and flowers. Love!

Jean A Marmo



oooooohhhhhhh the afternoon tea trim

Penny Wright

I love the tulle flowers

Anne McIntosh

I love all the new trims..especially the colors for this year, but I think my favorite would have to be the eyelet/tulle trim. So tastefully elegant!


Loooooove all this gorgeous stuff!!
Thanks for the chance to win ;)


Love the colors!

Sherry Richter

I'd be thrilled to win a gift certificate and would use it on the fabulous trims and flowers! Love, love, love the picture of the grouping of flowers (the bottom one); would look fabulous on the front of a mini-album! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Left a comment on facebook.

Amy Williams

Loving those afternoon tea blossoms!


I love all the beautiful flowers and trims. The colors are gorgeous.


Those velvet flowers would be front and center on my daughter's wedding layout! Those colors are so perfect for her destination wedding pictures.


The felt ribbon ones are great! AND the inspiration projects are fabulous

Kathy Roscoe

I commented on facebook about how much I love the Scallop Chiffon & Tulle Trim.

Erica Hettwer

Love the new velvet ribbons and flowers!

Erica Hettwer

Pinned my fav! http://pinterest.com/pin/207798970278659164/


LOVING it ALL! those velvet roses are amazing!

Erica Hettwer

Commented on Facebook!


I commented on FB about the flowers too!

Julie O.

LOVE the afternoon tea blossoms! Gorgeous colors!

Monica Downing

Love them all but I think my fave is the afternoon tea blossoms...I love that you can use them together as a trim or separately in clusters...GORGEOUS...
Thanks for the chance to win.

Monica Downing

commented here...fb...and pinned the gorgeousness...


All products are gorgeous, but I think my fave would be the satin scallop edge trim and flowers!! The possibilities are endless..

Wendy Orme

I love the Afternoon Tea trim and blossoms!

Heather Janzen

I love them all but really like the afternoon tea trims and flowers and also the and the scallop edged trim and flowers especially the teal ones. hope to be able to get some soon and use them.

Carol Mc

Scallop Chiffon & Tulle Trim is my fav.
But I do love them all.

Dana Hobbs

I am really liking the Satin Scallop Edge Trim and
then, you have to have the coordinating blossoms in Cream, Saffron, Rose, Teal and Smoke!!!

Dana Hobbs

I left the following comment on the Maya Road FaceBook page:
You got to see the Satin Scallop Edge Trim! Once you've seen that, you know you'll have to have the coordinating blossoms in Cream, Saffron, Rose, Teal and Smoke!


wow-so pretty! I'm madly in love with the Afternoon Tea trim and blossoms...thanks for the chance to win!

Roni Anderson

Love love love the Afternoon Tea trim!!

Debbie Eslinger

The trims are my favorite, the scallop ribbon and the tulle.

Debbie Eslinger

posted on your FB wall thanks

Ada Lovelace

Love the afternoon tea trim.

Elizabeta Dimitrova

The Tu-Tu tulle and the tulle flowers are amazing!

Kim Roggeman

I like them all, but if I had to pick one....the tutu tulle grabbed me a little more than the rest. Guess because it is a little different.

Kim H

I think my favorite are the Tu-Tu Tulle Flowers, but its hard to choose all are wonderful. thanks for the chance to win.

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