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January 09, 2013


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marnie diston

i love the new dandelion twine! and also the blank fabric tape!


My absolute favorite is the filigree butterflies! How pretty! Thanks for the chance to win some Maya Riad goodies <3!

marnie diston

i also commented on FB page, and pinned!


Love the fabric tapes, they look fab!


I pinned my favorite!



Just pinned too:



I also commented on fb. Can you tell how much I love maya road? ;)

Karen Schroeder

I love it all!!! The Vintage Metals are my favorite...but oh my, the fabric tapes!

Karen Schroeder

I pinned my favorite: http://pinterest.com/pin/443604632015825982/

Judy Estrada

Maya Roads - You have unique items. Like the twine & pearl items , the metal keys & the other new items as well! Posting on your fb page . Thanks for a chance to win!

Connie Troyer

Ooh, I love so much of this line! My favorites are the Rose Blossom Fabric Tapes and the Vintage Findings - both are PERFECT for the 29 heirloom scrapbooks I'm helping my husband's cousins make for the family!

Karen Schroeder

I posted my favorite on your Facebook page!

Debbie Ellerd

I just love the different colored twines. I could use them in my crafting. But I do love all your creations that were pictured. Thank you for this great giveaway.....

karen day

My favorite is the fabric tape. A "must have"

Debbie Ellerd

I posted my favorite on your facebook page.....thanks again for this wonderful giveaway.....

karen day

I also posted my fave on FB. And a follower on Pinterest

Leonie Gourlay

I love the vintage metals, and the blank tape. Mmmmm actually I love it all. Hehe

Leonie Gourlay

Going to post on your face book page now. Thanks MR


Since I have to choose, it's the vintage metals. So versatile. Just imagine what you can do with them...

Barbara Bohn

My favorite of the day is a tie between the eggshell tape and the flowers!!!

Beverly Lane

You guys make it soooo hard to select a favorite.... but here goes.. I love the flowers.... especially the zipper flower. I haven't used any zipper flowers on LO's yet... but I plan to!

Beverly Lane

I'm following MR on Pinterest! I shared a photo on Pinterest and here is the pin:http://pinterest.com/pin/125045327125684327/

Jean Engler

I love the new tapes.

Mary Friederichsen

Oh Wow! I don't know if I can pick a favorite today! I guess I would say the keys if I have to pick one! Thank you for another great release and the chance to win! :D

Christine N

My favorite is the butterfly with the spool for the body but all the projects are so cute!!! Love all the new products!

Christine N

I pinned the new fabric tapes! Love them!!!

Christine N

I commented on facebook!

Mary Friederichsen

Pinned my favorite ! :D

Mary Friederichsen

Posted to Facebook!

Alina Igna

Oh my! I love that fabric tape! It's awesome!


i love love love this blog so many ideas so many creations

Angela L.

I can always count on Maya Road to create such stunning embellishments for my layouts.... While I adore all of the new releases, I am totally in love with the Vintage pearl items!

Alina Igna

I've pined my favorite fabric tape: http://pinterest.com/pin/189503096792368881/

nitasha g.

The fabric tapes and paper twine cording had me in a trance for a few minutes! WOW!

Marianne Grimbly

I literally gasped out loud when I saw those Vintage Findings. There were several things that caught my eye but you want us to pick a favourite...so I will pick the Vintage Findings. I pinned it here: http://pinterest.com/pin/44754590019042999/

P.S. there's nothing to stop me from pinning all the ones I like! LOL

nitasha g.

I pinned the fabric tape!!!


Paper Twine Cording - something new.


I am amazed at all of the new products!! Not sure of my favorite though, probably the filigree butterflies. Thank you :)

Debbie Fagnant

I pinned http://mayaroad.typepad.com/mayaroad/2013/01/maya-road-peeks-day-2-fun-with-color.html

I shared on FB

I have a hard time deciding - love the floral tape & the vintage pieces!

Carol Douglass

I love the pretty new floral tape and the lovely keys.

Carol Douglass

I posted on your Facebook thread.

Carol Douglass

I already follow om Pinterest, but I pinned my fave.

Shirley Choong

I love love love the jeweled pearl pendants..... Guess that someone heard my prayers :) Pinned this too


Gorgeous!! Loving the striped fabric tape!!

Valerie Bishop

Love the texture of the fabric tape! It's gorgeous!


I am loving the new twines and the paper cording!!!

Debby Westbrook

I am now following you on Pinterest and I pinned my favorite item http://pinterest.com/pin/221450506648996785/ I also commented on MR Facebook Wall. I love Maya Road!!! My favorite is the cloth tapes. Thank you for the chance to win...

April T

My favorite are the vintage metals.

