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May 05, 2011



I am so glad to hear the news about your father! Tell him to keep up the good work :)


Both Angela and I are both so pleased with the news of your fathers improvement!!!! I am sure they will have a great trip and your son looks like he is set for an amazing party!!!!

Scrappin Shonie

I'm glad to hear about your Father. It's a scary thing to go through and I'm glad it's a positive outcome. I really like your zipper flower tutorials. They're really cute! Thanks for sharing.

Jing-Jing Nickel

so glad to read this, thanks for sharing the good news! Blessings to you and your dad and your family.


I usually lurk on your blog but I had to pop in and say WOOOHOOO~! for the encouraging news! I am so happy for you to spend many months together. My family lives overseas (in Japan) so I value my time with them when we get together (unfortunately not enough). Safe travels to your parents :) and a wonderful birthday to the "big boy!"


P&PT for your dad! Love that they're taking a trip soon.

Pinatas can be purchased - unless you're going the Angry Bird route. Can't wait to see more pictures!!!

janis m

Caroline, I just read your post about your dad and I am really happy for you all. As a cancer survivor myself, and having friends who have had parents with lung cancer, I know how terrible it is to deal with, and I am just so very glad to read the update. Keep the faith! :-)

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