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July 17, 2013


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Loving everything here today, hard to pick just one that screams PICK ME , PICK ME :) well , after lots of 2nd guessing, I will pick the one that screamed at me the loudest & hands down it was the Antique Angel Wings..which would look great on a 4x4 canvas i started last week

Stephanie Spielman

I am in it to win it!!! The Christmas trees could be used 100 different ways!!!


Love the little cameras and keys!!!


I so wanna win the prize pack! The metal clips are simply out of this world!

Laura G.Turcotte

I am in it to win all this wonderful things from Maya Road---look at those wonderful things!!!wow!!

Elin Larsson

Ohhh I for sure wanna win all those charms. Love all the lovely cameras, keys and feathers. Sooo great all of them!

Debbie Ford

I see cards, scrapbook pages and jewelry pieces - these are great


love love love it but those feathers I Sooooooooooooooo need them

Gina Landry

I am in it to win it!

Margie Visnick

I love the camera and feather charms!

Dana K

I love all the cameras!


I'm in it to win it!!!!


Oh my. The camera, the feathers and the planes. All are must-have items for me. I am IN IT TO WIN IT.


Fantastic!!! I especially love those Christmas trees!!

Deborah K

I really liked the bicycle clips and the wings!

Deborah K

Pinned the bicycle clips to Pinterest (pegasong).

Annette Allen

yummy yummy metal.. love it

Karma Wood

I am in it to win it. Looks great


OOo I love these!! Now for the record I have never jumped on the feather bandwagon really,but that metal feather is GORGEOUS!! That I would definitely use in my books! :D

Tina Voss

I am in it to win it....lovin' everything!

Tina Voss

left a comment on fb - shared my love of the bicycle clips but those camera charms are a must have too!!

Cim Allen

The bicycle clips and camera clips are so cute !


Very cool metal charms! Love the new clips too!


I am definitely in it to win it. Love all of the metal pieces.

Theresa G.

I am in it to win it!! This metal release is fabulous!

Cheryl Ledford

Love the keys and feathers and of course the wings!!!!! The cameras are so cool too!

Sabrina C

I love the cameras and the keys! I am in it to win it!

Robin Wilson

I am in it to win it. Thanks.


Cameras and airplanes!!

Anita A

I have to have all the cameras for my layouts. My daughter and hubby love to take photos.

Sabrina C

http://pinterest.com/pin/265993921714488364/ Pinterest

Kim B

I am in it to win it!

Pam Sohan

I"m in it to win it ! Love the feathers. and the keys and the cameras..........

Jennifer C.

In it to win it. Need it all

Pam Sohan

Pinned it ! http://pinterest.com/pin/5699937001647705/


i'm in it to win it! the charms and paperclips are so cute!

Judy Gudgel

I love the butterflies but it is hard to choose! They are all wonderful! I could use them all.

Katie Smith

love the bicycle metal clips!

Laurel Giard

I'm In It To Win It. I Love Everything. I Want It All.

Emily H

Oh wow!! Love love love!


pinned! http://pinterest.com/sheri1975/wish-list/

Miriam Prantner

I pinned the camera paper clips: http://pinterest.com/mprantner/giveaways/


Bicycles, cameras, keys.......oh my!!!! Love it!

Mary G

Keys---brings back fond HP memories! I'm in it to win it!

Laurel Giard

I Posted This To My DIY board

Emily H



Love the bicycle clips. I am all about bicycles these days.


Pinned it! http://pinterest.com/pin/178947785166835017/
Love the cameras - all of them!

Aggie Stiefer

love the keys and butterflies http://pinterest.com/pin/50665564530914389/

Lara Walker

SWOON! I LOVE those keys.. and the planes... and the cameras! And the clips! DANG, cute stuff as usual Maya Road!!!

RaNae Ellett

I love the Angel wings and the feathers!


Love the butterflies and bicycle clips.

Lisa Serrano

Ah man! Loving me some Maya Road! The Cameras are awesome!

Jean Engler

I am in it to win it! I can use all of these metal findings.

Kathi R

I absolutely adore all the charms, but especially the brass and/or pewter camera!

Lara Walker

Pinned it! http://pinterest.com/pin/133489576427990806/


i so want to win! those charms are incredible!

Sheri Loatwall

OMG!!! I have to pick???? Oooh, I just love them all!!! :D


I am in love with the feathers!!!

Lisa Whiting

I am in it to win it! Love the camera charms!



i pinned it!

Lisa Whiting

I pinned it. http://pinterest.com/pin/81135230760079489/


Oh, I am definitely in it to win it! Love it all especially the cameras and keys and feathers!!! And the bicycle clips! Too cute!


I'm in it to win it. Off to Facebook now.

Linda Rodgers

Love those butterflies, but I have a special project in mind for any of those cameras. Thanks for the chance to win them.

Jennifer I

I could use some more bling for my pages & cards!

Amanda Parham-Hall

I love the camera & airplane charms! Thanks 4 the chance 2 win:)

laura plunk davis

Love the camera charms..


Oh, I'm definitely in it to win it! I love all things camera! Thank you for the chance to win all these lovelies!

Amie Lamm-Griffin

In it to win it!

Sheri Loatwall


I pinned it and I'm in it to win it!!!

Amie Lamm-Griffin





Jen W

Oh, it's the camera charms and the quills. Gorgeous!

Jen W



I'm in it to win it. :) My fav are the paper clips and the camera charms.


I posted on the FB wall (on the sneak peek post).

Monette Runquist

The camera charms are adorable!

Sophie Frizzell

I love them all, but especially the feathers. Thanks for the chance to win


Love the wings, and bicycles, feathers, and butterflies so fun !


Pinned a cute mini album

Shelly Nichols

I love all Maya Road, I have been buying since you first started the company. So glad you have been successful, as you have AWESOME products that I am in to win!!!!

cheryl putnam

I love all of the cameras!! They are so cute and unique!

Lillian Child

I am SO in it to WIN it ... there is not one of these amazing embellishments that do not scream at me to create with!! My fingers and toes are crossed for this fabulous giveaway chance!

Monica Baker

Feathers and the keys (okay its a tie so if I win I will be thrilled with either- You all pick)!! :)

rosey rodriguez

I am in it to win it
thanks for the chance

Cathy k.

Love the clips, each one is nicer than the last!

Ramona Downing

I am in it to win it! Love all the new metals coming out!!! Just fabulous!!! Can not wait to get my hands on it either!!!

Launi Layton

I'm in it to win it!! Ü <3 the Oh snap cameras!

Sandra Rivera

Love, love, love the cameras! Soooo pretty!

Sandra Rivera

Hey forgot the I am in it to win it! Oh well still love all the charms!

Anne Lemay

Camera charms of all varieties! Must have!

Johanne L.

I'm in it to win it. Those are amazing. Love them.

Gail Schmitt

I'm in ir to win it!
The butterfly clips are awesome!

Sarah Routledge

I just love all these metal trinkets - perfect for mixed media scrspbooking!

Lori Robinett

I am in it to win it! Love it all, but the camera goodies are awesome!


I am in it to win it!!! I love these...

Shannon Martinson

In it to win it, for sure! I love the little shaped paper clips.


here is my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/151715081170219507/

Shannon Martinson

I pinned: http://pinterest.com/pin/122652789824793349/

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