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July 17, 2013


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Absolutely love the fabric tape.


I love them all. I wold love to get my hands on some to play with. The feathers are fantastic

Shanon Cimbura

I'm in it to win it! My daughter is leaving for college as a photography major so I especially love all the camera stuff!

Leisa W

I am in it to win any of the new metal :)

Rhoda Lewis

I'm in it to win it. Can't pick a true favorite, but really like all the cameras.

Amelia Harris

Maya Roadie here! In it to win! :)


Wow I love all the charms and the clips are cute as well, I'm in, thanks for the change to win, I commented on facebook.

darlene nahre

in it to win it I so much love the bicyles and cameras


I pinned the giveaway on pinterest

Amelia Harris

Facebooked my faves: https://www.facebook.com/mayaroad/posts/10151770085617082

Amelia Harris

Pinned: http://pinterest.com/pin/93168286014223759/


Super, seriously fun! I AM IN IT TO WIN IT!!!




Lynn F

LOVE those little Christmas Tree clips. And the plane charms. And the keys, oh my, the keys!!!

Can't wait 'til this stuff starts shipping.


In it to win it. Love the clips and secret keys!

Janet Cobb

In it to win it! I love the clips!!!

Pam Spradlin

I left a message on your facebook wall.

Pam Spradlin

I love the clips...all of them...but the camera charms will be a must have. And the keys and the feathers.


I'm in it to win it!!!! love the feather metal.

Jean Bullock

I pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/415386765601545358/

Jean Bullock

I am in it to win it.

Lynn Beier


Michele Washburn

In it to win it! All the little cameras are adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

Michele Washburn

I pinned the Christmas Tree paper clips to my Papercrafting board on Pinterest! http://pinterest.com/pin/90072061270544543/

Cynthia Baldwin

Here's my pin:

Sheri Stern

Love love LOVE all the cameras!!!!!!

Jessica Toulmin

Pinned here: http://pinterest.com/pin/120541727499277914/

Jessica Toulmin

Love all the cameras - charms and clips. Also love the plane charms, and tree clips. So cute. Thanks for the chance to win.

Peggy K

Oh, YEAH!!! I'm in it to win it!!!!


oh soo fantastic, LOVE metal embellishments...I am in it to WIN IT!!!
Thanks for the chance to win


I believe in Angels. The angel wings have to be my favorite and touch my heart reminding me of my brother who has his wings.

Samantha T.

I'm in it! I especially love those camera charms. Great release!

Robin B.

I'm loving the butterflies and airplanes!


I am definitely in it to win it. I love the charms!!

Sharon G

Love the metal bling! Really like the cameras!

Marianne Grimbly

I am sooooo in it to win it! Fingers crossed as well as all other possible body parts.



I'm in it to win it. Your products are always awesome but I really like the keys and then the clips as a close second.

Denise Mackey

I am in it to win it! I shared and pinned it! Those cameras are my favorites--especially the ones with the hearts!

Jeanette Munson

WOW love the feathers! Awesome.

laura lendacky

love all the clips and since July 30th is my day, I think I should win!


"IN IT TO Win IT!"
Thanks, Cindi

Barbara Thompson

I'm in it to win it!!


I adore metal and yours is the best...
The cameras are my most favorite!
Many thanks, Cindi


Totally drooling over the cameras!!


I am in it to won it......

I love charms, I think my fave might be the silver camera.



Pinned it http://pinterest.com/pin/437975132482563656/



In it to win it! Here's my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/181903272422332795/

Anna Ekman

They look great! I love the cameras.

Tecla Myrick

Wow, I can't decide because I cycle and scrap about that but the camera's (all of them!)are super adorable!!

Karen Funk

It's hard to choose my favorite. I guess it's between the bicycle clip and the feathers. One for scrapbooking and the other for jewelry. What fun!

Yvonne Boucher

in it to win it and I love em all especially the clips

Donna Williams

OOh I loooove these embellishments. Almost feel like I need to sit and confess to the contents of my craft room that I have found a new love. lol

Jane Franklin

I am in it to WIN it!


In it to win it

Sandra Doherty

I love the camera charms, they are so kewl


Love the feather!


I'm in it to win it!

Kay McBride

i am in it to win it cool stuff!!

Carolyn T.

Oh yes, I am in it to win it. Love the new items.

Mary Hoth

Oh yes I want to win - and I am in to do just that/ I it to win it.
Here're my pins too:

Sandy Clinton

I am loving the inspiration from Maya Road!!!!

Theresa Lee

I am in it to win it!

Kris Martinez

Great clips - love the Christmas trees. Also like the feather charms.


Definitely in it to win it ! These are awesome charms I can't decide which ones I like better, oh my ,decisions decisions!
Thanks Guys

Karen Smee

I definitely want the feathers - I'm in it to win!


Love the cameras!!! Totally awesome release!!!

Megan Di Mattia

Love the shaped clips, especially the bicycles!

elisabeth templeton

i'm in it to win it.....soooo loving these!!!


I'm 'it to win it!' Love the little cameras... any of them! Thanks for the opportunity to win... I never do, though! LOL

Alexia Misso

Love all metal embellishments!

Alexia Misso

Pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/222857881533904208/

Marilyn Tucker

I would love all of the clips!

Marilyn Tucker



Arrgh! This is gonna cost me a fortune! I love evert single item in this reveal -- I'm doomed, but in a good way :-)

Denise Bryant

These are all great.... I'm in it to win it!

Mary Hewitt

I am so IN it to WIN it. Love the planes and the cameras.

Dorina D

I pinned: http://pinterest.com/pin/209980401349243768/

Dorina D

Love these new embellishments. The planes are fabulous as are the bicycle clips and the fun feathers and cameras. Boy could I use those on layouts about our family photographer, bicyclists and pilots. You need to add fire trucks and trains, too!

Bartemous Black

I'm in it to win it! I'm all over the feathers! Cute, cute, cute!

pam allen

love all the metal!!!! they are all must haves thanks for the chance to win some yummy goodness.


I am in it to WIN it!! Love the cameras - my absolute favourite :D And as always, the keys :D


and here is my pinterest pin :D


Carol Riley

I would have to say the camera charms are my favorite.

beatrice lawson

Oh snap... first comment disappeared... would love to win, the feathers and wings are calling my name:-)

beatrice lawson

http://pinterest.com/pin/1337074862818093/ pinned my faves!

Karen L K

I would love to win a prize pack. I really love that someone is still making metal embellishments for awhile there they were kind of hard to find.

Karen L K

I pinned your great new embellishment.


Love all them, but my fav is the camera paper clip with a big heart!!


my pin http://pinterest.com/pin/337770040773590288/


Fantastic embellishments, my top favorite of the day : Say Cheese Clips and the Oh Snap camera charms.

Judy S.

I am in it to win it-those camera charms are one of my very favorite releases this season!


Love the bicycle clips! In it to win it!





laura mm

Love them all! Thanks for the giveaway :)


The charms are all fabulous! I am so loving the airplanes!

Angela Bolton

Im in it to win it, love the cameras, just what I need for the travel journals I,m creating!

Kathleen Rimer

I am in it to win it! If love ALL these new charms, feathers, keys, clips! They are so cute and will be so much fun to play with! Thanks for the chance to win it!

Jess S.

Oh, these look fantastic! I really love the bird feather and key charms. :D


OMG! I'm so in it to win it!

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