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Keep This Memory Card Close

Keep This Memory Card Close

Fold card in half Cut the flower/leaf paper to 3.8" x 4.8". Ink edges and glue to the center of the card base. Form the kraft envelope (the stumpier one) and ink. Cut a piece of the pink houndstooth paper to 2.75" x 2.5". Ink edges and then glue the leaf and the kraft photo corner to the upper left edge. Tuck in the envelope. Glue the envelope on the card as shown.

Take a piece of the pleated tulle and cut off a piece of the bottom of the tulle about 4" long and tie in the buttonhole. Glue the button as shown on the card. Take out the "keep this memory" ticket and mount on a foam dot. Glue to the envelope as shown.

Tie a bow with the twine cording and glue under the button. Add the flower pin as shown.