Sandra Y. (Fong)

Left a comment on your facebook wall

Sandra Y. (Fong)

Love the vintage metal embellishments. They are so pretty.

Margie Rowles

I love the butterfly embellie with he spool with twine. Genious! Hugs, Margie Rowles

Sandra Y. (Fong)



Jean A Marmo

LOVE the floral fabric tape!!

Jean A Marmo


Jean A Marmo

Shared on FB!

Katie Smith

I love the chocolate mint tape!

Katie Smith

Here's my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/179229260142509284/

Theresa Grdina

I think my favorite has to be the rose tape....or maybe the pearls.....EEK! I love them both!!! But the rose tape is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!


I absolutely love the butterfly with the spool of thread. When I first saw this on Facebook I pinned it without even knowing that it needed to be. Here is my pin http://pinterest.com/pin/16184879882829774/

I also love the rose tape and the chocolate mint. Shoot who am I kidding...I love them all but the butterfly wins out overall.

Lara Carson

Love the floral washi tape. Love! & the metal charms too. I love just about anything by maya road.

Cindy Keogh

I just love the keys - such pretty filigree.

Lara Walker

Oh Maya Road, I just love you SOOOOO much! I think I love the fabric (swoon) tape the most. But I seriously love it all. SIGH.

Lara Walker

Pinned! I LOVE the wood butterfly with the spool.

Kathy Roscoe

Just overwhelmed by all the lovely things! Vintage metal is my favorite, but they are all beautiful.

Lara Walker

Left some Facebook love!


Tapes and twine and butterflies OH MY! Soooo many beautiful new things its hard to decide... the tapes do have me very excited though! Especially the florals - never seen anything like it!


I love the twine!

Jan  C.

Love the floral tape

Jan  C.

Posted on FB

serena repsold

My favorite new item is the fabric tape. I really like the rose blossoms in the chocolate brown color. Just gorgeous!

Linda M

The paper twine is my favorite because I love the colors, but all items are beautiful and very inspirational.

Margie Visnick


Margie Visnick

Love the striped fabric tapes and the vintage metals!

Margie Visnick

Posted on your FB wall!

DarLinda Adams

I love it all! My favorite is the pearl teardrop flowers! So pretty and romantic!

Candy W.

I really was struck by the Rose Blossoms Fabric Tapes. Love those! I can see by the comments I'm not alone on that one :) I left a comment on FB and I pinned them here: http://pinterest.com/mugwumpdesigns/craft-goodies/

Tanya P.

Loving the vintage metals!!

Tanya P.

Wrote on your FB Wall, telling you what I love!!

Cim Allen

I love the fabric tape, the eggshell is great .. you can make it fit whatever project your working on. Love it all !!

Tanya P.

I pinned the butterfly with the heart here : http://pinterest.com/pin/250935010459463742/


Loving it all.......more fun playing with new products....I love that.

Leah schwartz

I love the paper twine. I think your butterflie was a brilliant idea!


wow-so many beautiful new goodies-would love to play with all of them, but I think the metal butterflies are my favourite!!


The butterfly, tapes, and the twine!


Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/172755335678246413/

Wendy Schoonhoven

It's hard to pick just one favorite but today the Vintage Metals are my favorite new products.

Wendy Schoonhoven

I just pinned the Vintage Metals on my pinterest page...

Wendy Schoonhoven

I also left a comment on your facebook wall...now I only have to keep my fingers crossed and hope to win some of those gorgeous new products LOL. Hugs, Wendy.

Terry fryer

I love the vintage metals.

Terry fryer

I refined the zipper butterfly because I decided that was my favorite.

Terry fryer

On your fb page I posted floral tape was my favorite. Guess I have 3 of them!

Kelly Sasman

Posted on FB about my favorite.

julie e

Love those striped fabric tapes.

Peggy Snodgrass

Goodness -- that fabric tape both the stripes and flowers are my favs. Posting on FB too!

Kelly Sasman

Oh my favorite has to be the Fabric Tape!!! Fabric has always been my first love so these are giving me all sorts of ideas!!!

Nancy Siebert

It's hard to choose a favorite. I love the fabric tapes...what a great idea!! And, the vintage keys are another favorite only because I'm working on a project right now where I could definitely use them. Such awesome products!!!

Beth Arp

WOW, they are all so beautiful, but love the lace butterfly with the metal frame and heart. Have to try some of these!

Rebecca W

While I love all the new releases the butterflies and the pearl roses are my absolute favorite.

Beverly Becraft Blair

Love it all, but LOVE me some keys! Thanks for a chance to win.

Beverly Becraft Blair

Left you a message on FB Wall! Thanks so much for the entery

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