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July 16, 2013


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Twine Cording looks awesome!

Laura G.Turcotte

oohhh-I'm in it to win it!! Be still my crafty heart--look at all those yummies!!!!! WOW! that fabic tape---eek!

Laura G.Turcotte

I pinned!

Sharon Verbeem

Count me in it to win! Love the fabric tape and of course every girl needs some glitter.

Lisa S.

Love the fabric tape so much! Polka dots make me happy!! So in it to win it!

deb routledge

love the twine cording, such great colors!

Cim Allen

I"m loving the fabric tape !! Thanks for the chance to win :)


LOVE the fabric tape! Those polka dots are a big WIN!

Melinda Wilson

I love the fabric tapes and would love to win!!


I live these colors! The fabric tapes are so fun!


I'm in it to win it! :) Love the tapes!

Patrice Anne

pinned and commented - LOVE the sparkle trim.


Oh, those tapes and twine! GREAT new goodies! I'm in it to win it! :)

Miriam Prantner

So hard to pick a favorite. It's either the solid twine or the sparkle trim!

Miriam Prantner

I pinned: http://pinterest.com/pin/62980094761857941/


Oh my goodness EVERYTHING is so pretty! But the twine would be at the top of my list!


I'm in it to win it, I love the colors of the twine cording!


I pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/296322850452889357/

Amy Nguyen

I'm in it to win it! Love it ALL!


In It To Win It! Love love love polka dots - have to have those washi tapes!


Sparkle trim. Hayley would take that from me in a split sec! :)

Cathy Pascual

I love the sparkle trim! So pretty!


I love the colors, especially the solid colored twine. There are so many things I could do with that! I'm in it to win it!

Sharlene Piscitelli

I am in it to win it

Angela W

I am in it to win it! Fabulous new items.

Sharlene Piscitelli

I pinned it http://pinterest.com/pin/136022851218404655/

Donna E.

Love it all! Thanks for the chance!

Angela W

Pinned all about it. http://pinterest.com/pin/338121884494468150/


LOVE the fabric tape!!
Love it all!!
thanks for the giveaway

Jen W

Ooh - the tapes and the sparkle trim! Well, everything is awesome... :)

Sue Coverdill

Oh my gosh, you can never have too much sparkle. Love the colors and the variety of new trims. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance


I love, love, love the fabric tape! Gotta have all the colors.

Ava Gavloski

wow, that is a great 1st day line-up, i like the twine and trim, going to FB to post

Jen W


Patti Lee

OMG - I am def in it to win it - LOVE all the new goodies

Debbie L

I am in it to WIN it. Love the fabric tape and twine.


I am in it to win it and I absolutely love the Solid Cord Twine.


In it to win it!!! ...Love the tape and the twine!

Sharon Ryan

I am in LOVE with all the new things and I am in it to WIN it!!!

Sue B

I am in it to win it all the way!!! Love the new stuff!

Kim B

Love polka dots on anything!I would love to win!!

Sue B

I have pinned this to my Maya Road board on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/suebdesigns/maya-road/

Sara C

I'm in it to win it! Cute, cute stuff!!


Oh BABY, I'm in it to WIN IT ALL. Especially loving the Candy Dots Fabric Tape.

Jean Marmo

Tapes and twine-- LOVE!!!!

carisa zglobicki

in it to WIN it! Love everything I see here!

Kathy P

Fabric tapes and cording both on my wish list! Love the thickness of the tape....so much more than washi! And can see using that thicker cording for so many things!

Michelle Salazar

I am in it to win it . . . love the new fabric taper what fun colors one of each is need by all I am sure!

Alexia Misso

Wow...they are all so delicious :)) I'm in!

Sara C

I pinned, too! http://pinterest.com/pin/44754590020243333/

Jessica Toulmin

Great new products. My favourite from today would be the Candy Dots Fabric Tape. And now I'm in it to win it! Thanks for the chance.

Jessica Toulmin

Pinned my favourite Candy Dots Fabric Tape here http://pinterest.com/pin/120541727499271889/


Love the sparkle and the colors!

