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Love You Owl Card Close

Love You Owl Card Close

Take a card base and fold it. Cover the entire front with the brown dot paper (4" x 5"). Ink edges. Take the stripe fabric tape and run two pieces on the lower half of the card -0.5" from the bottom and 1.5" from the bottom. It will run the entire length of the card. Cut a piece of the pink houndstooth paper 5" x 1" and ink. Glue over the fabric tape pieces.

Next take the "love" and "you" stamp and stamp on the kraft heart sticker. Take the pink glitter tape and cut a 0.4" x 3" and wrap around the skinny spool.

Ink the owl and glue as shown. Add a 3" piece of the banner crochet trim under the owl. Add the kraft sticker, skinny spool and the pink ruffle flower. Tie the khaki ribbon into a bow and glue. Make a bow with the yellow twine cording. Glue. Take a 1" piece of the green tulle and tuck under the ruffle flower.