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• card base
• patterned paper scraps from glassine album
• Khaki Preppy Stripes ribbon
• Small hexagon chipboard with outer ring
• one Romance Soho Bloom ribbon slide
• one kraft ticket
• keep this memory ticket
• hello deer flair
• scissors (I used Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors but you can just use regular scissors)
• Xyron ¼” High Tack Adhesive Tape
• Xyron 1.5” create-a-sticker
• gold ink pad
• craft knife/mat

1. Fold card base in half, set aside.
2. Select six of the paper scraps from the glassine album and cut to 1 ¼” x 4”
3. Cut fringe across all six strips – leaving about a ¼” strip uncut along the top of each strip.
4. Apply adhesive tape to the “uncut” part of each strip.
5. Place card base on your work area vertically (with the fold on the left).
6. Starting at the bottom, adhere each strip to the card base, overlapping the “uncut” part of each strip with the fringe from the next strip. The first strip should be flush with the bottom of the card base – adhere each additional strip so approx ½” of fringe from each strip is showing.
7. Remove outer ring from small hexagon chipboard and run hexagon through create-a-sticker. Remove clear film.
8. Select paper scrap from glassine album. Remove hexagon from backing and adhere to the BACK of the paper scrap.
9. Use craft knife to trim paper around hexagon.
10. Use gold ink pad to add color to outer ring of hexagon. Reassemble hexagon and set aside.
11. Cut 5” of ribbon. Apply a strip of high tack tape across the “uncut” portion of the top strip.
12. Determine where you are placing embellishments. Place both tickets (the strip of high tack tape will hold down the edge) on card.
13. Slide ribbon slide on to ribbon and adhere ribbon to card. Trim excess.
14. Apply high tack tape to back of hexagon and back of hello deer flair. Adhere hexagon to card and flair to hexagon.