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Take one of the internal chipboard pages. Cover the page with the blue floral paper as shown. Ink edges in brown.

Take a 6" x 3" piece of the cream/peach striped paper. Cut out (the 6" should be along the entire length of the stripes). If desired, round all corners. Fold the paper about 2.75" down (the 6" long side) to make a flap.Cut the "note this" journaling tag from the journaling sheet. Glue across the front of the cream/peach flap piece you have made about 1/2" from the bottom of the flap.

Take the scallop trim and glue across the top fold of the flap piece. Take the saffron yellow scallop trim and glue across the bottom edge of the flap piece on the inside. Refer to the close up photos to see placement.

Ink the edge of the wood ruler ink brown ink. Glue across the top of the flap as shown. Glue the folded flap piece on the page about 0.75" up from the bottom of the page and 0.5" from the edge of the right hand side of the page.

Take a letter of your choice and color with grey or silver ink or paint (I used a wink of stella silver metallic marker). Glue centered on the ruler as shown. Cut a 1" x 1.25" leaf from the green and cream striped paper. Ink edges and glue under the coral velvet pleat. Tuck button pin behind the coral pleat flower.