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Hello Shaker Box Card

Hello Shaker Box Card

Fold your card base - cut a 3.8" x 4.5" piece of the red polka dot paper. Ink the edges. Glue on the card base. Cut a 2.25" x 4" piece of the flower and leaf paper. Ink and glue it about 0.75" from the left side of the card. Take the largest chipboard hexagon (the solid piece). Cover in the blue hounds tooth paper and ink edges).

Take the corresponding hexagon chipboard shape outline that is the same size as the one you covered. Take the shape and ink it with brown chalk ink. Next take the clear plastic inside piece of the blister pack of the hexagon chipboards. Trace the shape of the largest hexagon chipboard piece. Cut out and glue to the bottom side of the hexagon chipboard shape that you inked in brown. This will form the window of the shaker box.

Next form the shaker box by outlining the perimeter of the hexagon with foam tape. Cut tape so that it fits under the outline of the hexagon and does not show in the window.

Fill the shaker box with about 15 pieces of the flower sequins. Peel foam tape and form the shaker box as shown.

Stamp the word "hello" on the pink houndstooth paper and cut out. Glue to the top of the window of the shaker box.

Glue shaker box to the card as shown. Add a khaki stripes ribbon bow.