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• 4x6 glassine bags
• saffron twine
• Fancy Pants Happy Go Lucky 6x6 paper pad
• three kraft tags
• Xyron Mini Sticker Maker
• two kraft photo corners (if desired)
• large Our Town transparency
• large hexagon chipboard
• saffron scallop edge trim
• heart sticker
• cream velvet ruffle flower
• sundial wood button
• Xyron 3” Sticker Maker
• additional adhesive
• hole punch
• gold journaling pen (if desired)

1. Lay glassine bags on top of one another – alternating openings (so the bottom envelope opens to the left, next one opens to the right, etc).
2. Fold stack of bags in half vertically and unfold.
3. Punch two holes at folds (approx 1” from the top and bottom)
4. Cut approx 24” of twine, and thread through holes twice so both ends end up on the outside of the “album” and tie in a bow. Trim excess.
5. Cut 15 pieces of 4 ¼” x 3 ¼” patterned paper (keep the scraps for another project). Adhere 12 of those pieces to the front and back of each “page” of the album. Don’t use so much adhesive that you accidentally glue the open pockets shut. If desired, apply two kraft photo corners to left corners of cover paper before adhering
6. Fold kraft tags in half, then unfold. Run kraft tags through Mini Sticker Maker. Peel off clear film.
7. Take three remaining pieces of 4 ¼” x 3 ¼” patterned paper and adhere one tag to each piece – folding in half to create a pull tab. Insert in to open pockets of album.
8. Run our town transparency and large hexagon chipboard through 3” Sticker Maker. Remove clear film.
9. Adhere our town transparency to cover of album.
10. Adhere large hexagon to BACK of daisy patterned paper.
11. Use craft knife to trim paper around hexagon.
12. Run back through sticker maker with daisy paper facing up. Remove clear film.
13. Remove hexagon from backing and apply scallop trim all the way around adhesive side of chipboard. Trim excess and adhere to album cover.
14. Apply heart sticker to hexagon and doodle with gold pen if desired.
15. Tie small amount of saffron twine through wood button holes, then apply button and cream velvet ruffle flower to album cover.
16. Add photos and embellish inside pages as desired.