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Page 8

Page 8

Cover the page in the domino paper. Ink edges. Take a 2" wide piece of the white grid paper and glue along the left edge of the page. Ink edges. Glue the kraft parcel tag (ink edges) as shown on the page about 0.5" from the left and 0.25" from the bottom.

From the cream/piece stripe paper cut a 2" x 2.5" rectangle. Ink edges. Glue 0.5" down from the top of the page and 0.75" from the right hand side of the page.

Take a 2.75" x 1.25" piece of the ruler paper. Tuck in the burlap envelope. Glue the envelope in place as shown.

Take the small wood frame. Cut a piece of the green/blue chevron paper to fit and glue to the back. Using the sticker sheet add an initial.

Take the houndstooth wood frame. Take the printed canvas ribbon and cut out the piece that has the square frame on it (it should fit inside the opening of the houndstooth wood frame). Trim and glue behind the wood frame. Trim excess ribbon. Mount the ribbon slide on a foam dot and glue on the frame.

Mount both wood frame piece onto the burlap bag.

Remember to punch the holes for attaching the page to the album as needed!