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January 07, 2013


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Kay G.

I like it all....especially the say cheese camera images. Thanks for sharing.


All things camera related!!!


Love the wood bird cages!

Kari M

Really loving the Our Town images!! So inspiring! Everything looks lovely. Thanks for the sneak. :)


Can you say Polaroid??

nitasha g.

Totally LOVE the Polaroid mini book!!!!

Pamela Romero

Love the Camera's and the Town images! Ooh, I also like the wood items and the camera chipboard book. So cute!

Pamela Romero

Following on Pinterest and Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/159526011772799359/

Letty Sandoval

Wow! I love the Wood items and the albums!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Kimberley M

My favorite from today is the little picture of ♥Ronda♥!!!!! Oh you mean product, I get it, :P in that case I am lovin' the little wood buttons and the lucky stars chipboard items.

Christine Goh

Love the town images and wood items.

Alina Igna

Great release! Wonderful mini albums! Love them all!

beatrice lawson

Wood birdhouses and buttons... chipboard hearts... and the mini albums, love them all.

beatrice lawson

Left some FB love - really, the buttons are darling!

beatrice lawson

Pinned my faves http://pinterest.com/pin/1337074861507739/


Love the insta book!!! Love. It!!


Posted on your FB wall!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Betty Wilcox

The Say Cheese Camera Album is very cool. The Our Town images are pretty cool too.

Betty Wilcox

I left a comment on Facebook. And I meant what I said, I like the little Home Sweet Home albums too!

Betty Wilcox

I figured out how to Pin one of the pictures! And I'm now following you on Pinterest. Those are some pretty neat photos you've got over there.


Love the veneer rulers & protractors - those ae so cool!


Just posted on your FB wall :)

Mary S - Big Mamma

My favorite are all the idea you give me every time I come by for a visit.

Mary S - Big Mamma

I pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/196047390000861524/

Kathy a

"Measure twice count once" wood embellishments those are just so cool.

Mary S - Big Mamma

I commented on FB my favorite.


Love wooden embellishments esp You've Been Framed and everything with cameras! New items are GREAT!


My pin http://pinterest.com/pin/41658365275075096/


Oh, I just love the Our Town images...so cute and fun!


following you on Pinterest and pinned here: http://pinterest.com/pin/189221621815562166/

Jessica Toulmin

Todays favourite is the cameras (kraft and transparencies) and the You've Been Framed wooden frames!

Jessica Toulmin

I commented on your facebook page

Jessica Toulmin

I already follow you on pinterest. I pinned an image from todays blog post.

Anne McIntosh

Love the kraft/transparencies...What a great idea and I can see a new accessory in my future! Love that they're in kraft AND transparent...can be left alone or colored. How clever!

Larissa Heskett  =)

I am LOVING it all, but my FAVORITE is the camera chipboard and wooden pieces!! SO EXCITED!! THAKS for sharing and for the chances to win!! =) Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Larissa Heskett  =)

I am a Follower on Pinterest and I pinned!! THANKS for the chances to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Larissa Heskett  =)

I am a follower on Facebook and I left a comment!! =) THANKS for the chances to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Sandi Smith

What's not to like! The transparencies are awesome, I really sore the wood bird cages and want lots of those spool for my ribbon! The clipboard and albums rock! I'm a FB follower and leaving a comment there too!


Cute products..I love the buttons and ruler chipboard cutouts! And I have never tried a mini-album...lovin' the round ring tab journal album..Oh, the possibilities!!


Love, love, love the sheer cameras!


Hard to have a favorite but I love those chipboard cameras and wood birdcages. Sweet!

Jan C.

Like them all, but the chipboard cameras are my favorite.

Jan C.

Left a comment on FB

Denise McMichael

Love it all! But the Our Town is adorable.....along with the chip board book! Thanks for giving us the chance to win it:)

Carol Douglass

I love the camera album and the hounds tooth wood frames are as cute as can be!

Lisa V

All the cameras are cool and I also love the "Measure Twice Cut Once" pieces. And that big journal!!!

Carol Douglass

I already follow on Pinterest and I pinned one of my new faves!

