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January 11, 2014


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Lynda paredes

The owl set & banner sentiment. Happy CHA

Abby V

Those glitter and lace tapes are calling my name!! Love them!

heather Thompson

i love the glitter tape!!! stamps are cool too. but I'm addicted to the bling!!


Stamps are great, especially the calendar one and cute fox.


Loving the sentiments stamps.


Loving the Nerd Love stamps!

Nicole McNamara

Totally the stamps! But I'm not sure which... I think Nerd Love just beats Banner Sentiments! JUST!

Tammy Valley

I love Nerd Love!! I love science and would love to get this set!!

Melanie Rozwood

I love the 'Nerd Love' stamps and 'Rose Quarts' tape.

TracyM #6773


The scientist in me LOVES the Nerd Love Stamps :)

The crafter in me LOVES everything else, especially the Lace Tapes, Whooo Loves You Stamps and Glitter Tapes!!!

DELIGHTFUL new additions to your range!!!
THANK YOU for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS :)

Elin Larsson

Wow, the tapelace are awesome my favorite and I signed for the newsletter too

Diana Soling

My favorite is Nerd Love! To cute. Banner sentiments comes in a very close second!!

Muffin Sewell

I absolutely love Nerd Love (because I am a science geek myself). If I don't win it, I am buying that one for sure.

Stephanie Deese

Love love love the Banner Sentiments and Nerd Love stamp sets. The Who Loves is too cute!

Amanda H

Love the calendar stamp. And I'm signed up for the newsletter!

Dana Cavanaugh

This nerd loves the Nerd Love set! And the Glitter Tape is so pretty!

Theresa Grdina

Love that glitter tape!! Can't live without my glitter!!!!

Amy Cooley

My favorite is the Nerd Love stamp set! How cute! This fits my family perfectly! I'm not ashamed to admit we're nerds!

Amy Cooley

I receive the Maya Road newsletter. Thanks for the fun and giveaways this week!


Love the sentiments stamps-perfect for cards! The lace tapes are so pretty too!


I get your newsletter-thanks for all the chances to win!

Carla Hundley

Love the Owls!
And the lace
tape and glitter
tape are awesome.
Carla from Utah

Angie F.

Love love LOVE Nerd Love!


Love the owls and lace
I can use them all over the place
Just pick my name
Look for my face

Karen Smee

Difficult choice - I use lace a lot so love the lace tape but Nerd Love and Whoo Loves You are both wonderful. If I have to choose, it would be Whoo Loves You because it is so adorable!

Karen Smee

I already receive your newsletter.

Kathi R

I love, Love, LOVE the Nerd Love set and I receive your newsletter!

Susan Williams

Love the Nerd Love set! Can think of so many ways to use it!

Lisa Johnson Cowell

Love the owls! Already signed up for the newsletter.


I love all of the stamps!


Nerd love is cool....so is the glitter tape!

Rea Custer

Super cute stamps and love the tapes.

Casey Thrush

I love love love the glitter tape and the stamps!!


I NEED Nerd Love! My daughter calls herself a nerd & she's so tough to find stamps & embellishments to fit her personality & Interests. Love Nerd Love!

Lyn Kaufmann

I need my favorite...the nerd/chemistry one. My son still says he will be a mad scientist when he grows up, and he's in high school!

Jess S.

Ooh, that's a great nerd set! Love the glitter tapes and laces as well.

Michele Washburn

That Nerd Love set is fantastic! Perfect for my nerdy teenage daughter!

Jennifer Scull

absolutely ADORE Nerd Love! :)

Jennifer Scull

I'm also a newsletter subscriber :)

Debbie Eslinger

the owl set is my favorite

Wendy Lynch

Nerd Love!!!!! You are awesome!


I'm TOTALLY in love with Nerd Love!!


I subscribe to your newsletter.

Bernice Pierre

Love them all but I really love the lace tape!

Barbara Tobey

Nerd love is super, but am intrigued with all the possibilities for the Cinnamon Bear Lace Tape.


