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January 08, 2014


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The light bulb clips are awesome!

Barb Leffeler

Today I love the @ clip.

Debra Armstrong

The new clips are adorable. I hope to win some.

Anne Dunn

I like the sunny day clips! Thanks for the chance to win!


Wow...so hard to choose just one. But the light bulbs really "turn me on"...lol!! (sorry couldn't resist!!)

RaNae Ellett

I love the Sunny Day Clips.......they are Awesome!!

Sandy Ang

those hello speech bubbles have to be my fav !


too hard to choose just one, it's between the sun with the heart and the leaf in the heart, they remind me of how we should be loving our earth and all the good the sun does for us! but they are all wonderful. I would be making cards and sending one with it to my friends and family if I had some!!!


I vote for the eureka light bulbs but love all the clips!

Tracy P.

Love the Eureka clips! SOOO Cute!

Tracy P.

Signed up for the newsletter as well. Thanks!

Amber M.

Love my cup of joe!!!

Pat Lamoreaux

OOOHHH the @ clip is so cool!

Lady Fair

They're all really cute, but the Hello is my favorite.

Laura Albertson

Sunny day and love banner are my fav's. Signed up for the newsletter, also ;)

Amy Coose

I love them all, that arrow and & arey favorites!!

Cynthia B.

I saw the first four on a FB post...the lightbulb is still my fave - so much detail!

Cynthia B.

I already subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks for the chance to win!

Wendy Orme

Love, love the ampersands and light bulbs!

barbara macaskill

LOVE all of them but Cup of Joe is my favorite!!!!

Jayne K.

Ampersand is my favorite as it just is so classic and ties things together! (But I love the sunshine a great deal, too, as we are wallowing in the snow and winning these would make the sunshine abound on my Road!

Fleur Smith

Love the hello clips - awesome :)

Angeline Choo

the lightbulb paper clip is my favorite of all!! SO CUTE!! :)

Mary Schofield

I'm in it to win it! My favorite clip is the HELLO speech bubble! But, that camera made out of chipboard is just too cute too! Good thing I didn't have to decide between the two of them. LOL

Mary Schofield

I've already signed up for your newsletter - now, I can't wait for my next peek at all your new goodies!


They are all so adorable, I want all of them. But, the light bulb, cup and tree are my favourites. I am already signed up for the newsletter.

izzy anderson

You make it hard to choose! I do super love the sunshine and the hello clips!

Jean Marmo

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& -- yes, that is my fave!

TracyM #6773

They are ALL FUN & FABULOUS!!!

My favourite is Hello :)
... closely followed by Sunny Day and Eureka Light Bulb!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on these awesome new clips
and THANK YOU for the chance to win


These are amazing love the sun !


I love the cup clips. But they're all unique.

Amy T

i have to pick one?? LOL, it would be the hello speech bubbles!!! way too cute!

Claude Campeau

I love the hello speech bubble!

bev burton

Oh my, the fave for me is the light bulb clip for all my "bright" ideas!

Chris Dring

Get out! These are awesome! My favorite? The eureka clip! Love!

Samantha T.

Those clips are great. The little coffee mugs made me smile!

Jenny Hunt

Love all the items Hard to choose


I get your newsletter.

Marilyn Tucker

I love the Love My Cup of Joe clips! Thanks for the chance to win.

Cynthia Jurca

I love love love the What A Hoot Owl Charms they are so cute I can already see the cards I would make with them.the

Lori Souter

Love the Ampersand!


Love the light bulb! I want them all!


I love the light bulbs and the hello clips. They are such a nice touch to a card or a scrap book page. Can't wait to play with them. Also, I signed up to receive the news letter. Waiting for day 2 surprises.


the ampersand and the sun are my faves

Jessica Yoder-Jones

Wow; all of these are SO great. I don't think I could pick just one!! But the light bulbs are FAB!

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I'm a newsletter subscriber!!

Karen Schroeder

I'm in it to win it! I love all the metal clips but the light bulbs are my absolute favorite!!!

Karen Schroeder

I signed up for your newsletter!

Kay Simmons

The ampersand and the @ are my favorites! Fun!

Brenda Lubrant

I love the "love banner" clips. What a nice addition to attach to a card for friends and family. I am already signed up for the newsletter.

Katie B.

Love the oak trees and light bulbs! Love the hello word bubbles too. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Jen Clark

I think the "hello" bubbles and the cup-o-joe's HAVE to be my favorites!!! But oh my gosh, SOOOO many cute ones to choose from!!!! I LOVE your clips!!!!! And that camera is to die for!!!! (KIT????)

Jen Clark

Already on the newsletter!!

Candice Pearson

I like the owl and the sparrow metal tags. I just got a tribute tattoo for my grandparents that passed away with the sparrow these would be awesome to go with my pictures! I love Maya Road!!

Iris Soscia

I am signed up for your newsletter.
isoscia at aol dot com

Janis in ID

Love the suns with the hearts and the Hello speech bubbles! So cute!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Janis in ID

I am a brand-new subscriber to your newsletter. Yippee!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Melissa Kaye

I love the Love Banner! SO CUTE!

Melissa Kaye

I signed up for the newsletter too!

P boszko


Also signed up for newsletter!

Melinda Wilson

I love the @ clip!!!

Nicole McNamara

The leaf and geotag are the best. Because you can use it as a paperclip and still see the whole design!

kimberly a.

The ampersand clips- love them!

Michele Washburn

The ampersand clips and the @ clips are my favourites! Thanks for the chance to win!

Danette Munn

Love them all but especially love the creativity of the camera at the very beginning of this post! So AWESOME!!!!!!


OMG I love all of these, so fun!!


I subscribe to the newsletter!!

elise smith-dewey

Totally love any of them with hearts and love the hello----oh and the lightbulb--on Facebook I said I needed all of them, which really is true--happy CHA 2014 and thanks for the chance to win! Caroline, I hope your hubby's heel is getting better, poor guy and poor you as the caregiver!


My favourite is the eureka light bulbs - they are so cute.

Denise L.

Maya Road has done it again! So many to choose from, love them all!

Nicole Doiron

Ohhh, i just LOVE all your metal clips! Especially love the Ampersands, Lovely Leaf and Sunny Day sets! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lisa C.

How cute!! I love the hello!!


I'm already signed up to receive your newsletter.


Those clips are just what I need! I love them all, but I think the suns are my favs!

Megan Di Mattia

All so cute, but the light bulbs for sure are my faves! I am signed up for the newsletter

Iris Soscia

The Hello clips are my favorite.

Iris Soscia

I subscribe to your newsletter.

Iris Soscia

left a comment on your FB post

isoscia at aol dot com

Lisa Johnson Cowell

Love them all, but the light bulb is my favorite.


Email subscriber!


I like them all but the mugs are my favorite


Left a FB comment!


Oooh, the Hello clips and the coffee cups are adorable.


Love the lightbulbs

Ella Conner

I love the tree..but I really want to make the camera in this post...will you be posting a tutorial ...pretty please....

Danette Munn

I love them ALL!!!!!!! I want and "NEED" them all!!!!!

Danette Munn

Receive the email already!!!

Natasha W

My favourites have to be the ampersand and the heart geo tags, sooo cute.

Linda Cook

Love the &'s

Larissa Heskett  =)

OMG!! LOVING these all!! =)


My favs are the lightbulbs and then the Hello word bubbles :D

Larysa Turko

Love heart-cups, hearts and hello clips, but they are all so cute!

kim h

the trees!!! actually I love all of them!

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