Carol Douglass

I posted a comment on your FB wall.


So love Maya Road, so excited to see all the new goodies. Lovin'Measure Twice Cut Once could use that right now on a mini album!

Erin M

I love the transparencies....especially the camera ones. Thanks!


Following all on pinterest and pinned my fav from today!yay!


Already liked on FB, left a comment :)!

Erin M

I left a comment on your FB wall. Thanks!

Deb Fagnant

Commented on your wall, following on Pinterest, Pinned to Pinterest, and love love love the wooden bird cages!!

Cindy Baker

I love the chipboard. My mind is already racing with ideas for how I could use them!!!


I really like the Welcome Home sign. It is so fun and would look great in my foyer.


The wood items!

Sandy Jenks

I love them all! Pick a favorite??? I guess all the camera related products...love the chipboard album

ava  g

So much to like with this post. I think I have decided i like the transparencies.
ava g

Pam Sohan

Love all the alterable items ! The kraft ones especially ! Love to alter things lately :D

ava  g

following on pinterest and pinned!!
ava g

Pam Sohan

Pinned ! http://pinterest.com/pin/5699937000431777/

Alina Igna

I've pin it: http://pinterest.com/pin/189503096792361935/

Melissa Fountain

1. I loveeee the camera album and transparencies. Adorable!

2. I already followed you on Pinterest, but I just pinned the house because I LOVE the way the colors blend! http://pinterest.com/pin/238972323949308127/

Cyndy Clark

I think my favorite is the wooden items. So hard to choose a favorite. I really like them all.


I love all and specially the "You've Been Framed" wood items

Jean A Marmo

LOVE the cameras and houses!!!

Jean A Marmo


Jean A Marmo

Posted on FB!


Let me see... transparencies, kraft, wood and cameras, count me in !!!

Ruby H

I love everything you have ...

Ruby H

I pinned and I am following you on Pinterest.....

Keri Litchhult

Wow! You guys NEVER run out of creativity! The mini-albums and all the wood and chipboard embellishments are so GREAT!

Carol Vivenzio

I would love to win some of your beautiful and fun Maya goodies. Love the Say Cheese cameras, as well as your Own Town images and chipboard books-just wonderful! Thanks so much for this chance to win!


The Our Town images in all colors intermingled would look stunning with my pics from my trip to Paris last week!!


I pinned and am following you on Pinterest!

Jennie Harper

LOVE these! Beautiful new chipboard and wooden pieces.

Renee VanEpps

The vintage wood pieces are my fave! Thanks for the chance 2 win!! Can't wait to see the rest :)

Renee VanEpps

Following on Pinterest and pinned my faves here: http://pinterest.com/pin/179088522654168467/


LOVE the Say Cheese and Our Town products! You guys are awesome!

Diane M.

Pinned the Out Town houses.

Renee VanEpps

Wrote on your wall!

Freddie Toledo

I love the Journal Memory Binder! Gotta have one! I also pinned on Pinterest

Diane M.

Wrote on your wall and followed you on Pinterst

Linda Hartzig

I love the bird cages and the transparencies, heck I like it all

Cim Allen

The kraft camera's are too cute !

jackie 4124

Really lovin' the Journal Memory Binder. Got lots of plans for it

Carolyn T.

I like it all but love the journal binder.

jackie 4124

Pinned the Journal Memory Binder

jackie 4124

Wrote on your FB wall

Beverly Becraft Blair

Love those ribbon spools and gotta' have some of them. Thanks for a chance to win.

Beverly Becraft Blair

Wrote on your FB page wall ... thanks for a chance to win.


I need the camera transparencies!!! So cool!

Cathy S

Love the camera chipboard, but my favorites are the transparency houses.


Pinned here http://pinterest.com/pin/16325617371198009/

Margie Visnick

I love it all...but my favorite has to be the transparencies!

Margie Visnick

I pinned the cameras, and I am following you now!

Margie Visnick

Commented on FB!


Everything is really interesting but the new wood pieces catch my eye first!

Emily Keaton

My favorite from today? Definitely those terrific wood pieces, but everything looks yummy ;-).

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