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July 19, 2013


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Christine N

It says 3 ways to enter and 3 ways to win but I only see 2 ways to enter. tee-hee! Love so many things from this release!!!

Margie Visnick

Wow! Love all of the Projects!

Anna Ekman

I'm in it to win it. Thanks for a great release!


Love all the inspiration. Still in it...hope it works!

Nicole McNamara

I'm in it to win it! Amazing new realises, added to an already amazing selection of Maya road goodies!

deb routledge

Amazing samples, fantastic ideas and inspiration! Loving the new release!

Corinne Seris

Great inspiration with the new products-- that poloroid camera is amazing! In it to win it, thanks for the contest!

Chriss Blagrave

LOVE the SNAPS photo album. A real treasure for those special keepsake photos.
Amazing new products in this release!


You better believe I'm in it to win it.

Jennifer Scull

I am most certainly in it to win it! love all of these fabulous projects! every one is a treat to behold! :)

mara a

In it to win it!


Awsome release! So many things on my wish list, so of course I am in it to win it!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

LOVE the entire catalog! Some faves are: transparencies, stamps, mists & all the lace fabric tape!

Cynthia B.

I'm in it to win it! :) SO many great things in your catalog. Among my faves: wood mini doilies and Say cheese clips, picture perfect cameras, and I don't remember ever having seen your triple-color twine! Love boardwalk taffy and double berry twine...really, I love it all!

Robin B.

Amazing projects, thanks for the inspiration!

Laura G.Turcotte

I'm in it to win it!! (Would love to win it ALL! ) ;)
FABULOUS releases!! (as usual)


Would definitely love to win it all! Great new goodies!

Katie B.

Love the XOXO layout and the flowers and pins on the Snaps album!!! Always love your accessories, well and everything else too. :) Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.


I am here and in it to win it! So much inspiration in this post!


In it to win it!

Tina V

I am in it to win it!

Tina V

I pinned the camera mini book! Love it!!

Tina V

I posted my fav, the camera mini book, on facebook!

Linda E.

Oh gosh! Where do I start...I love all the camera themed items, and kraft envelopes.

Jessica Toulmin

Other than the items already previewed this week, from the catalogue I would like: chipboard frames, burlap trim, tape measure trim, lace fabric trim, mists & masks, wood shaped buttons and trinket pins. And so much more but they're at the top of my list. In it to win it today! Thanks for the chance.

Jessica Toulmin

Pinned here: http://pinterest.com/pin/120541727499299388/

Annie Carignan

Hi guys !!! I just LOVE all the new things !!! here is my pin of my favorite from today : :http://pinterest.com/pin/119626933825479559/

Kathi R

The projects are all wonderful!

Samantha T.

Love it! What wonderful reveals and what amazing projects!

Donalda Martin

I'n in it to win it.... Super exciting new thing!!! Way to go....

Debb Richards

Love it all the camera stuff is my fav!!!!

Jean Marmo

i am IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!!! Pick me please..............

Jean Marmo


Julie Wall

I LOVE the mini camera album. So much fun!

Lenora Brown

I'm in it to win it!! Great products.

Julie Wall

.....and I am IN IT TO WIN IT!

Pam Sohan

I"m in it to win it !

Marsha Sims

I am in it to win it!!!

Julie Wall


Marsha Sims

Pin I made


Lisa Noland

Love the new items! I am in it to win it!!!! See you at CHA!

Pam Sohan

http://pinterest.com/pin/5699937001674087/ Pinned it !

Judy Estrada

In it to win it! Maya Roads your new items are TOPS! Great new products! I really like your products. You have great items. Thanks for a chance to win.

Theresa Mullins

Looking forward to using some of your new items. Especially like the bicycle clip and camera items.

Denise Kimbrougb

I am in it to win it!

Janet Cobb

You betcha I'm in it to win it! Love all things Maya Road!

Laura M.

In it to win it! Love the projects.

Janet Cobb


Laurie Ferguson

I am in it to win it!! How can I pick!!! They are all great.


Im in it to win it!

Judy Estrada

Pinned several of your posting areas Maya Roads! Thanks for bringing us awesome items & a chance to win!


Wow! Just wow!

Pat Robertson

I am in it to win it.
Most definitely some fun projects to enjoy


You bet! I'm in it to win it!


Love the burlap, metals, mini rulers and so much more!

Denise Bryant

I'm in it to win it! Great new things coming out!


I am IN IT to WIN IT!



Karen Smee

I'm in it to win - it's very hard to pick a favourite when there is so much to choose!

Glenda Kerr

WOW!!! I am in it to win it!!! In fact...I'm on it, around it, beside it, beneath it, above it, behind it, under it, with it, and DOWN with it!!!!!! :)
I pinned it, stapled it, nailed it, tied it, taped it, glued it and EMBELLISHED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anita A

I love all the cameras! What amazing inspiration!

Paulette Akagi

In it to win it---love all the sneak peeks.

Sharon Kleczynski

I'm in it to win it! I love it all. Do I really have to choose? I'll take anything.


I'm in it to win it. Good luck with the show.

Monique Leslie

I am so in it to win it.

Virginia Ogg

In it to win it! Please....

Virginia Ogg

Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/124693483405634103/

Virginia Ogg

Posted comment on facebook https://www.facebook.com/virginia.ogg

Gail Schmitt

I'm in it to win it !!!!!

Gypsy Chaos

I'm in it to win it!
Loving the new releases, especially the geeky ones. As an electrical engineer, the light bulbs fascinate me.

Gypsy Chaos

I posted the wood veneer light bulbs here: http://pinterest.com/pin/284289795200964587/

Leisa W

In it to win it!!! Can't believe how much great new stuff you have!

Cindy Unruh

Most definitely in it to WIN it! Awesome projects and Maya Products! Creativity in the making!!!!

Carmen Lucero

I am in it to win it!! Love that camera album! Thanks for the whole catalog and the chance to win!

Carmen L

Mary Beth I

I am in it to win it! Left a message on FB - love the chipboard lightbulbs

Barb Wagar

I'm In it to Win it!!!
I like the layout with the pretty pink flowers.

Barb Wagar

I pinned my favorite picture of this post on my Pinterest Wish List!

Julie McCauley

My pinned post http://pinterest.com/pin/96194142013819069/

Commented and Shared on Facebook!!!

Littlelake 171

I am SOOOO in it to win it!!


Love the clip board in green and purple!! Also pinned.


I'm in! I see a lot of lovely rub-ons and craft pieces in there.


I'm in it to win it. My favourite things are the paper aeroplane stamps. I think I NEED them!

Gail Wittenberg

I am IN IT to WIN IT!


Gorgeous projects by the design team. I am in it to Win it!


I'm in it to win it!


Posted on your Facebook.


I pinned here.... http://pinterest.com/pin/141230138287568846/


I am so in it to win it! Would it be too much to ask for one of everything!?! ::sigh::


I like them all. A fav wuld be the tap of course the camera is super cute.....



added to my wish list



pinned the camera mini-book! Lovely!

Denise Mackey

Beautiful, just beautiful! Thanks, Maya Road!


Lovely projects. Thanks for a chance to win.


I'm in it to win it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo Schlanker

Wow ... these projects are amazing!! I'm in it to win it!

Jo Schlanker

Pinned is here: http://pinterest.com/pin/7459155606091504/

laura mm

These are all such beautiful projects! Thanks for sharing :)

Karen Latzko

In it to win it and couldn't help but to pin it! Lovely work! http://pinterest.com/pin/117093659034771716/


I'm in it to win it!!! awesome stuff!! keep up the amazing work!! thanks for the chance to win!!!


pinned here!

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