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Page 2 close

For this page, ink all edges and cover the page with a 4.5" tall x 7" piece of the orange and pink damask paper. Use the photo as a guide and trim to cover the tab. Take a 6" x 1.75" piece of the brown houndstooth paper. Fold at the 0.50" to form a pocket. Ink and glue across the page. Take a 5.25" x 1.5" piece of the blue quadrefoil paper. Angle one end and ink. Then glue on top of the pocket with the angle to the right.

Take the globe token. Ink edges. Add glue to the backside of the globe's bottom hemisphere and the top quarter left quadrant and glue to the page. This is done as it is used as a "tab" to hold the journaling card in the pocket but allow you to remove it as needed.

Cut out the checkout journal card as shown. Ink edges. Take a 4" piece of the seam binding. Fold and form a loop and glue to the top right of the card. Tuck card into the pocket.

Cut out the word "LOVELY" from the bottom of one of the Lilybee papers (it is the name of the paper on the spec strip). Ink and glue.