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Page 6 close

Page 6 close

Cut a 7" x 4" piece of the houndstooth paper. Cover the lower half of the page (cut to fit on the tab). Ink edges. Cut a 2" x 6" piece of the grid paper and cover the rest of the page. Ink edges.

Cover a manila tag with the damask paper. Ink and glue to the page.

Take one of the glassine envelopes. Cut down the middle of the envelope vertically so you have 2 long strips. You will use one to create this flower. Take the strip and start pleating as shown in the photo. Pleat til you have formed a flower. Glue the beaded center as shown. Take a 10" piece of the paper twine cording and unravel one edge to form a leaf. Then form the vine and glue to the page.