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January 08, 2014


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Helen Cooke

My favourite is Eureka Light Bulbs, but they are all amazing!

Margo Shute

The"hello" speech bubbles are awesome!.... I get the newsletter already!

Denise Luscan

Love the Old Oak Tree clips!I signed up for the newsletter.

carol hall

light bulb is my fave,,, got the newsletter too.

Kory james

My fav is &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&


The cup, the leave, the hello..................I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole McNamara

Got to be the lovely leaf and geo tag!!!
Because I can see where the paper will go and you can still see the whole design.

Pam Wooddell

I like the hearts and the coffee cups and and and and!!
Signed up for newsletter too

Jamie larsen

Hard choice I'm gonna have to go with the "hello" clips, sunny day, and the lightbulbs! I'm signed up for the newsletter
Thanks for the chance to win



I'm a newsletter subscriber!


I love the tree clips and the @ sign! These are all fun!

Jackie Posnansky

Love the lightbulb! Newsletter too!

Anja Wens

Such a hard choice. At first I thought the ight bulbs, but then I saw the geotags and they have to be my favorite. Love them!
Received the newsletter, looks great all those new products!

Katie Paul

My favorite is the hello bubble clip! It speaks to me LOL!

Helen Barker

Love the hello clips gorgeous x

Marelle Jackman

I love the ampersands and the lightbulbs xxx

Melissa Reuss

My favorite is the Hello clip.

Sandy Horton



They all look awesome, my favourite is the Love My Cup of Joe clips!


I love them all, but my top is the love banner !

Jane Warren

Hello - we have a theme from Christmas to Lent at our Church about Hello - my name is - these are perfect

Lisa ;P

Eureka!!! I love the light bulb clips. I already get your newsletter but I would sign up again in a heartbeat. Thanks.


All of them are great - think my fav. is the sunny day ! :)

auntie em

How precious! I love them all but the little tree and the Hello are soooo cute! Great designs!!! :)


The "&" is awesome!


Loving these clips!! The Love Banner is my fave!!

Janet B

Love the 'hello'

Janet Nelson

Love them all but I think I would get the most use out of the ampersand. It would work really well with journaling.

Patti Warren

Love the coffee cup

Linda Bragg

I love the Eureka Light Bulb Clips.

Jodi Brownlee

I love the coffee cup, I haven't seen anything like it!!


So difficult to choose, especially with several beauties having hearts in them... but the Love Banner Clip is mine! (Yippee for 3 chances to win, I'm all in)

Theresa Grdina

LOVE the coffee cups!!! (That camera book is pretty amazing, too!)

Pam Sohan

Love the sun and trees and the ampersands ! So cute !

Tina Egan

I love the cup of joe!


They are all so cute, but I'll say the hello one

Bethany Becker

I love the coffee cup one. So cute!

Jessica Schaub

If I HAVE to pick one, I pick the light bulbs! <3

Katie Steinmeier

My favorite is the @ clip!

kath White

My favorite is the light bulb clip.


I can't pick just one!! The sunshines are awesome & the coffee cups are totally me.


oooo so hard to choose- I guess I would use hello most- love them all!!! oh, I already get your newsletter- :-)

Laura Cox

Wow....love them all!!! My faves are the lightbulb and the sunshine....so adorable!

Laura Davis


Tammy Davis

Love all of them! I think the light bulb is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

sa scrap

I have lots of likes, but the light bulb is tops!

Stephanie C

Lightbulb is my favorite! I am already on the newsletter! Thanks

Sherry Allen

I'm loving the leaf, sunny day and ampersand

Cim Allen

I love the hello clips, they could be used in so many ways .. love your products !

Michelle Wells

The tree's are my first choice and any that feature a heart.

Bonnie Isabelle

Hard choice. I think I'm going to say the "sunny days" clips


I love the Hello and the tree!


Love them all, but the coffee one is my favorite

Linda Storey

Love them all, but I think the light bulbs are my favorite. Thanks for the great giveaway!


My fave is still the light bulb. All of the different heart clips are cute - let's face it: they're all so darn cute.

Sharon Konkus

I like cup of joe, the coffee one. they are all cute


I've been getting your newsletter for quite some time.

heather Thompson

i love the trees!!! great for camping and summer pages!!

Amber Watson

In love with the trees!

Julie A. Shearer

These are fabulous . TFS
I love the lightbulb !

Shari Czerwinski

Really like the ampersand, but would love a mixed package of them all!!

Roseanna Crawford

I love the clips, my favorite is the cup of joe!

Amy C.

I love the coffee mugs!

Amy C.

I signed up to receive your newsletter.

Colleen O

Lightbulb is my favorite if I had to narrow down to one

Chantal Scheffel

Hello and & i love the most.

Kris Stice

My favorite is the tree,but I live them all.


Cup a joe and the @@@@

So stinking cute.

Jackie T

The cup of love is my fave... But i love them all!

Sue Brailey

What a great release!! I love the light bulb, the ampersand, the @ sign, the coffee cup....love them all!!
Many thanks for the chance to win such a cool prize!
Off to be sure I am signed up for your newsletter!!

Sue Brailey

Hello again!! I subscribed to your news feed on yahoo and signed up for the newsletter!! Now back to facebook to leave a comment! Wish I could decide which is my favorite!
Thanks again for the chance to win.

melissa faulkner

I like them all, but I think my favorite is the light bulb.

Sharon Gullikson

Cup of Joe is adorable!

Sharon Gullikson

I just signed up for your newsletter.

melissa faulkner

Signed up for the newsletter too.


Love Banners are my favorite - but they are ALL fabulous :)

Sheri Loatwall

I am a subscriber. I am loving these. I can't pick a favorite as I want them all!!

Joanne Hawkins

Cup of Joe, and I just signed up for the newsletter too :)


Hello clips are my favourite!

Lorelei Wojcik

All the clips are super cute! There is such detail in each one. It's so hard to choosea fave but if I had to choose the Hello is pretty fun. I can see the coffee cup and the & and @ on my cards too! I've signed up for the newsletter!

Elaine Allen

I think they are all so sweet. But, my favorite is the ampersand clip - too adorable!

Elaine Allen

Sharon Medearis

Sunny day clips!

Barbara Tobey

The hello clips will be perfect for cards. Signed up for newsletter. Great clips!


They are all great, but forced to choose, I would pick the light bulb.


I signed up for your newsletter :)

Rea Custer

They are all so awesome, but the cups are my favorites.

Rea Custer

I just subscribed to your newsletter.

Angie Racine

My cup of Joe clip is so unique and o so cute! love!

Rea Custer

I left a comment on Facebook. Would love to win.

Denise Bryant

Love all the fun shaped clips! the trees are my fave!

Denise Bryant

I already get the newsletter too!


It's a tie between the oak trees and the ampersand!

Mitra Pratt

THAT Oak Tree is awesome!


I left a comment on FB!


I already get your newsletter!

Brenda :D

My favorite is the "hug in the cup" - heart in mug. That one makes me smile!

Jamie Howard-Sears

So cute!! Love the "hello" the mostest! =) And I'm already a subscriber. Love you guys!


I love the sunny day clips!


Cute! My favs are the hearts in the son and the hello word bubbles!!


Signed up for the newsletter!

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