Jodie R

Oh the colors! They are so vivid! So many companies are going with the vintage or faded look. Yours are so BEAUTIFUL!! I have to say the tape is my favorite... I think. It may be the twine... LOL!!

Amanda Kuykendall

My mind is already en*twin*ing itself with all those colored fibers! Twine me up to win, please!!!! LOL!

Jennifer Scull

you can never ever go wrong with your cording. it is one of my faves of the products you carry! glitter is always good, too! the fabric tape is going to be great fun to try on projects. thanks for a chance!

Debbie Kaste

Oh my gosh, those tapes and twines look good enough to eat! Love them all. Thanks for the chance at your give away:)

Alexia Misso

Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/222857881533895138/

Amanda Kuykendall

Pinned HERE: http://pinterest.com/pin/274649277248356055/

Catherine Richburg

Count me in for all of it. It's all gorgeous! Especially the polka dots. They make me giddy!

Becky Schoelich

Ooh! The Candy Dots Fabric Tape looks like it'll be sooo much fun to play with, and the color assortment is great - can't wait to get it in my greedy little hands!!!


I am in it to win it!! Love the twine!

Tanya A.

I pinned the beautiful cording here: http://pinterest.com/pin/31877109835603588/

Tanya A.

Totally in it to win it :O)

Lara Walker

Love everything, think I love that fabric tape the best, how FUN!

sandra m

Love the tapes! I must have every color, lol.

Susan Bischoff

I am in it to win it!

Laura Evasovic

Love Love Love the Preppy Stripes!!! Can't wait to get some of all of the colors! Everything else is great too! Can't wait for the new release!!!

Buffy Esser

Oh I love the new candy dot fabric tape! just awesome!

Buffy Esser

I also pinned it http://pinterest.com/pin/8725793001107407/

Laura Evasovic

And, I am for sure in it to win it!!!


I'm in it to win it! I love the polka dot tape and just adore the sparkle trim is awesome!


Love these products! I m so in it to win it!


http://pinterest.com/pin/33847434672842937/ pinned here!


I pinned at http://pinterest.com/pin/102316222757213060/


Washi, washi, washi. I'm really into washi tape. Love th.e colors--love the dots. So versatile.

Gina M

Love the polka dot fabric tapes. I want them all!

Carol b

I am in it to win it! Love the polka dot washi tape.
Carol b


Love it all, especially the polka dots, so nice for all those summer layouts we're creating in our cameras.


I am in it to win it. I especially want the twine cording. Love that it is thicker.


I pinned my favorite one:

Love fabric tape , Love polka dots. A big hit with this girl.


My favorite is the fabric tape. I am in it to win it!!!!!!!! I hope :)

Elaine Leili

The colors look yummy. I would really like to win.



loving the sparkle shine ribbon. A definite must have.

Donna W

love the tapes and the colors

Chris Archuleta

One more try -- love love the polka dots. Its my hot button right now... 2 the twine is beautiful and 3 the ribbon is so eloquent.. eeewwww n ahhhhs on these...

Louise Hull

I love the preppy striped ribbon.


I'm in it to win it! The fabric tape is definitely my favorite, but man, the twine is pretty awesome too. And what girl couldn't use some sparkle trim in her life?

Chere Mortensen

Love the cloth tape. The colors are beautiful.

marie sierra

hi maya road! I am in it to win it! loving the new glitter trim! oxox marie


i love love love the washi and the preppy stripe ribbon!

Christine cleary

Oh the fabric tape is my fav from today, so colourful.

Sherry Allen

No way, tapes, ribbons and string? How do I pick? maybe the polka dot tapes. Love those. I make my own fabric tape so it would be nice to have some premade tapes to try!

Sabrina C

I love the twine! I have recently discovered twine and am in love with it!


I'm in it to win it!

Sabrina C


I pinned! Love it!



pinned it!

Lydia W.

Love it all but the fabric tape is my favorite! Definitely in it to win!

Farrah Ali

im here to win colorful pretty tapes.


I love the sparkly trim, although I must admit I love all of your new products

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