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January 12, 2014


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Iris Soscia

Visited your FB page and left a comment naming my favorite (luck star buttons)

Birgitta Hyyryläinen-Metsi

Stained Wood Hearts they are so cool.

Nicole McNamara

The wood stitch arrows and hearts are my fave! But love the lot!


The Vintage Wood Camera Pieces are the best!

melissa rhodes

the heart buttons!

Anita A

I love the vintage cameras.

melissa rhodes

I subscribed!

Barb Leffeler

Today I like Stained Wood Buttons.

Barb Leffeler

I receive your newsletter.


I love the stained and star wood buttons and the Silver and Pink Star Pins

Dorina D

Love the vintage pearl sticks and the fun cameras

Cynthia B.

My favorites are the pink and blue star pins. One in every color, please! ;)
Thanks for the chance to win!

Debbie Eslinger

I receive the newsletter

Debbie Eslinger

My favorite is the wood cameras


Star buttons are great!

Bernice Pierre

I love all things vintage from the spools, stick pins, to the wooden buttons!

Laura S

Hot Pink Vintage Pearl Pins and Stained Wood Buttons are my #1 choice and the rest are a close number 2.

Nicole Doiron

Jute & Twine cording!!!! I want it now! :P Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Stephanie Spielman

Vintage cameras!

Betty Weaver

Jute and Twine if I have to pick just one :)

Betty Weaver

I get the newsletter :)

Karen Smee

The lucky stars buttons are my favourite. I subscribe to your newsletter.

Melinda Wilson

I love the star buttons!! Totally awesome!

Debb Richards

Love the cameras and signed up for the newsletter!!! the buttons are cool too


I love the wood camera pieces and the heart buttons

Lisa Johnson Cowell

Love the wooden buttons. Am signed up to get your newsletter through bloglovin.


Oh man I love that jute / twine blend! :D I get the newsletter too. :D


Love the wooden camera images

Sandra ltb

love the jute and the wood buttons!
Sandra ltb

Mel H

Love the cameras

Brenda Lubrant

I love the wood stained hearts and the star buttons. I would reach for these a lot if they were in my stash. I am already signed up for the newsletter.

Roberta Anderson

I like the camera collection the most but they are all great.

Lisa Johnson Cowell

Love the wooden buttons.


LOVE the jute cording and the vintage camera icons!! So fun!


Signed up for the newsletter !

Ashley N Newell

I love the heart stitch charms!


I love the wooden cameras!!


I signed up for your email newsletter.


Posted on FB too!


I love the pins and the jute!


Email newsletter subscriber

Sandra v.d. Slikke

My favourite must be the vintage camera charms! Love them! Of course I signed up for the newsletter as well.

Janis in ID

Esp love the heart buttons, the scallop stitch charms, and the lucky stars wooden buttons.
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Janis in ID

I am subscribed to your newsletter. Yippee!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com


Oh my you guys rock wood - love it


I really love the wood camera pieces

Cassie Campbell

Oh dear I'd like a little bit of everything but the hubster he say nooooooo lol, beautiful beautiful stash well done Maya Road :-) shhhh will have what I love just don't tell him ;-)

Kay Simmons

Love those vintage camera pieces! Fun stuff!

Kay Simmons

Already am a newsletter subscriber!

Jennifer Scull

I really like the wood camera pieces, pins, and new twine. sorry, can't narrow it down any further than that. ;)

Kelly Sas

I LOVE the Lucky Stars buttons. Nothing like them out there.

Wendy Orme

I love the spools and cameras.

Wendy Orme

I subscribe to your newsletter.

Danette Munn

I love the star buttons the most, yet love it all!!!

Natasha W

I love the cameras!

Larissa Heskett  =)

LOVING it ALL!! =)


My fave is the wood stitch arrow & heart charms!


I have already subscribed to your newsletter.


I left a comment on your FB page!

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