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July 19, 2013


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Pam Spradlin

I posted on Maya Road facebook page.

Pam Spradlin

I am in it to win it!

Pam Spradlin

I am learning how to pin...not sure if I did it right..http://pinterest.com/pin/166492517447518803/

stacie d

Loving your arrows and big floral with bling.


Gorgeous!! Loving the Tulle Mums and the Scallop Dot trim!!

Laura G.Turcotte

I AM SO IN IT TO WIN IT!! Love it all!


The kraft gift card envelopes are absolutely darling. All dressed up and ready to go!!!

Tina V

I am in it to win it! Love all the new goodies!!

Tina V

posted my appreciation on facebook - love the satin scallop flowers and a close second the gift envelopes!

Tina V

Pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/246712885810114419/

Anna Ekman

The mini envelopes are adorable!

Anna Ekman

And I'm in it to win it!


I am in it to win it!!!

Melinda Wilson

Woohoo! Awesome goodies today and I'm in it to win it!!


Wonderful new goodies today! I'm in it to win it!

Sabrina C

Oh wow! So much great stuff! I like the months of the year and the burlap flowers!

Sabrina C


Pinned it! Loving everything!

Sabrina C

I am in it to win it!

Cynthia B.

I'm in it to win it! :) Fun fun products!

Alexia Misso

Would love to win these beautiful products!!

Alexia Misso

Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/222857881533913244/


*I* am in it to WIN it!



Carrie Jile

So much great and gorgeous stuff coming our way. Very hard to choose my favourite!!
Thanks for a chance to win those gorgeous flowers and crochet trims--feminity at its best.

Miranda Wedekind

i just love the envelopes!

Martha Saenz

I am in it to win it!!! :-)

Chris Archuleta

love the envelopes and the pins. very fun stuff

Farrah Ali

I want ro win plzzzzz


In it to win it

Melissa T.

**I'm** in IT to win IT!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Megan Di Mattia

Would love to win anything from Maya Road!

Karen L K

I am in it to win it!


I'm in it to win it!


love your mini envelopes always!

Misty B

I am in it to win it!

Jennifer I

I am in it to win it! :)


Pinned this to my Scrappy Goodness board on Pinterest:

Also posted on your FB wall!

Jen W

Oh, those envelopes!!!!

Emily H

Ooh! Goodie! I would love to win!

Jen W


Lillian Child

These lovely embellishments would take my cardmaking creations OVER THE TOP! Oh my goodness, what delightful products!

Jen W

....And, I'm in it to win it!

Amanda Parham-Hall

I'm in it to win it-lol:) Thanks 4 the giveaways! I loved the items from today's sneak peak!

Jennifer I

http://pinterest.com/pin/179862578841458936/ Pinned this here1

Emily H

Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/382665299559186018/

Jean Engler

I need the trinkets!

Tami Howse

Thanks for the opportunity. I'm (also) in it to win it!
Fondly, Tami


Oh... I am so in it to win it. The release has been AWESOME!!!!


Here is my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/151715081170232215/


Months and Envelopes - my faves today)

mel u

love all the flowers

mel u

pinned it http://pinterest.com/pin/72128031505239684/

Barb Wagar

I am in it to win it!

Harlene Schwartz

I am definitely in it to win it!

Dawn S

in it to WIN it!!!!

Barb Wagar

I pinned this post on Pinterest.

L.r. Smith

I am in it to win it!!

I love the Kraft Gift Card Envelopes, that's what caught my eye originally... Thanks for the give~away though, appreciate it!!!

Dawn S

Pinned at http://pinterest.com/pin/564498134514028837/

LOVE this line!

donna joy

Would love to win this! i'll share on facebook and pinterest too!

Skeeter Horne

I love the envelopes and the flags.Will will we be able to order ?

Michele J

The envelopes and the pins are my favorites!! But, I like anything with kraft paper so I'm sure I'll be checking out more. Love the new items!!!!

Laura Strack

I am in it !!!!!

Muffin Sewell

Love the envelopes! I am in it to win it!

Kathi R

I'm in it to win it! Some fabulous peeks today!

Laura Strack

I Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/49398927135954087/

Laura Strack

I Liked FB and left a comment! Thanks for this opportunity to win some Maya Road!

Muffin Sewell

I pinned it!

This trim would be perfect for a certain person's wedding album! - http://pinterest.com/pin/239816748880768781/

Sandi Smith

In it to win it!

Jean Marmo

Please pick me!!! LOVING the tulle and kraft!

Anna Fredriksson Kinnander

Love them all


Loving the new kraft envelopes...especially the "gear" edge!

Jean Bullock

I would love those envelopes. They are really cool.


Thanks for the chance to win. I'm in it to win it!




Denise Mackey

The gift card envelopes are my favorite sneak peek for today. I think they look like they have gears and therefore would be great for the guys in my life! Thanks MR for a glimpse of your fabulous products!

Janet Cobb

I'm in it to win it! Especially the Kraft Gift Card Envelopes!

Janet Cobb

I commented on FB but I can't get logged in on Pinterest for some reason. Darn!

Helen Barker

I am in it to win it


Of course I'am in it to win it. The Vintage arrow pins, Crochet Trims, Burlap and Tu-Tu flowers, the gift cards... all of these are wonderful!


In it to win it is my motto. Thanks. Love the crocheted ribbons

Kelly malacko

In it to win it. Love the arrows

Lisa V

In it to win it! Love the Kraft months and the arrow pins.


IN IT TO WIN IT!!! The satin flowers and kraft pins are my favorites! <3

Lisa P

Woohoo! Burlap flowers rock. Love it all!


I am in in to win it, and loving those burlap roses BIG-TIME!!

Debbie Ford

I am in it to win it and I love them all

Judy Meeker

Love the whole kit and kaboodle! Definitely in to win.


Oh, the envelopes are my fave, then maybe the aarow pins! SO cute!

Jessica B.

I'm in it to win it! Love the Mocha Brown Button Pins!

Jessica B.

http://pinterest.com/pin/255790453809018933/. Pinned!


I am in it to win it!
Fabulous goodies Maya Road!

Linda Malo-Storey

Love it all, I would love to win.

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

YES in it to win it! Love this reveal!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

Pinned your pretty trims!

Jennifer C.

So in it to win it. I love all your laces and these ones are amazing!


I am in it to win it - love all your beautiful flowers.......

Mary Beth I


karen aka soccerboyzmom

I love the tulle mums.

Aggie Stiefer

http://pinterest.com/pin/50665564530925953/ pinned it love the envelopes

Mary Beth I

I pinned and commented and also commented on FB. I am commenting again - my favorite items are the kraft envelopes and the rosettes

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