Love the banner sentiments stamps! Beautiful!

Stephanie C

Nerd love is by far my favorite!

Colleen O

Well it is definitely the forever calander

Debra Armstrong

Nerd Love Stamps, Yellow Lace Tape. All cute though.


Omgosh love the glitter tape, but I think the owl stamps are my fav!!


I'm signed up for the newsletter!

Julie A. Shearer

I love the Nerd stamps.
I'm a phlebotomist and have worked in a lab for about 20 yrs.
Love this!!
Thanks for a chance to win.

Julie A. Shearer

I subscribe to the newsletter .


My favorite is the Banner Sentiments set! So cute

Darlene Satkewich

Love them all but my favorite is Banner Sentiments and Nerd Love. Oh that"s two lol.


The owls are cute. But I think my fave is the Nerd Love.
Too many things to have to pick just one.


I get your newsletter thru e-mail. thanks.

Linda T

I just love the banner sentiments and the lace tape. Just so cute!


Who loves you and the lace tape...awesome!

Cynthia B.

Nerd Love is my favorite! I haven't seen a set like this - so fun! I have a couple friends and family members who I know will appreciate these sentiments!

Cynthia B.

I already subscribe to your newsletter. :)


Oh my I must have the lace tapes, so wonderful to work with..........when will I see these in my LSS

karen clark

THe lace tapes and I signed up for the newsletter.

Stephanie Spielman

Banner sentiments!!!!

Elaine Allen

Love the glitter tapes and those adorable owl stamps. Too cute!

Elaine Allen

Katie B.

Love the glitter tapes and the lace tapes too! Great new releases. Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.


Love the tapes, so pretty!!

Karen Henson-Bibbee

My fave is the Nerd stamp set of course. I like the tapes too. Well, pretty much everything. Sorry.

Danette Munn

As always, I love the lace trims!!!!

Karen Henson-Bibbee

I'm on your newsletter distribution too!

Janis in ID

LOVE the owls and the lace tape!!! So cute!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Janis in ID

I am subscribed to the newsletter! Yippee!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Denise Bryant

Fun stamps and I love all the tapes too! The lace tape is my favorite!


I subscribe to the newsletter!!

Linda Meskill

Nerd Love for the science teacher!


That Nerd Love set is perfect for this math teacher! And the lace tape is gorgeous; it reminds me of my grandmother's sewing notions. :)

Amy thompson

Love the Banner set of stamps


I'm a chemistry teacher! I HAVE to have the science stamps!!!!!


My favourite is the great nerd love stamp set. So much fun.


I love the lace tape and Forever Calendar

Bobbie s.

Forever calendar! And lace tape.

Brenda Lubrant

Wow, glitter tape, I looove it!! I alos love the "Banner Sentiment" stamp set.

Denise L.

Love those nerd stamps! Perfect for my high school boys -- cards, scrapping... Lots of ideas here!


Nerd love


Banner sentiments would be very useful. Thanks.

Nicole Doiron

My favorite today is the Banner Sentiment Stamp set!!!!

Linda Bosher

The lace tapes are to die for!

Linda Bosher

I subscribe to the newsletter!


My fave from today is the lace tape! I like the texture & it just looks cozy at this time of year!


I signed up for the newsletter.

Sharon Gullikson

NERD LOVE is my all time favorite!!!

Sharon Gullikson

I am on your newsletter list.

Sharon Gullikson

I said on your Facebook that Nerd Love is my all time favorite stamp set from Maya Road.

Lisa C.

I love the glitter tape and the banner sentiments!!

Elizabeth D Lumsden

Nerd Love! I am a lab scientist so this is right up my alley...

Elizabeth D Lumsden

I am already a newsletter subscriber...

Kelly Carden

Oh the nerd stamp is my fave, so cute!!

Maciana P.

Nerd Love!!!!


love them all! the nerd stamps would probably be the first thing in my shopping cart followed by the lace tape. :)
I am a follower and a newsletter subscriber..:)

Lori Souter

Glitter & Lace tape, and those stamp sets are awesome!

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