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Page 2

Page 2

On the back of the cover page is page two. Cover with the burlap paper as shown and ink the edges. Take the blue flower paper scraps from the cover and cut 6" x 1.5". Ink edges and glue down the album about 0.8" from the left edge.

Cut a 2.75" x 3.75" piece of the pink/peach paper. Ink edges Glue on page as shown about 1.5" down and about 0.25" from the left edge.

Take the "beautiful day" tag. Ink and tie a jute bow as shown. Take a 4.5" piece of the turquoise ribbon. Fold in half and pinch open edge into a point as shown. Glue the "beautiful day" tag on the bow and add some foam dots on the left side that hangs out beyond the ribbon. Glue onto the page - you can add this after you and your photo on the pink/peach piece of paper.